Kraus KPF-1610SS Review: Durable Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1610SS Review

Photo: Kraus

What We Like

  • Modern commercial-style design
  • Durable metallic construction
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant finish
  • A reliable 2-function spray head
  • Compact height suits most cabinets
  • Decent faucet swivel range
  • Simplified level handle

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks magnetic docking technology
  • The spray head is plastic

Bottom Line

A heavy-duty commercial-style faucet that promises to convert your kitchen into a high-performance workspace while guaranteeing a lifetime of consistency and reliability.


The Kraus KPF-1610SS brings professional faucet performance to your kitchen, boosting productivity, especially in cleaning tasks at the sink.

It is a durable unit that resists rust and corrosion while offering superior operational convenience. Its flexible hose and spray head ensure ease of use while the faucet’s compact size ensures it will fit beneath most kitchen cabinets.

Kraus KPF-1610SS Review

Kraus KPF-1610SS

Photo: Kraus

Efficiency: A High-Performance and Convenient Unit

Expect nothing less than professional-grade efficiency from this commercial-style faucet. It features open spring spout which offers an ergonomic pull-down spray head for enhanced operating comfort.

Because the spout adopts a high-arc design, it guarantees enough height clearance to support both filling and cleaning of large pots and even pitchers. If you’re worried about the spout getting in the way of your cleaning, this issue is non-existent with the KPF-1610SS.

These capabilities are boosted further by the faucet’s 180-degree swivel capacity. This wide swivel range allows movement of the faucet in and around the sink to your convenience, ensuring it never gets in the way of your work.

The pull-down spray head is also a joy to operate, thanks to a flexibility-enhancing nylon hose that retracts very smoothly. It offers an extended range of 20 inches, which should be enough for all your cleaning demands.

You will find operating the spray head quite blissful because of its simplicity and efficiency. The 2-mode head supports aerated stream and powerful spray functions, for operational versatility.

And you’ll find switching between these 2 functions quite effortless thanks to a simplified rocker switch. Count on its reliability, whether you’re doing some heavy scrubbing or mild cleaning.

While this component does utilize many plastic parts, which typically lose to metallic ones when it comes to durability, rest assured that the spray head very strong and durable.

You’ll be pleased with the single handle design, which has been optimized for easy operation. It works on a 90-degree forward rotation mechanism, making it ideal for tight spaces that don’t require any backsplash clearance.

When it comes to faucet maintenance, the process has not only been simplified, but it also ensures the unit is always running optimally. Removing mineral build-up and limescale from the silicone nozzles requires only the swipe of a finger over them.

Finally, this faucet has been built to be eco-friendly. With its efficient 1.8 GPM flow rate, the aerator reduces water wastage without compromising on pressure.

Appearance: Professional-Style Finish 

Because this faucet is a commercial-style unit, its entire design adds a professional touch to your kitchen, besides the transformative experience, it helps create.

The stainless steel finish of this faucet is a favorite for many homeowners because it blends in seamlessly with other appliances of a similar finish. Its sophistication is easily extended to these appliances thus boosting your kitchen’s overall elegance.

While this model adopts a stainless steel finish that is stylish and elegant, you can also get it in any other equally classy finishes that include chrome, matte black, stainless steel/chrome, or stainless steel/matte black, to match your kitchen decor.

Durability: Heavy-Duty Brass Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

With the KPF-1610SS, you are guaranteed consistent, long-lasting performance. The faucet boasts of heavy-duty brass construction, which will easily withstand everyday intensive usage.

If you’re concerned about the common problem of water drip, which tends to develop gradually with continuous usage, this faucet fixes that using an industry-leading ceramic cartridge. This component ensures the spray mechanism retains its original strength.

The faucet’s exterior features an equally strong stainless steel finish that adds on to the unit’s strength. But what’s unique about this finish is that it is built to resist both rust and corrosion.

Also, all of Kraus finishes are built to be fade-free, so durability is still guaranteed regardless of your choice of finish.

Finally, as if all these guarantees are not reassuring enough, Kraus offers a lifetime limited warranty with this faucet, a big confidence-booster for your choice of the KPF-1610SS.

Installation: Simplified and Optimized for Most Kitchen Cabinets

The KPF-1610SS comes installation-ready. You won’t be spending money and long hours on professional installation service.

All the mounting hardware you need to install the unit is included with the faucet. Also, it comes with 22-inch waterlines already pre-attached.

When it comes to installation space, the unit has been configured to be very compact, supporting installation below most kitchen cabinets.

With a total faucet height of 18 inches and a spout height of only 6-3/8 inches, the entire unit will fit under very low cabinets, ensuring you don’t miss on having its commercial experience in the kitchen.

Finally, to ensure a hassle-free installation process, Kraus was generous enough to include a hex wrench, a weight to pull back the hose, and a flow restrictor to maintain the ideal water pressure.

Price: Great Value for Money

There’s no doubt about the immense value you’re getting from the KPF-1610SS, especially considering this commercial-grade faucet goes for less than $180.

The entire unit is simple to install and operate, thanks to a well-built 2-function spray head that has a simplified rocker switch. Operating convenience is also enhanced by the high-arc spout, flexible hose, and faucet swivel capability.

To help seal the deal, this faucet has been built to support a lifetime of continuous usage. It features heavy-duty construction, and rust-resistant stainless steel finish to guarantee commercial-grade performance in your kitchen.

Because Kraus is a household brand when it comes to kitchen faucets, it offers many other models that rival the KFP-1610SS. One such faucet is the KPF-1610SFS-KSD-43SFS.

This faucet assumes the same design as the KFP-1610SS. It has a compact signature thanks to the 18-inch height, it also offers a 2-function spray head that is very reliable.

Perhaps the only notable value the KPF-1610SFS-KSD-43SFS offers over KFP-1610SS is a bonus soap dispenser, which complements the cleaning process well.

But you do end up paying significantly more for the KPF-1610SFS-KSD-43SFS, which may not be necessary if you have no use for the soap dispenser. You’re better off sticking with the KFP-1610SS.


A high-performance commercial-style faucet that simplifies operations for the everyday home user while also guaranteeing a lifetime of reliability.

The Kraus KPF-1610SS faucet will enhance your productivity in the kitchen thanks to its high efficiency, ease of use, and reliable performance. The highly flexible faucet also comes in stylish finishes that give your kitchen a professional look.


  • Product Name: Kraus KPF-1610SS
  • Product Brand: Kraus
  • Faucet Type: Commercial style
  • Faucet Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Overall Height: 18 inches
  • Spout Height: 6-3/8 inches
  • Spout Reach: 8-3/4 inches
  • Connection Size: 3/8-inch
  • Connection Type: Compression
  • Hose Length: 20 inches
  • Spout Swivel: 180 degrees
  • Spray Functions: 2
  • Handle Type: Lever
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Water Usage: 1.8 GPM (6.8L/min) @ 60 psi
  • Installation-Ready: Yes, with pre-attached 22-inch waterlines
  • Warranty: Lifetime (limited)

Key Features

  • Reliable dual-function spray head for powerful and efficient spraying
  • The unique commercial design brings professional style to your home kitchen
  • Durable lead-free brass construction for a lifetime of reliable performance
  • Heavy-duty ceramic cartridge ensures continuous drip-free use
  • A range of premium finishes that that resists rust, corrosion, and fading
  • The compact 18-inch spout height optimized for fitting under most cabinets
  • Simplified nozzle cleaning boosts the ease of limescale and mineral build-up
  • The 180-degree swivel capacity boosts faucet flexibility and motion around the sink
  • Simple and streamlined single-lever handle minimizes water wastage