Koios SHA1203FBAA Review: High-Performance Vacuum Sealer

Koios SHA1203FBAA Review

Photo: Koios

What We Like

  • High-performance electromagnetic pump
  • High-temperature resistance (up to 300ºF)
  • Seals up to 40 times consecutively
  • Built-in cutter
  • Includes 10 sealing bags

What We Don’t Like

  • No gentle suction mode

Bottom Line

A high-performance vacuum sealer that keeps food fresh up to 7 times longer as compared to traditional freezer storage.


Vacuum sealers are very handy kitchen tools because they help you to keep your food fresh for longer. They are a must-have for sous vide, which is cooking food while wrapped in a vacuum.

The Koios SHA1203FBAA is one such kitchen appliance and it is equipped with a powerful pump for high suction performance. All this and much more is explained in the review below.

Koios SHA1203FBAA Review

Koios SHA1203FBAA

Photo: Koios

Performance: Keeps Food Fresh Up To 7X Longer

At the core of the Koios SHA1203FBAA is an electromagnetic pump, which has a pure copper core that delivers exceptional suction power. It sucks out 12 liters of air per minute and this ensures you vacuum your food in the bags in no time.

Additionally, this power ensures all the air is sucked out, keeping your meat fresh up to 7X longer. In actual numbers, vacuum-sealed venison can stay fresh for up to 2.5 years while poultry and rabbit can stay fresh for up to 3 years.

If you like eating fish, you can keep your salmon, tuna, trout, grouper, and halibut fresh for up to 1.5 years while shrimp can go up to 2 years without rotting. This is quite a long time because the traditional freezing method can only keep these foods fresh for a few months.

The key is in eliminating oxygen, which causes the food to oxidize and spoil over a short time. Oxygen is available in a freezer and therefore, the cold temperature storage only works for a shorter time.

All in all, this vacuum food storage system enables you to save up to $2700 per year by eliminating or reducing food wastage. This fits into its 4S (4-saving) function, which is food-saving, space-saving, time-saving, and money-saving.

Essentially, this function enables you to prepare food in advance, package it, preserve it, and maintain freshness plus taste for a long time.

That said, the unit is fitted with an extra-long 11.8-inch sealing wire that is very efficient because it can handle multiple small packages at once. This sealing system is also very durable because it can perform 40 consecutive seals without damaging the machine.

Additionally, the bottom pad of the sealing wire is covered in a mica sheet, which makes it capable of withstanding high temperatures of up to 300ºF. This allows you to seal hot food that is straight from the pan without causing any damages. Overall, this makes the unit very durable.

Other features include a built-in cutter that you can use to create custom-sized bags and this comes in very handy considering that the sealer comes with 5 small and 5 large FDA-certified vacuum bags.

Delicate Foods: Requires a Vacuum Canister

As stated above, this vacuum sealer can be used to keep all kinds of food fresh and it comes with multiple sealer bags. However, when dealing with delicate foods such as eggs and cakes, we recommend using a vacuum canister to prevent deformation.

For this, the unit has an accessory hose port and comes with a pumping pipe that can be connected to a vacuum canister to pull out the air. This pipe can also be on wine in bottles that have compatible stoppers.

That said, you can still use bags to store these foods if you don’t mind the deformation. This is recommended for home use though. Commercially, using cake as an example, once deformed, you won’t be able to sell it because the presentation matters.

Ease of Use: Simple Control Panel

Vacuum sealing your food using the SHA1203FBAA is a very simple process because it has a simple control panel with very few buttons. The first button is indicated as “seal” and this seals the bag with no vacuum.

The second button has two functions and these are to select either dry or moist food. This is important because it optimizes the vacuum suctioning to suit the type of food. The last button is for vacuuming and sealing and it is indicated as so.

All four functions have LED indicator lights that show whether they are on or off.

That said, to use these functions, you need to first fill the bag with your food then align the open-end part into the vacuum sealing channel. If using a vacuum canister, connect the tubing to the accessory hose port then press the canister button inside.

For a bag though, once you align it to the sealing channel, lock the front latch then seal if you don’t need vacuuming. If you need the food vacuum-sealed, select the type (dry or moist) then press the “vacuum and seal” button.

After the vacuum noise goes silent, wait a few more seconds until the LED indicator light goes off (it takes a few seconds to seal and cool down). Once the light is off, you can take out the bag and that’s it.

Price: Pocket Friendly   

Vacuum sealers are generally not expensive because most of them cost below $100 and Koios’ SHA1203FBAA is no different. Its price is pocket friendly because it is way below the $100 mark.

The manufacturer does not produce any other vacuum sealer and therefore, we can only compare this model to others from different manufacturers.

Against the Geryon E2901-M, the SHA1203FBAA is slightly cheaper. However, the E2901-M has soft-touch digital buttons on the control panel, gentle and normal modes, and a separated design that is easy to clean.

Compared to the NutriChef PKVS18BK, the SHA1203FBAA is a bit more expensive. NutriChef’s sealer is cheaper because it only comes with 5 medium size bags and one long bag roll. However, it does have a soft-touch digital control panel. All other features are very similar.

More detailed: NutriChef PKVS18BK review


A high-performance vacuum sealer that is easy to use and is recommended for either home or commercial use.

With a powerful electromagnetic pump, Koios’ SHA1203FBAA offers high suction performance that will leave your food in the vacuum bag or canister completely free from oxygen. This will keep it fresh for years.

On top of that, the unit is very easy to use because it has a simplified control panel with few buttons. Combined, these features make it ideal for home or commercial use.


  • Product Name: Koios SHA1203FBAA
  • Product Brand: Koios
  • Vacuum Strength: 12L/min
  • Maximum Food Temperature: 300ºF
  • Sealing Wire: 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.99 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14.56 x 2.91 x 5.9 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

Key Features

  • Electromagnetic pump with a vacuum strength of 12 liters per minute.
  • High-temperature resistance (up to 300ºF).
  • Long 11.8-inch sealing wire.
  • Highly durable. The sealing function operates up to 40 times consecutively.
  • Built-in cutter.
  • Automatic vacuum sealing.
  • Accessory hose port.
  • Compact and lightweight (2.99 lbs.).
  • Includes 5 small and 5 large FDA-certified vacuum bags.