How To Stop Rats and Mice From Invading Your Garden?

Rats and mice are a pest and can carry many different diseases. It’s our instinct to avoid rats and mice because of diseases they carry especially when they have taken up residence in your garden.

Removing Rats and Mice From Your Garden!
Removing Rats and Mice From Your Garden!

This article will help people in the UK avoid attracting rats and mice into your garden, but also reveals ways you can remove them if they have become a pest.

Detering Rats & Mice From Garden

We get asked about rodents coming into and making nests in peoples garden all the time. Our answer is simple: Why are they choosing your garden?

If you have mice and rats making nests in your garden (or using it as a run) then there MUST be food about to attract them in the first place.

Cats Will Catch & Eat Both Rats and Mice!
Cats Will Catch & Eat Both Rats and Mice!

For a family of rats and mice to survive there must be a substantial amount of food.

Here is a list to help you understand why mice and rats have made their way into your garden.

  • Rabbit and Ginnie pigs hutches
  • Household waste/bins
  • Food stores such as hay, straw and bedding
  • Vegetable patches
  • Compost bins
  • Bird feeders
  • Squirrel feeders
  • Birdbaths
  • Livestock
  • Neighbours
  • Local food shops

If you have food in a shed or garage then rodents will be able to smell this.

Rodents have a heightened sense of smell and can detect foodstuff from up to 300 feet away!

We would advise you to wrap everything in bags or use sealed airtight storage containers.

But, another reason could be your neighbours and the same goes for them if they have pets, food stores ETC.

Rat Traps and Poison
Rat Traps and Poison

If you happen to have issues with your neighbours and believe they are attracting rats and other rodents into your area then you are well within your right to make a complaint to your local environment and health offices, who will be located in your local city/town council.

They deal with issues like this every day and are extremely professional and determined to get to the root of the infestation/problem.

Removing Rats and Mice From Garden

When it comes to removing rats and mice from your garden you will have to remove the issue that’s attracting them.

Failing this you might want to use a variety of methods such as poisons and traps.

If you do not want to kill or harm these little critters then you can opt for the human trap option.

  • Place poison at the entry points to your garden
  • Human traps are great for the safe removal of pests
  • A cat might also be an option

Livestock & Pets

If you have chickens, rabbits or guinea pigs then you are not going to be able to remove the temptation to come into your garden.

So you might want to pace traps and poison around their pens and cages.

But, remember if you have other pets you must not let them gain access to these traps and poison because it might cause them harm.

  • Place traps and poison around or under cages
  • Make sure they are in a pet-proof run box ( big enough for mice and rats but not dogs or cats)
  • Not everyone likes cats, but they are really efficient at removing rats and mice from gardens.

Human Mouse Traps

If you’re worried about your pets ingesting any poison or you don’t want to use the lethal option then you can use humane traps.

These traps work extremely well, but you will have to come face to face with a rat or mouse in the trap.

After you have trapped a pest it will need to be taken to a location and set free.


Rats and mice can become an issue especially in the cities around the UK. There are many reasons a rat will choose your garden explained above.

If you have found the issue unbearable and feel you have no other option then contact your local environmental health offices and they will exterminate and lay traps for a fee.

Pest control offices will attend to your property and explain the options to help with removing any unwanted guests.

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