How To Remove Wall Plugs? Easy To Understand DIY Techniques

Wall or wralplugs as they are known in the trade are plastic casings used to hold srews in various masonry walls.

Removing Wall Plugs - Example
Removing Wall Plugs – Example

Wooden plugs were used before plastic was created or mass-produced. Plastic wall plugs are designed to stay put once hammered and screwed into them.

Removing wall plugs can be difficult depending on the type and depth of the plug.

Best Techniques To Remove the Wall Plugs

Here are some easy to understand techniques to help you remove the wall plug.

Causing less damage to the wall is key for an easier job and less cosmetic filling once you have managed to remove them.

Screw And Plyers

This technique requires you to screw another screw into the wall plug. Grab your plyers and then pull the screw, this should also remove the plug.

For wall plugs that will not budge when pulling with your plyers, use a small wood block and lever your plyers over the woodblock, this will in turn give you more power when pulling out plugs.

Remember only to turn the screw a few turns because the deeper the screw the more pressure the screw applies to the wall plug making it harder to remove.

  • Screw the screw back in the wall plug
  • Only turn the screw a few times
  • Grab your plyers and carefully pull
  • If the wall plug is stuck use a wood block to lever with the plyers

Push The Wall Plug-In

If you are only filling the wall for painting then you could try pushing all plug further in the wall.

If the wall plug is flush then you can just fill the hole and never see the wall plug again.

Pushing the wall plug further in the wall will avoid any more plaster falling off the wall when you finally pull out the wall plug.

  1. Gently screw the screw back into the plug
  2. Use your hammer and gently tap the screw
  3. If the wall plug goes further in the wall
  4. Undo the screw and fill the hole with interior filler

Drill The Wall Plug

The best solution to removing a stuck wall plug is to re-drill the hole. This will split the wall plug and bring it out in pieces.

Use a metal or masonry drill bit to do this, we would advise a 6mm metal drill-bit.

  • Put a 6mm drill bit into your drill
  • Drill the hole with the wall plug
  • You will see pieces of wall plug fall out
  • Or it will come out wrapped around the drill bit
  • Use some internal or external filler depending on where the hole is


Wall plugs or fishers are a must-have if you’re hanging a TV or attaching shelves to the wall.

But, when it comes to removing a wall plug you may find it is harder than you think!

The best way to remove a stuck wall plug is to drill it, this automatically removes it and causes less mess to the wall.

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