Lodge L410 Review: Heavy Duty Charcoal Hibachi Grill

Lodge L410 Review

Photo: Lodge

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction
  • Superior heat retention capabilities
  • Sliding draft door for controlling airflow
  • Flip-down door for adding coal
  • Two adjustable grilling heights

What We Don’t Like

  • No lid
  • Lacks a built-in temperature gauge

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a compact, heavy-duty hibachi grill for carrying to various outdoor events, be sure to check out Lodge’s L410.


Though quite compact, this grill has a heavy-duty design because it is entirely built using thick cast iron. It also has a hibachi-style design, which gives it an open-top and the ability to hold the heat produced by charcoal inside for longer periods.

Let’s dive into the review below to learn more about the features that this charcoal hibachi grill packs in.

Lodge L410 Review

Lodge L410

Photo: Lodge

Performance: Superior Heat Retention  

One of the most important characteristics of a hibachi grill is its ability to hold heat inside, and this Lodge L410 is no different. It has superior heat retention capabilities, which results in reduced charcoal consumption because less fuel will be required to grill.

This is made possible by its thick cast iron grate and TheSpruceEats claimed that this material warms up then radiates the heat slowly, making it hotter for longer. By doing so, the grill cooks meat and vegetables quickly and evenly.

That said, the charcoal is placed under a 142 square-inch cast-iron cooking surface, which can hold about 7-8 burgers.

This cooking surface sits flush over the grill’s upper rim but has short legs on the other side that make it possible to mount it while raised a few inches above the glowing charcoal. You simply have to flip it to raise the surface.

As a result, you get two adjustable grilling heights and both sides add the traditional sear grill marks to your food.

Design: Heavy Duty Construction

Lodge’s L410 has a solid design that has very few parts. Apart from the handle, all the other parts are made using heavy-duty cast iron that is especially thick on the footed base, firebox and cooking grate.

This is the main reason the unit has the heat retention characteristic because the metal absorbs heat to make the grate and firebox very hot. The grate then radiates slowly to cook your food even if the charcoal is almost out.

However, this presents the hazard of causing painful burn injuries if you accidentally touch the outside surface of the firebox.

Additionally, the cast iron is not coated for protection against the elements. Therefore, you should always cover it or put it back in storage after it cools and is cleaned.

Setup Process: Quick and Easy

As stated earlier, this hibachi grill comes with very few parts. These include the fire bowl, footed base, cooking grate, fire grate, a bail handle, a draft door, and a flip-down fire door for accessing the coal compartment.

These parts are very easy to put together because the process is very intuitive. TheSpruceEats states that only a few nuts and bolts are required to attach the fire bowl to the footed base and the whole assembly process took about 5 minutes.

Additionally, detailed setup instructions are included in the user manual for straightforward assembly.

Once set up, firing it up requires you to spread charcoal inside the firebox (over the fire grate) then pour some charcoal lighter fluid on the pieces. Leave the fluid to soak in for a few minutes then light up a few pieces and place the cooking grate above.

It is important to note that you should place food on the grate only after the charcoal glows red hot. Additionally, you should season the grate every time after cleaning for non-stick use.

However, the grate comes while seasoned using 100% natural vegetable oil and this adds some flavor while being non-stick from the very first use.

Cleaning: Wash, Dry and Oil

The cast-iron cooking grate in this grill requires a 3-step maintenance process that involves washing, drying, and oiling.

After use, you need to wash the grate by hand. The manufacturer recommends the use of a small amount of soap during this process and for stuck food, soften it using warm water then brush or scrape it off.

Once clean, dry the surface using a lint-free cloth or paper towel then apply a small amount of oil or seasoning spray before storage. Ensure you use a paper towel to wipe any excess fluid from the surface.

Aside from that, ash removal should be done through the flip-down coal access door. Though this process is not as easy as ash removal in grills with easy-dump ash pans, it is not such a difficult task and should take just a few minutes.

Portability: Compact and Lightweight

Lodge’s L410 is very compact. It measures 20.68 inches in length, 11.95 inches in width, and 9.9 inches in height, which is quite small.

Additionally, it weighs 30.79 lbs., which is relatively lightweight in grill standards and makes carrying easy. A large bail handle is fitted from one end to the other, which makes it further easier to carry.

These properties make the unit easily portable, which is perfect for travel. Furthermore, the grill does not have delicate parts that can easily break during transportation, and therefore, it is the ideal choice for tailgating and camping.

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Heating and Cooling: Sliding Draft Door  

With charcoal being the fuel source, controlling the heat intensity is done using a sliding draft door. It can be opened to increase airflow, which makes the charcoal glow hotter and the vice versa is true.

However, because the grill has an open-top and no built-in temperature gauge, it can be a bit difficult to monitor the cooking temperature.

As such, we recommend you get a digital meat thermometer for grilling such as the ThermoPro TP03, which has a long probe that you can pierce through to the middle of steaks and fish.

Accessories: None

Even though no accessories are included with this hibachi grill, there are several extras that you can buy to improve your grilling experience. For instance, you can get a meat thermometer such as the one listed above.

You can also get the Lodge A5-4 tongs for grabbing hot meat from the grate or the A-Spray for seasoning the grate after cleaning.

Our Shortlist: Essential BBQ Accessories

Price: Affordable

This grill won’t put a big dent in your wallet because it is very affordable. It costs less than $100 and this gives you a good deal, especially considering it has a solidly built design.

The manufacturer has no other cast iron hibachi grill apart from the L410 and therefore, no comparison can be done. That said, most hibachi grills from different manufacturers have more or less the same design, and thus, the price difference is not usually that big.


A compact heavy-duty hibachi grill that is ideal for tailgating, camping, and other outdoor events. 

With its compact and lightweight design, this product is highly portable. Additionally, its rugged heavy-duty hibachi-style design makes it very sturdy and durable.

Combined, these features make it possible to transport the grill without the risk of damaging some of its parts and this makes it ideal for outdoor events such as tailgating and camping.


  • Product Name: Lodge L410
  • Product Brand: Lodge
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Cooking Surface Area: 142 square inches
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Product Dimensions: 20.68 x 11.95 x 9.9 inches
  • Weight: 30.79 lbs.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Key Features

  • Rugged hibachi-style heavy-duty cast-iron construction.
  • Superior heat retention reduces charcoal consumption.
  • Seasoned and ready to use cooking grate.
  • Sliding draft door for airflow control.
  • Two adjustable grilling heights.
  • Flip-down door for accessing the charcoal compartment.
  • Compact size.