Karcher K4 Review – The Pressure Washer With A Difference!

The brand name “Karcher” is a well-known and sort after makers of pressure washers, window cleaners and steamers.

The Karcher k4 Pressure Washer
The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer

In this Karcher, K4 review will be evaluating its many functions, controls and durability of this device.

We love using pressure washers because they take the hard work out of scrubbing, sanding while clearing all types of surfaces around the garden.

Pressure Washers work great for:

  1. Concrete cleaning
  2. Decking cleaners
  3. Walls, paths & fences
  4. Car cleaning

The possibility of a good pressure washer is endless! But, can the Karcher K4 live up to expectations and warrant the price tag of around £230-250?

About Karcher Brand

Karcher is a family run business created by Alfred Karcher; he pioneered many of their unique designs. Based in Germany and shipped and produced all over the world.

In the UK Karcher is one of the leading brands for carpet cleaners, pressure washers, window cleaners, and so on!

They have a vast library of products that offer excellent engineering and unique patented designs.

Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Review, Tips & Rating

If you’re looking for a powerful pressure washer, then Karcher K4 stands head and shoulders above the rest.

It has many functions and nozzles for a wide range of outside cleaning tasks.

Karcher k4 Breakdown & Ratings
Karcher k4 Breakdown & Ratings

Karcher K4 Review

Review Digest. The Karcher K4 is a powerful pressure washer; it produces a firm pressure of 130 bar.

It strips paints, moss, fungi, algae and many other surfaces exceptionally well.

What I also like about the Karcher K4 pressure washer is the many nozzles and adaptors for a wide range of tasks in the garden.

Contractors Reviews Of Karcher K4

“We are a contracting company for landscaping and would never use another machine for my customers. Yes, the price is high, but you are paying for a piece of equipment that will stand the test of time. We have had our washer for many years, and it’s still going strong considering we use it daily!”

Tony, UK Birmingham

“I have personally been using the Karcher K4 for the majority of tasks within my business, but also in the garden and around my property! It is a long-lasting device that does stand the test of time!”

Keith, UK

“We run a company called “Clean That Drive” based in Hampshire. We have gone through so many pressure washers over the years but would give the Karcher brand the thumbs up. Its a reliable pressure washer but the replacement parts are expensive! We have a motor issue, and it cost as much as the product to replace! Although we did have the machine for around four years with no problems.”

Memph from Clean That Drive

Karcher k4 Compact & Storage!
Karcher k4 Compact & Storage!

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips customers have expressed through their reviews and testimonials:

Double Check The K4 Pressure

Be sure to select the right pressure for the task. I stripped my decking after it became slimy after winter.

I set it to the max but discovered it had splintered my decking boards.

If you are going to strip wood such as decking, fence panels, summer houses ETC I would suggest you double-check the pressure because you can easily damage the grain of timber!

Check Adaptor Settings

We love the patio adaptor because it works great for both decking and patios, although the product is relatively heavy, we are pleased with the fresh-looking patio.

Karcher K4 Details

Not any yellow pressure will do! The Karcher K4 is a beast that gets the task done in no time. Here are the details that separate this model from the competition.

  1. The total weight: 11.4kg
  2. Total pressure 130
  3. Length of hose: 6m
  4. Range of power adaptor: 5m
  5. Compact and robust engineering design


  • Excellent adaptors for all surfaces in the garden
  • Clean stone, wood, concrete, decking and much more
  • Easily stored and adaptors clip-on so no losing parts


  • A massive piece of equipment over 11kg
  • Price is high compared to alternatives
  • Will splinter wood if pressure is too high

Overall Experience

The Karcher K4 is a serious piece of equipment, for both commercial and private use. It can overcome any task and clean any surface, making it like new.

Our experience of the Karcher K4 is 10/10 for its ability to clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces; we use it for all trade and jobs within our company.

I provide a patio cleaning company and would “ONLY” use the Karcher models because it beats the competition with ease.

We have used many other pressure washer brands from the UK market, without any success compared to pressure, nozzles and length of time.

Our Karcher K4 model has been going strong for 18 months now with daily use!

The only issue we had was a rubber valve deterioration, but the replacement took only a week.

Since this issue, we have never looked back on our purchase of the Karcher K4 pressure washer.

Our Rating

  1. Ease of use: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 3/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 5/5
  4. Weight: 4/5
  5. Average £230 – £250


Have you purchased a Karcher K4 pressure washer?

We want to hear your reviews and feedback, although we have many opinions on this product we still want to know your reviews.

Customer reviews and testimonials give other readers more opinions and a better understanding before choosing between purchasing the Karcher K4!

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7 thoughts on “Karcher K4 Review – The Pressure Washer With A Difference!”

  1. Hey Wezaggle, thank you for a great write-up and exposure of the Karcher K4 system. I have now bought my Karcher K4 and will be posting my detailed review as soon as it arrives and I have unpackaged and tested out on my garden!

  2. Solid product and so easy to wheel around and store when you are done. I have recently upgraded to the Karcher K4 from my old pressure washer, great decision. As of now its a 10 out of 10 for me!

  3. I used their Karcher K2 version and it stopped working after a few weeks. It would just blast everything away and strip the paint because it was way too powerful! I bought a cheaper model from Worx and have continued to use this model because it has lasted the test of time.. Although the K4 version looks good and there are some improvements from the K2 version would be reluctant to purchase because of my experience with previous versions!

  4. Highly recommended, the Karcher K4 is a beast! It works great and has a lot of adaptors for certain areas and surfaces. I have a lot of fun with this machine. I use it on my car, patio, driveway, you cannot fault it and well worth the price tag!


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