Jet 708404 Review: Durable and Quiet Oscillating Spindle Sander

Jet 708404 Review

Photo: Jet

What We Like

  • Reliable 0.5 HP motor
  • Heavy-duty gear mechanism
  • Lubricated gearbox for durability
  • Low friction-heat production
  • Effective dust management
  • High operating stability
  • Convenient onboard storage

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy at 82 pounds
  • Pricey for the budget buyer

Bottom Line

The heavy-duty build, high-performance gear system, and sealed oscillating gears make this sander a durable and reliable tool across a wide range of applications.


If you’re looking for a durable sander that runs with consistent efficiency while maintaining low noise outputs, Jet 708404 is the tool for you.

It comes with high-performance precision ball bearings that are complemented by a heavy-duty work and gear system for durable and consistent performance. Low-noise running, onboard storage, and reliable dust management also make the tool a joy to use.

Jet 708404 Review

Jet 708404 JBOS-5

Photo: Jet

Performance: Heavy-Duty, Durable and Quiet

The Jet 708404 was built to meet the demands of intensive sanding while guaranteeing a prolonged tool life, thanks to its heavy-duty and premium features and components.

Powering the tool is a 0.5 HP, 3.0A motor, which produces a spindle speed of 1,725 RPM. This power and speed combination is sufficient for about all the sanding applications you’ll be undertaking in your action, especially if you’re a hobbyist.

This sander’s 30 oscillations per minute on a 1-inch stroke should not throw you off. A slow, well-balanced speed is typically optimized to ensure that the polishing action does not leave any swirl patterns.

Expect that every part of your workpiece that touches the sleeves during sanding will produce detailed and clean finishes, which will be a big boost to your professional projects.

Another benefit of the 1-inc oscillation action is that it minimizes heat from friction thus helping to preserve the texture and structure of wood with simultaneously extending sleeve life, both of which are welcome gain in your projects.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the primary spindle support runs on precision bearings. Its oscillations are powered by a heavy-duty gear and worm mechanism, which guarantees performance consistency even when the sanding tasks get intensive.

And to ensure the long-term reliability of all these heavy components’, Jet went ahead to house the oscillating gears in a sealed box, which is constantly lubricated, thus prolong their life, and boosting durability.

Your workpieces rest on a strong table measuring 14.5 inches by 14.5 inches. Because of its cast construction, your workpieces’ stability is further enhanced, and you can easily support them with both hands for better sanding precision.

Additional operating flexibility is provided by the table’s beveling capacity. It can bevel between 0° and 45°. Because this capability enables the sander to work on angled workpieces, it essentially diversifies the kind and number of sanding jobs you can execute with the tool.

There’s an added touch of safety that the tool offers through its removable On/Off safety switch. It is reliable in preventing accidental stool start-up, effectively preventing any actions that could be potentially hazardous.

Dust Management: Reliable and Effective Dust Port

With the Jet 708404, you don’t have to worry about dust accumulation, messy cleanups, or even debris that constantly reduce motor performance.

The tool handles dust accumulation quite well, thanks to a combination of table inserts, and a 2-inch dust port. The inserts work well to prevent dust and debris from falling into the motor.

You can use the 2-inch dust port to attach the tool to a vacuum system of your choice. With this approach, dust becomes virtually non-existent in the sander’s working area. It helps keep your motor free of performance-inhibiting debris and also keeps you safe from injury.

Another key benefit to maximizing on the 708404’s dust management system is its reliability in ensuring that you have a clear view of your workpiece’s especially at their points of contact with the sanding sleeves.

It’s worth mentioning that if your 2-inch dust port is not compatible with whatever vacuum system and hose you are currently using, a simple adapter that fits both should easily sort that out, and no major overhauls or adjustments will be necessary.

Ease of Use: Simplified Features for Smooth Handling

You will find it easy to get started on the 708404, which allows you to maximize the tool’s potential immediately you put it to use. This is especially because of its simplified controls.

There’s a prominent knob on the sander’s side to help with bevel adjustments. The plastic knob is easy to grip even when you can see it. You don’t have to pause any tasks to tilt the table.

Also, and this may not be very obvious, the angle marking on the bevel scale (beneath the table) are engraved in black to boost clarity, and also ensure they remain intact for long. You won’t struggle to get the right angle for your table, and this is a great accuracy-booster.

Then there’s the onboard tool and accessory storage, which comes in the form of racks fitted on the sides to hold spindles and table inserts close to the tool and on standby in case you need them.

While it’s clear that the tool’s operation won’t present you any challenge, its weight could. At 82 pounds in weight, this sander is admittedly heavy.

Attempting to even move the sander across short intervals in your workshop or working area may prove difficult. That’s why it’s best to find an ideal space for it in your workshop where you can utilize it without the need for constant movement.

Disappointingly, there are no mounting holes on the sander’s base, permanent or semi-permanent installation is out of the question, but it does come with 4 non-skid rubber feet, which help enhance machine stability.

Noise Level: Quieter than Most

The 708404 is a favorite for many woodworkers and workshop owners because it keeps noise levels comfortably low while it is running.

A key contributor to the tool’s low noise out is the motor’s mid-level speed of 1,725 RPM. In most power tool, high motor speeds translate to high noise levels. That’s why models with a speed of 2000 RPM and high can get pretty loud.

Also, because of the vibration-dampening rubber feet, the tool runs with minimal vibrations, which also helps to reduce noise output.

This one should not get to those uncomfortably high noise levels, but the degree of loudness may differ demanding on the user’s comfort preferences.

While it won’t run as loudly as a chainsaw or a vacuum cleaner, its best to wear some ear protection if the noise becomes uncomfortable.

Price: For the Premium Build, It’s a Good Deal

The premium build and durability of Jet 708404 does not come cheap. And even though this sander is not exactly pocket-friendly, that’s okay because if for anything, you likely would even need another one after getting this.

It is a tool built for durability. The heavy-duty worm and gear design ensure not only consistent performance but also guarantees durability, thanks to a sealed lubricated gearbox that debris and dirt cannot access.

Also, because of the reliable dust management system, your sander’s motor operates free of debris that could mar the performance. Then there’s the on-board storage to keep all your accessories organized and close to you at all times.

A sander that closely rivals this one, especially in performance, is Delta 31-483  It also runs on a 0.5 HP motor and has 0° to 45° tilting table design. But this table is a heavy-duty one, boasting of a stainless-steel construction, for long-term durability.

It also features a heavy-duty gear and warm mechanism, which is responsible for driving the tool’s oscillations. Both tools have marginal differences in build and performance, but the Jet 708404 offers better stability and a higher OPM speed of 30.


A heavy-duty, durable, quiet, and stable sander that will serve both professionals and hobbyists for a lifetime.

The sealed gear housing, heavy-duty worm and gear mechanism, and superior dust management of the Jet 708404 make it a durable and reliable tool that thrives in all sanding tasks while maintaining low noise output.


  • Product Name: Jet 708404
  • Product Brand: Jet
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 20.8 x 18.2 inches (W x H x L)
  • Sander Type: Benchtop
  • Table Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Power Input: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Motor Power: 0.5 HP, 3.0A
  • Motor Speed (No Load): 1,725 RPM
  • Spindle Oscillation (No Load): 30 OPM
  • Sanding Sleeve Diameter (5): 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, 1-1/2-inch, 2-inch
  • Table Bevel Angle: 0° – 45°
  • Table Inserts: 4
  • Dust Port Size: 2-inch
  • Built-in Storage Rack: yes
  • Product Weight: 82 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years

Key Features

  • Powerful 0.5 HP motor handles a wide range of sanding applications
  • 1-inch oscillating stroke reduces heat from friction to prolong sleeve life
  • Heavy-duty work and dear mechanism enhance sanding consistency
  • Lubricated and sealed oscillating gears for durability and prolonged life
  • 0° – 45° table beveling capacity supports angled workpieces
  • A built-in 2-inch dust port aids in effective dust management
  • An onboard storage rack enhances tool organization
  • A removable On/Off switch helps prevent accidental tool startups