Monaco Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub by Bestway Reviewed!

This review of the Monaco Lay-Z-Spa by Bestway explores the details, testimonials and faults our experts have experienced using this extra-large hot tub.

Lay-Z-Spa Monico
Lay-Z-Spa Monico

The Monaco model is Bestway’s most significant yet and unique compared to other hot tubs in this range with its blue surround.

Fitting around 6/7 adults, but realistically five adults can sit comfortably, with 7 being a bit of a tight fit.

Great for family gatherings and parties this spacious hot tub has a lot of potential and entertainment for the whole family.

It has the latest engineering technology from Bestway who have taken over the hot tub market in recent years.

With many other brands making their statement in the hot tub world this might be short-lived.

But, in the meantime, Bestway currently provides superior technology through its filtration and water pump system patented to Bestway.

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Features

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco sold and created by Bestway is their biggest model yet. But, with bigger sizes comes a more significant price range @£600!

The Monaco Lay-Z-Spa is unique with the only blue surround hot tub to date. It holds around 1500 litres of water which is impressive for an inflatable hot tub.

  • Biggest hot tub to date
  • Fully heated in around 8/12 hours
  • Costs on average £750
  • Holds around 1500 litres of water
  • Unique blue reinforced flat surround
  • Maximum air jets x90 for a great massage experience

1) Reinforced Rigid Walls

It’s capable of holding this amount of water due to its reinforced rigid walls unique to Bestway!

The lining is thin but much stronger when compared to Palm Springs, Vegas and the Miami editions.

It’s more lightweight and more pleasant on the eye without having the thick rubber ring around the outside which can pop easily and cause filling issues if deflated.

  • Reinforced rigid wall design
  • Strongest surround yet
  • No more rubber ring around the rim of your hot tub

2) Bestway Warranty

Like all hot tubs in the Bestway brand, they receive a free two years warranty, which covers missing parts of technical faults with the motor.

Which can also be extended for a small fee after this time is up.

We would advise anyone purchasing the Monaco hot tub to ensure they have contents insurance because we have heard stories of previous customers not being covered for a variety of faults.

Their customer service is excellent after having previous experience with them after our model had pump issues.

Problems were rectified quickly, and we had our motor/pump back within seven days of initially contacting Bestway support.

  • Free 2 year warranty
  • Can be extended after two years
  • UK support centre

3) Noise Level

We have had many potential customers inquiring about the noise associated with the Monaco Lay-Z-Spa motor.

Yes, it can be noisy when the bubbles are blasting out when the product is sitting idle heating the hot tub it is generally quite.

Like all hot tubs on the market currently, they all emit a high noise when the spa setting is activated.

  • Quite when heating the hot
  • Noisy when the spa feature is activated

When comparing the Monaco hot tub to the alternative spas on the market, it’s relatively quiet.

So in our opinion, the Monaco hot tub is NOT the quietist product around but is nowhere near the loudest.

4) All Year Round Use

Yes, 100% we use our hot tub all year round and enjoy the winter months because there is nothing better than getting into a 40c hot tub.

In the summer months, we set the thermostat to 35c, and in the winter months, we set it to the maximum.

But this will depend on your preferences, some people pack their hot tub away in the winter months and get it out in April/May.

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Customer Reviews

“Having has the Monaco Lay-Z-Spa for over six months and extremely happy with our decision. My wife suffers from arthritis, and we were advised by her physiotherapist to invest in a hot tub! We both spend hours in there in the evenings and enjoy the quality and powerful massaging jets featured in the Monaco model. We chose this type of hot tub because the sides a thinner so its easier for us to access.”

Mr Stevens, UK

“We purchased the Miami hot tub a few years back and enjoyed the experience so much we invested in the bigger Monaco Lay-Z-Spa model. We have a family of five and can now all enjoy the experience together, the Miami edition was good, but we could never get in all together due to its size. In general, we’re glad we upgraded although the electricity bill has increased due to the sheer size of this beast.”

Martin P.

Monaco Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Pros:

The Monaco Hot Tub Breakdown
The Monaco Hot Tub Breakdown
  1. Holds over 1500 litres of water
  2. It takes around 3 hours to filter the hot tub totally
  3. About 13/15 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 40c
  4. Electricity costs can vary from provider to provider @£6/7 a week
  5. Includes a leather lid safety cover featuring three-pin safety latches
  6. Over 90 jets initiated through the main control panel

Monaco Lay-Z-Spa Cons:

The Monaco Lay-Z-Spa has many customer reviews featured across many marketplace platforms such as eBay & Amazon.

With the hundreds of reviews we have read while adding our own opinions, these are the negatives that are common with the Monaco Lay-Z-Spa brand:

  1. Noisy: If the pump is sitting idle and heating/filtering, the noise is a low hum. Once you power the jet streams, it can become very noisy. Although if you’re in the hot tub, it does not sound as bad. It’s when you are standing outside it seems extremely louder
  2. The pump will cut out if you happen to knock the filter, although this is a safety feature it can become annoying when you have to keep getting out to reset the motor at the mains


With its colossal size and value for money, the Monaco hot is the best on the market for its size, currently!

It heats just as good as the smaller models but will cost a little more to heat continuously due to the extra 500 litres of water.

The jets are mighty and no more noisier than the Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa.

Here at Wezaggle, we highly recommend Monaco due to Bestway’s patented filtration and pump system!

For £750 you can experience a great hot tub/spa in your back garden at a fraction of the cost of a permanent fixed hot tub.

We are always happy to receive reviews concerning any of the Bestway models so we can share these reviews with other readers.

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