InSinkErator H-HOT100C-SS Review: Undersink Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator H-HOT100C-SS Review

Photo: InSinkErator

What We Like

  • Instant water heating
  • Easily adjustable temperature control
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Elegant designer faucet
  • Tool-free tank connections

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite costly

Bottom Line

An under-sink hot water dispenser with instant water heating capabilities that is ideal for home use. 


If you think about the number of times you require warm or boiling water in the house, then you will see the importance of having a hot water dispenser. This appliance gives you the convenience of hot water on demand as the push of a button or turn of a lever.

InSinkErator’s H-HOT100C-SS is one such unit and this is an under sink dispenser that gives you the convenience of not taking up any space on your countertop. It also heats water very quickly and more about this is explained below.  

InSinkErator H-HOT100C-SS Review

InSinkErator H-HOT100C-SS

Photo: InSinkErator

Efficiency: Relatively Low Power Consumption

With a power rating of 750 watts, InSinkErator’s H-HOT100C-SS consumes a relatively low amount of electricity as compared to its peers. Despite this, it has an instant water heating system that raises the water temperature to the selected level in 12-15 minutes.

This time usually varies depending on the room temperature and the selected temperature setting. That said, the dispenser is equipped with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the heat level to any value between 160ºF and 210ºF.

Adjustments are done via a manual knob and therefore, you cannot precisely tell which temperature you’ve set. However, there are “min”, “max” and dot markings that guide you in this, giving you 5ºF increments in a snap-action movement as you turn the dial.

The unit comes pre-set at 200ºF and you can use this as default then adjust with time. With this range, you can use the dispenser to prepare gourmet coffee, tea, steam veggies, warm baby bottles, remove candle wax, clean dishes, and many other applications.

Heating is done in a 2/3-gal (2.5-liter) rust-free stainless-steel tank that is tough and very durable, and the heater requires an unswitched AC power outlet for uninterrupted energy flow. This will ensure you get hot water on demand all the time.

Apart from the unswitched outlet, you also need compression fittings, T-fittings, a dedicated control valve, and a countertop that has a maximum thickness of 3 inches to complete the installation process.

Despite the unit being an under sink dispenser, the installation process is quite simple as it is designed as a DIY project with no special plumbing required. All the tank connections are tool-free and there is a dry-start protection feature for easy installation.

However, you have to drill a 1.25 – 1.5-inch hole for mounting the faucet to the countertop or stainless-steel sink. For this, you can use a hole saw or hole punch. Detailed installation and troubleshooting instructions are explained step-by-step in the user manual for easier guidance.

Appearance: Designer Faucet  

Since it is an under-sink hot water dispenser, the unit’s appearance does not really matter because it remains hidden, unless when carrying out maintenance. The visible part though is the faucet and the manufacturer did not disappoint when designing it.

The unit comes with an elegant designer faucet that perfectly complements your main kitchen faucet. This component is built using chrome and has a chrome finish. Not only does it look premium, but it is also rustproof for durability purposes.

Ease of Use: Pretty Straightforward  

After installation, you only have to operate the faucet on the countertop and this has an integrated hot lever that fits perfectly in the hand for easy use.

The lever has a convenient self-closing valve that automatically shuts off the water flow for safe use. This helps to prevent wastage and accidental burns.

That said, you may want to adjust the temperature level and for this, you have to access the main unit under the sink. The process is quite simple because you only have to turn the easily adjustable thermostat knob to raise or lower the heat level.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Very Few Parts to Clean

As explained above, only the faucet is exposed, and cleaning is mostly done in this section. Therefore, you have very few parts to clean and we recommend the use of mild cleaners, especially on any plastic part to avoid deterioration.

However, the tank also needs to be cleaned every once in a while, especially if the dispenser has not been used for a long time or if you spot discolorations or rust in the water.

To do this, unplug the unit then push the faucet level to let the water flow out until it is cool. Next, shut off the water supply then undo the tubing and unhook the tank from the wall. Lift it upside down above the sink to drain out all the water then reinstall and hook up the plumbing.

After this, replace the filter cartridge then plug it in and run hot water through the system for about 2 minutes to flush the filter and lines. All these instructions are explained in detail in the user manual for better guidance.

Price: Quite Expensive

With a price tag of over $300, InSinkErator’s H-HOT100C-SS is not exactly cheap. On the bright side, it comes with all the required installation components plus an elegant faucet for dispensing the hot water.

The manufacturer does have other products in this lineup such as the InSinkErator HOT150 and InSinkErator H-VIEWSN-SS.

In comparison, the HOT150 is cheaper than the model under review but it comes with a faucet made of metal and plastic. This is not as premium as the chrome unit that comes with the H-HOT100C-SS.

On the other hand, the H-VIEWSN-SS costs slightly more than the H-HOT100C-SS and this is due to its satin-nickel faucet, which is more premium. However, all other features are largely the same for all three.


An instant under-sink hot water dispenser that is easy to use and is recommended for home use on small countertops. 

Since it is fitted under the sink, InSinkErator’s H-HOT100C-SS requires very little countertop space to set up the faucet. Therefore, it is the perfect fit for kitchens with small countertops.

Additionally, this design allows you to only use the faucet at the top without pressing any buttons or making adjustments. This is very straightforward and simple to use.

That said, though it has an instant heating system that takes only a few minutes to heat the water, the unit is recommended for home use because it has a small 2/3-gal reservoir. Commercial heaters should have tanks with a 1.4 gal. capacity or more (5 liters or more).


  • Product Name: InSinkErator H-HOT100C-SS
  • Product Brand: InSinkErator
  • Capacity: 2/3 gal. (2.5 liters)
  • Power Consumption: 750W, 6.25 amps
  • Operating Temperatures: 160°F – 210°F
  • Water Supply Pressure: 30 – 125 PSI
  • Required Sink Hole Diameter: 1.25 – 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

Key Features

  • 750-watt instant hot water system.
  • Compact under-sink design.
  • Easily adjustable temperature control knob.
  • 160ºF – 210ºF snap-action thermostat.
  • Easy push-button activation.
  • 2/3-gal tank delivers 60 cups of hot water per hour.
  • Tool-free tank connections.
  • Dry start protection for easy installation.
  • Hot lever with a self-closing valve for automatic shut off.
  • Durable metal construction.
  • Includes a chrome faucet.