How To Safely Prepare And Paint MDF Wood?

Painting MDF board is no different from painting any raw timber around the home. You must seal MDF wood because it’s very porous and will suck any moisture from your paint making it peel and crack.

Preparing and Painting MDF Wood
Preparing and Painting MDF Wood

So you have to seal the MDF board before applying an undercoat.

What Is MDF Wood?

MDF stands for “medium-density fiberboard” and consists of various hardwoods and softwoods compressed using resin.

The process is extremely dangerous and is banned in most countries around the world.

Although MDF is a common product in the building trade it is deemed highly hazardous especially when cut because dust particles carrying the resin will cause respiratory and other dangerous issues.

TOP TIP: Always wear a mask, goggles ONLY cut outside because the MDF dust particles are harmful.

Sealing Your MDF Board

Use a good wood primer and cover the board front and back. A primer will seal the MDF making it ready for undercoating.

You can use a brush or roller depending on the size of the MDF board being painted.

Always sand your MDF in a well-ventilated area and use a mask, gloves and goggles because MDF is hazardous.

  1. Thoroughly sand
  2. Apply two coats of primer (back and front)
  3. Use goggles, gloves and a mask
  4. Always sand outside or WELL ventilated area

Undercoating Your MDF Board

An oil-based undercoat is best when painting MDF. Oil-based paints will give you the best finish when all coats are applied.

Once your primer is dry, you can start to apply the undercoat. We advise at least two coats of undercoat to get that smooth finish ready for the finish coat.

Gently sand with grade 220 sandpaper between coats.

Sanding between undercoat layers will make your final coat of paint super smooth and great on the eye.

MDF – Final Coat Of Paint

Your final coat of paint should be the best gloss paint in the UK.

There are other options for low-odour gloss paints that will dry quicker and not leave so many vapours.

You can use a brush or roller depending on your preference, although a roller will cover a board half the time.

Happy Painting 🙂

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