How Do I Remove Emulsion Paint From Walls?

How do I remove emulsion paint from walls? is a common enquiry we receive. If you are painting a room or hallway and want to remove the paint from the walls then there is only one way to achieve this and it’s sanding.

Removing paint from walls
Removing paint from walls

Never scrape paint from the wall because you will end up scuffing the plaster behind the paint.

If you’re going to be chipping away with scrapers and putty knives then your new coat of paint is going to look inferior because of all the scuffs and marks.

  • Never use a scraper to remove paint
  • A sanding machine or pole sander is best

Sanding The Wall

Sanding walls with old paint is a time-consuming task if you use an electric sander then great. You will save a lot of time.

If you do not have an electric sander then a pole sander works just as good. It resembles a broom but has a sanding pad instead of bristles.

When you sand a wall ready for painting you do not have to remove all the paint. What you should be doing is making sure all the loose paint is removed.

Sanding will remove layers of paint, which will make a fresh coat of paint key to the wall and look nice and smooth once dried!

Reskimming A Wall

If you use a scraper to remove the paint from your wall then you are going to have to get it reskimmed because the wall will not look its best when you’re finished.

If you are removing the paint for a reskim then you can use a scraper because all the dents and scuffs will be filled when you have them skimmed.

Using Sugar Soap

Sugar soap is also another option because it removes grease and grime, which is handy for kitchens and high traffic areas.

Sugar Soap will also remove the paint because its abrasive, much like sandpaper!

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