My Neighbours Fence Is Falling Over And Damaged, What Are My Options?

In this question and answers section, we will list ways on how to deal with your neighbour’s brick wall or fence if it’s falling over, damaged or leaning.

Damaged walls and fences
Damaged walls and fences

It happens all over the country and can become a danger to you and your family especially if its a brick wall.

In general, you own the left side wall when looking into your garden from your house.

If you notice your neighbours wall or fence is leaning, becoming unstable or damaged:

  1. Ask your neighbour to replace or repair the damaged fence or wall
  2. Prop up the brick wall with wooden posts or metal L bars
  3. Contact the landowner and write a detailed letter
  4. Contact the estate agents responsible for the upkeep
  5. Be polite and explain the situation before approaching a solicitor
  6. Contact a solicitor and ask them to send an informal letter

Is Your Neighbours House Rented Or Council-Owned?

If you get a neighbour who is not interested in upkeeping their property then the property might be rented, council or housing association.

If this is the case then your neighbours or you should contact the owner of the property because if it falls and damages you or a family member then they will be held responsible.

  • Send a letter, email and contact them directly and notify them about the repairs needed to be carried on their garden fence or wall
  • Keep a record of all correspondent for future references
  • Before contacting the home-owner be sure it’s their responsibility, use your house deeds and double-check the fence or wall is their liability
Neighbour Disputes - Law and Practises
Neighbour Disputes – Law and Practises

Neighbours Refusing To Repair?

If your neighbour has not repaired their fence in the time you have allowed then you should contact a solicitor.

It’s the neighbour’s responsibility to repair and upkeep their house and will be liable for any damage their fence or brick wall will cause when it falls.

  1. Take pictures and detail them with dates and damage ETC
  2. Keep a journal in case you need to use this information in court


If your neighbour is elderly and cannot fix their fence then you might want to take up the slack and do it yourself!

All situations are different, but at the end of the day the homeowner will eventually end up with the bill to repair or replace their garden fence or wall.

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