Laminate Flooring – Should I Remove The Skirting Boards Or Fix Beading?

Beading and skirting boards both work with laminate flooring. Beading is used to hold the flooring in place and is tacked with nails all the way around.

Beading Or Skirting Boards
Beading Or Skirting Boards

Skirting boards will already be on the wall because the majority of houses have skirting boards.

To use your skirting boards instead of beading you will need to remove them from the wall and then re-attach them after the laminate flooring has been laid.

Beading vs. Skirting Boards

If you want to lay laminate flooring the correct way then you should remove the skirting boards before laying your laminate flooring.

Once you have laid your new flooring and have left 1/4″ gap for expansion, your skirting boards are ready to be fixed back on the wall.

Removing and re-fixing your skirting boards will look much more professional when compared to beading.

Beading is ok if you do not know how to remove your skirting boards or you want a quick fix.

Removing Skirting Boards

Depending on the age of your house will determine the amount of work needed when it comes to removing your skirting boards.

Some older victorian houses will have higher skirting boards that might take some of the walls with it when removed.

Newer builds will have a smaller skirting board that might take some paint or plasterboard away.

  1. Run a sharp knife along the top of your skirting board
  2. Gently prize the skirting board away from the wall
  3. Use a small claw tool (claw hammer)

Once you have removed your skirting boards scrape any loose paint or plaster away.

Use a good interior filler and patch any holes or loose plaster, once dry sand down the wall ready for when you attach the skirting boards.

Fixing Skirting Boards

Before fixing your skirting boards you should scrape any loose paint or plaster away.

This would be a great opportunity to undercoat and gloss your skirting boards. Here are the best gloss paints for brilliant white skirting boards.

There are many ways to fixing skirting boards, we would advise grip fill and nails if your fixing to a stud wall.

If the wall is solid then wall plugs and screws will keep them attached for many years.

Top Tip: You can determine a wall by knocking it. If it’s hollow, then you have a stud wall if it is solid then it will be a supporting/brick wall.


Beading is the easy option when it comes to laying your laminate flooring, if you are a DIY beginner then I would advise you to use beading to keep your laminate flooring in place.

If you have some DIY experience then go ahead and remove the boards because the job will look far better with no beeding and clean freshly painted skirting boards.

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