A Full Review Of The Vegas Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Created By Bestway!

With the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas hot tub becoming one of the more popular versions on Bestway’s product list it has received its fair share of bad reviews! But, it has still been awarded the best hot tub of the year on several occasions!

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub Review By Bestway
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub Review By Bestway

The Vegas hot tub was the first in the range by a company called Bestway who supply numerous inflatable products all over the world!

If you’re looking for a quality hot tub at a reasonable price, then you might want to read our review of the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas range before making a decision!

We explore the main features, its faults and reveal the user reviews that made us think twice about purchasing this model!

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas In-depth Review

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Review Rating & Latest Price!

  1. Initial Setup & Installation: 4/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 3/5
  4. Airjet Power 4/5
  5. Average £550 – £700

Review Digest. Lay-Z-Spa Vegas is one of the smaller models but a popular choice! It heats quickly and provides you with 86 jets, it can fit three adults comfortably but claims to be capable of fitting 4/6!

This model is a more eco-friendly model because it heats quickly and uses less water volume compared to the palm springs model!

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Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub Pros & Cons

With a maximum fill of 848 litres, the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas hot tub offers a medium/low range of water fill. Claimed to fit around 4/6 people with all the same features compared to others in this range.

The only difference is fewer jets x87 and no LED lights!

If you’re looking for a starter tub and not fussed with LED lights, then this basic hot tub is perfect for smaller families or single-use!

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub Basics
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub Basics
  • Easy ten-minute install and setup, video provided at the bottom of this review
  • Maximum 40°C taking on average 12 hours to reach maximum temperature
  • 87 jets produced enough bubbles for this size of a hot tub
  • Depth 61 cm and a diameter of 196cm


  1. All-round jet outlets offer an excellent bubble experience
  2. A smaller model that’s easy to maintain
  3. Heats quick and great for smaller families
  4. The right colour for a hot tub
  5. Padded floor and sturdy surrounding
  6. Inflatable insert to keep heat contained
  7. Child safety three-way clips that secure the lid


  • Can cost £30 a month to maintain the temperature
  • Initial £16 to heat from a cold fill
  • The clue pattern on the inside will fade after a few months of use!
  • Not suitable for decking
  • No LED lights
  • It takes an average of 12 hours to reach the full heat of 40°C from a cold fill
  • It an initial £15 x 12hrs to heat and an additional £2 a week after that (Do not turn the heater off!)
  • After six weeks, the blue colour inside the hot tubs began to fade!
  • Another problem we experienced was foam, which was due to detergent in the swimwear.

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Customer’s Review

“The Lay-Z-Spa Vegas hot tub is a basic model with no frills; it costs on average £100 less compared to other hot tubs in this range! Although cheaper, it is still a great experience. 2/3 adults can fit comfortably anymore than this can be uncomfortable and ruin the hot tub experience! Nice, hot and comfortable. The only issue we had was the blue tile pattern faded after a few months of constant use!”


The Bestway Warranty

All Lay-Z-Spas from Bestway, Amazon or eBay come with one year’s warranty. Which cover faults, missing part and split seals!

We have had reports of broken seals and missing parts over the years, so be sure to check your delivery as soon as it’s received!

Setting Up Your Vegas Hot Tub

One of the best things about this brand of hot tubs is the simple setup process. You receive an installation DVD and simple instructions with every product.

It takes around ten minutes of your time and approximately three hours to fill depending on your water pressure!

Below you will find the official installation video for your Lay-Z-Spa Vegas hot tub

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10 thoughts on “A Full Review Of The Vegas Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Created By Bestway!”

  1. The vegas spa was great for us, although I must agree that the blue tiling faded after a few weeks. We also had a split in our top lid and had to fix with the puncture repair kit. Although this did not affect the function of our hot tub. Great product in general and loads of fun for the kids.

  2. Not impressed at all, the top seems was split and could not use for a few weeks while I received a new spa. After setting it up I found the heater was not working. I then requested a refund, but this took a month to come back to me. I had a bad experience! My husband said this is because they are producing to many and using inferior plastics! Be warned everyone who wants one of these spas!

  3. I have used these lay-z-spas before and a few of my friends and family have them currently. I feel you are only paying for the name! I have a much cheaper alternative and has lasted longer than my previous layzspa. Many more alternatives on the market that cost half the price!

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  5. My Review and Testimonial. Peter Lamborn

    My Lay Z Spa did not last the year! iTS A SHAME, after the pump stopped working I tried to keep the water clear and clean. But this only lasted a few weeks and I had to empty the whole thing out every time! I was so disappointed because my warranty had expired and the company told me they were not liable for repairs of spares!

    The pump is expensive, I might as well just buy another hot tub. Yes, the Lay Z Spa was great when it worked correctly. Terrible company with no sense of customer satisfaction. Will not be using them again FOR ANYTHING!

  6. I have my spa for a few years now and still works like new, although the blue on the inside of the tub has totally disappeared now! Apart from the fading issue which seems quite common after reading reviews, this is by far the best money for quality and value!

  7. I currently have the Las Vegas Best Way spa and I am not at all happy with the product. It claims the lining will not discolour but it looks so tatty now the blue has lost its colour! I also had an issue with the pump and had to send it back to get fixed. I want to buy the spa without the pump but Best Way have declined this service!

    I am happy with the product but their service is terrible!

    • Hey,

      Firstly, thank you for your review of this hot tub! I have had many people ask this about the inflatable section. I have personally purchased just the blow up spa! Maybe you should ring back and explain about the dis-colouring and ask to purchase just the spa! Maybe it is still available of warranty?

      Kindest Wezaggle!


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