Is it illegal for my neighbour to record me?

Neighbour Recording & CCTV Issues
Neighbour Recording & CCTV Issues

If your neighbour is recording you from a mobile device, then this is against the law and should be reported. But, if you neighbour has installed a CCTV system, and it is recording your house, garden or porch then you can take steps to have the recording device removed or repositioned. The Uk law is clear you cannot record someone on their property. It is as simple as that!

Are you installing a CCTV system?

If you are thinking of installing a CCTV system, then check with your neighbour before you do so! Discussion and openness can calm the situation, and you can come up with a verbal agreement on direction ETC.

Remember that a CCTV system can help protect yours and your neighbour’s property, so be smart about any recording device!

  1. Contact your local council or police station on matters of harassment
  2. Discuss the issue with your neighbour, especially if you are installing your system!
  3. Come to a verbal agreement on the direction of the device

Making a complaint

If you feel your neighbour is recording you for no reason and you think your rights have been ignored, you should contact the local police station or council offices and make a complaint. When it comes to surveillance systems, you can contact a solicitor and have them send a letter of complaint.

With the high volume of installation of CCTV systems, this question is one of the most common we receive here at Wezaggle. Depending on your relationship with your neighbour, discuss the angle and recording times. Another solution would be to share the storage device so you can use it also!

But at the end of the day recording your neighbour can land you with a fine or prosecution depending on the seriousness of the matter!

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