Detailed Review Of The Miami Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Created By Bestway!

This review of the Lay-Z-Spa Miami by Bestway will expose the faults and user opinion of this popular hot tub edition.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami By Bestway
Lay-Z-Spa Miami

We have tried many hot tubs over the years and believe that the Miami Lay-Z-Spa is one of the best.

In a wide variety of reviews, some faults are common and revealed before making a purchase! Although these do not hinder or cause any negatives to the enjoyment of this Lay-Z-Spa.

The Miami Lay-Z-Spa has a black surround with child safety clips for peace of mind when the product is not in use.

These safety clips MUST NOT be relied upon; young ones should stay clear of the hot tub at all times when not being used.

Costing around £450/600, the Miami spa fits around 3/4 adults comfortably and heats to around 40c when settings turned to max.

Our expert opinion on the series of Bestway Spas are very positive but which one should you choose for your family?

Continue reading this Miami Lay-Z-Spa review and our experts will reveal both good and bad points from current users of this Product.

About Bestway Brand (Lay-Z-Spa)

Bestway has cornered the market as of late, with thousands of products sold to many UK households.

Their products are unique and well-branded/designed, with their pump/filtration systems, one of their best qualities.

With a patented filtration system, the Bestway (Lay-Z-Spa) tops any other inflatable spa currently on the market.

The Warranty

Bestway provides an excellent customer care line and offers a free years warranty on every Lay-Z-Spa sold by them.

Warranties are extendable after this time with a small fee.

We have seen reviews about missing parts, split seams and faulty pumps so make sure you keep all documents and contact the customer line straight away if you experience a problem.

Miami Lay-Z-Spa Review & Rating

Our review system concentrates on user feedback and experiences, but our expert reviewers know a high-quality product when they use one.

Yes, we have had a Miami hot tub from Bestway for five years and will be sharing our experiences, warnings and issues we experienced when using the Miami spa.

  • Warnings & tech issues
  • User experiences
  • User reviews and testimonials
  • Our overall rating & conclusion

Miami LAY-Z-SPA Edition Review

The Miami Lay-Z-Spa was one of the first hot tubs sold by Bestway (2013) and has enjoyed many sales and positive reviews since sales began.

But, there are issues with this edition (listed below).

You can comfortably fit four persons in the Miami hot tub; it holds around 800 litres of water that can be filtered by their patented filtration system within 2 hours.

The Miami Lay-Z-Spa is their most ordered model because the costs are reasonable and space is adequate for a family of 5.

We know this product works great and provides hours of fun for the whole family.

Its powerful motor keeps going and going and works like the day we purchased this model.

For quality, price and performance the Miami Lay-Z-Spa is the number 1 option in the UK for 2021

The Wezaggle Team

Setup was simple with their motor doing the hard work (inflating) attach the pump hose, and it will self raise in around 5 minutes.

Find a suitable space that’s flat and stable because if the motor does not sit flat, the machine will cut out!

Once fully inflated, attach the hose and it will be filled in 3/4 hours depending on your water pressure.

Customer Reviews:

Having the Miami hot tub in my garden is great; it keeps its heat well and comes with a powerful enclosed motor. We have not had any issues with the filter system since we bought this hot tub six months ago. I do not have any negatives concerning my purchase but will update my Miami hot tub review if things take a turn for the worst!

Dan Andrews, UK

After two years of constant use even in the winter months, our take on the Miami hot tub is amazing! I have had many hot tubs with never-ending pump issues. I was impressed with the setup, performance and durability of its pump system which has never stopped working or triggered an alarm as many other testimonials have revealed!



  • Holds over 800 litres of water
  • It takes around 2 hours to filter the hot tub totally
  • From cold fill, it takes approximately 12 hours to reach the maximum temperature
  • The electricity costs vary from supplier to supplier on avg: £25 to initially heat @£5/6 a week
  • Every Miami Lay-S-Spa comes with a safety and an inflatable liner
  • With a digital panel where you can adjust the heat and 81 individual jets

Our Rating:

  • Initial Setup & Installation: 5/5
  • Price RANGE: 4/5
  • Quality Of Product: 5/5
  • Airjet Power 4/5
  • Average £450 – £650

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Miami Lay-Z-Spa Pros

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub Basics
Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub Basics

The Miami Lay-Z-Spa by Bestway is the most affordable hot tub experience around.

It works great and receives a much higher rate of positive reviews when compared to the alternatives.

If you’re going to buy a hot tub for you or your partner or entertainment for the family, you cannot go wrong with the Miami edition.

  • The most purchased hot tub currently in the UK
  • User reviews are far more positive than negative
  • A durable PVC/rubber lining that can hold an adult
  • Full setup, fill and heat in 12 hours
  • Safety 3 clips to release the safety lid
  • Complete setting and digital display
  • Over 80 pressure jets for the whole spa experience

Miami Lay-Z-Spa Cons

Negative reviews and bad feedback are not so familiar with this model.

Although some Miami Lay-Z-Spa reviews report some common faults we have experienced over the years:

  1. Keep the filter sitting flat, or it will cut out and emit an alarm
  2. Do not wear jewellery or allow pets to jump up on the ring because it can pop easily
  3. After a few months, you will find the blue inside will start to fade

Apart from these three negatives the Miami Hot tub still ranks No 1 in the UK on reliability and performance.

Other Issues:

After many years of using this Bestway edition we have some negatives to reveal to our readers, although these problems are only cosmetic they need to be published and taken into account before purchasing a Miami Lay-Z-Spa:

  1. After around six months of use, the blue lining faded because due to the chlorine, although we never overused chlorine and only added the correct amount each time
  2. The top ring is very thick and pops quite easily. We have had two issues when the ring deflating because of jewellery and the second time was when our dog decided to jump up onto the ring! Although easily repaired with the puncture repair kit provided, there will always be a weak spot once these issues happen
  3. The motor will cut out if you knock it with your foot or accidentally sit on the filter. Another issue we found with the pump system was it cutting out randomly and emitting a high pitched alarm! Just make sure the housing unit is on a flat surface because it does tend to stop working from time to time

How To Maintain Miami Lay-Z-Spa

Maintenance is super easy; we use Clearwater because it comes with dip tests, so you know you are using the correct amount of chlorine for a hot tub.

Depending on the usage the filter will become clogged after a week or so.

Which is easily checked, unscrew the filter housing and inspect the filter, if it is full of grime, then it needs replacing.

Hot Tub Maintenance
Hot Tub Maintenance

It is imperative to keep on top of these maintenance issues because the motor will cut out if it cannot pull water through the filtration system.

  1. Check the filter once a week by unscrewing the housing inside the hot tub, make sure you have spare, clean filters ready for use
  2. Be sure to check chlorine levels every other day because chlorine evaporates quickly due to heat and bubbles
  3. Check the pressure to the top ring and surround, if it feels low top up with the hose provided

The Initial Setup

Once your hot tub is delivered, you will be presented with a large box, unpackage it and keep hold of the how-to guide.

Clear an area and make sure it’s clear of any debris that might puncture your hot tub. Setup is easy as long as you follow Bestway’s simple instructions.

Attach the hose and select the pump to fill up the lining. Once the filling/lining has reached maximum pressure, move onto the top ring and fill until its firm to the touch.

Reconnect all hoses and screw the filter housing inside the hot tub, be sure to add a filter and you are good to go.

The filling process takes around 3/4 hours, depending on your local water pressure.

Once it’s filled to the line (wave) turn the pump on and set your temperature, on average it takes around 12 hours to fully heated from a cold fill.

Make sure you have put your floater in with a chlorine table provided with every new hot tub from Bestway.


You cannot go wrong with the Miami hot tub from Bestway; it’s by far the best and most affordable hot tub in the range.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit bigger then we would recommend the Palm Springs hot tub due to its size and popularity.

We recommend the Miami hot tub to our readers due to it getting the thumbs up from the experts at Wezaggle

4 thoughts on “Detailed Review Of The Miami Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Created By Bestway!”

  1. I have also had my Miami hot tub spa for many years and have experienced exactly the same issues as mentioned in this review. Although my pump and filter have been in the garden for 5 years and it still works like new. I have dis-colouring from the chlorine also. I love my lay-z-spa Miami and would highly recommend for a small family or two adults!

    Just be careful when kids are spinning in the hot tub as they do! Because the pump tends to cut out and emit a horrible high pitched noise! Apart from this, I would rat it 10./10.


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