How To Seal Concrete Floors With PVA?

PVA is a great adhesive and we use it for so many DIY tasks in and outside of the home. In this post, we will be explaining how and why you should use a simple PVA mix to seal any concrete floor outside and inside your home.

Sealing concrete floors with PVA
Sealing concrete floors with PVA

Yes, there are many concrete sealers on the market but most do not work as well as a strong PVA mix, also its a very cheap way to effectively seal any concrete floor.

What Is PVA?

PVA or (polyvinyl acetate) is well-known wood glue that has many names such as white glue, chippy glue, school glue and bulders glue!

It has many names and is suitable for many jobs.

When you apply PVA it’s white, but when it sets or dries it becomes translucent (clear). It is the most used glue for DIY purposes and will always be.

How To Seal Concrete Floors With PVA?

Before brushing your PVA solution on your concrete floor you must make sure it’s free of dust and grit.

We use a hoover and a stiff brush to remove any debris from the concrete floor.

Once you have made sure there is no debris left then grab a soft brush and apply the solution evenly.

You will only need to apply one coat and it should dry within 8 – 10 hours.

Once it dries it becomes waterproof and clear so you will not see the milky white solution.

Another benefit of sealing your concrete floor with PVA is that it soaks deep into the concrete making it waterproof and ready for painting.

PVA Concrete Sealing Mix

There are many versions of this PVA mix, but we keep it simple because we know it works.

Grab your self a bucket, add 2 litres of water and 2 litres of PVA, give it a good mix and you’re ready to go.

  • Half PVA and half water
  • Mix together and apply with a soft brush

Can I Seal Outside Concrete Floors?

Yes, you can use this PVA concrete sealer inside and outside. It does not matter where it’s applied once it dries it will seal and waterproof your concrete floors.

You can use it on:

  1. Garage floors
  2. Garden Patio
  3. Pathways
  4. Driveways
  5. All masonry floors


PVA is a great solution, there are many brands of concrete floor sealers available in the UK. But PVA has always been our first option because it’s perfect for concrete.

Many discussions have been surrounded by this formula but the arguments are from companies selling their sealers and DIY enthusiasts with not much experience in DIY.

All we know it works and works extremely well, we advise our readers to take advantage of this solution and enjoy a waterproof and sealed concrete floor for many years to come.

8 thoughts on “How To Seal Concrete Floors With PVA?”

  1. Hi if I use the 50/50 pva mix on my garage floor, do I still need to thin the first coat of garage paint as some suggest? Also I was going to use Leyland floor paint.. What’s your recommendation?

  2. I have lots of old paint on my concrete thats near impossible to get off. Can I play over it and repaint?

    • Hey Edward,
      I would suggest you sand away the paint to it’s flush before painting. Seal it again and paint, if you do not sand the previous paint it will stick out once painted again.

      Hope this helps


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