Lotos TIG200ACDC Review: Affordable High-Performance TIG Welder

Lotos TIG200ACDC Review

Photo: Lotos

What We Like

  • Dual 120V and 220V power inputs
  • High 200A AC/DC output
  • Supports TIG and Stick welding
  • Superior duty cycles
  • Pocket-friendly in its class
  • Efficient high-frequency start
  • Includes productivity accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Foot remote takes getting used to
  • Weighty at 58 pounds

Bottom Line

The heavy-duty, professional-grade performance combines well with affordability to make this welder the ultimate all-round welding machine for a wide range of applications.


If you’re a welding enthusiast or even a professional seeking commercial-grade performance from an affordable welder, Lotos TIG200ACDC delivers on these and much more.

Not only does the welder support AC/DC outputs with its superior 200A power for TIG and Stick welding, but it also offers dual 110V and 220V input support with automatic switching for more welding versatility across different metals and applications.

Lotos TIG200ACDC Review

Lotos TIG200ACDC

Photo: Lotos

Performance: Heavy-Duty and Commercial-Grade

The Lotus TIG200ACDC my position itself as the ultimate enthusiast TIG welder, but its performance qualifies it to be a professional welding workhorse, meaning that you get to save tons of cash when you choose this machine for all your expert and home projects.

Dual voltage input support is one of the welder’s key highlights. You can run it on a 120V or 220V power supply with consistent performance across both. You never have to worry about voltage switching as this process is handled automatically for your convenience.

Efficiency and precision welding are other areas where the welder excels through sits adoption of High-Frequency start hand torch control to counter tungsten and material contamination. The foot remote also contributes to achieving heat control precision, especially in AC mode.

It offers some of the highest duty cycles of any TIG welder in the market today, and that’s a big deal in the welding practice. At 220V, the welder manages a duty cycle of 60% at 190A, and 100% at 150A, while on 110V, it delivers duty cycles of 60% at 150A and 100% at 110A.

These figures are a big deal in the welding practice because they translate to longer welding sessions and shorter cooling intervals, thus minimizing interruptions to your tasks.

As for weldable materials and capacity, the TIG200ACDC supports stainless steel, steel, and other metals up to 1/4-inch (6mm). Aluminum welding is made possible by the AC output option, which you can control with the foot remote.

Design & Construction: Strong and Well-Vented Metallic Build

Encasing the welder’s internal components is a strong and durable metallic housing that has also been painted to increase dexterity. The manufacturer reassures users of the Lotos TIG200ACDC that it will thrive in harsh operating environments, but avoid using it in damp areas.

Air vents have been prominently fitted into the welder’s housing, especially on the front panel, and they contribute a great deal to cooling the unit. However, since the cooling fan draws air inwards, working in dusty areas could escalate the intake of the same and debris.

Shifting to the control interface, which is located at the welder’s front, you’ll notice that the setup is quite elaborate, at first glance. But that does not make it complicated. Toggling between AC and DC requires the simple flip of a button. And there’s a detailed user manual to help with the other controls.

The choice of horizontal connector alignment for the many accessories that attach to the welder was well-though so that all their respective signs are in clear view and there is little chance of erroneous connections.

Portability: Weighty, but Movable

Since it’s unlikely you’ll operate the TIG200ACDC in a fixed location for all your welding tasks, the welder’s portability becomes a priority, especially for extensive worksites and offsite projects.

At 58 pounds in weight, this TIG welder is not light. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to move it more than a few inches on your own. But on the top surface is a firm handle with enough surface area for both your hands to grip and increase lift capacity.

Of course, if you’ll be transporting it for offsite work, the only effort needed is loading the unit into and offloading it from whatever means of transportation you use. And even though it is weighty, it still manages to embrace some degree of compactness.

Accessories: Robust and Highly Functional

Your TIG/Stick welder comes with all its essential welding accessories included, plus some additional ones to boost productivity and eliminate any additional costs you’d typically have to incur to accessorize in their absence. 

For essential accessories, a 13-foot TT132 TIG torch and a 9-foot-long stick welding electrode holder are both included. If you’re in a busy worksite, you will appreciate the superior reach of the TIG torch, especially, as you won’t have to constantly move the welder, unless it’s necessary.

The ground cable and clap offer a decent 6-foot length, while the FP23 foot pedal (with a 3-prong connection), is also included to help with aluminum welding using AC output. If you’re new to using this accessory, however, it may take some time to get used to it.

High-quality gas-handling accessories are provided alongside the welder. They include a 4-foot-long argon hose and an AR03 argon regulator for cylinder connection. Note, however, that you should use manufacturer-recommended replacements only, for such critical accessories.

Finally, there are some handy accessories offered for the enhancement of TIG torch performance. These are 2 shield cups, 2 collects, 1 collect body, and a DC tungsten electrode. The costs you save on all these accessories combined make the welder irresistible.

Price: Unbeatable for the Value

Professional-grade TIG welders are not cheap, but the TIG200ACDC managed to package very premium features in a pocket-friendly price for this category of tools. The value you get for less than $600 makes this welder an unbeatable bargain.

Its 200A power output in both AC and DC modes in top-of-the-range, not to mention the welder supports both 120V and 220V power inputs for operational flexibility. When you add the superior duty cycles to this high-performance, you get a heavy-duty multi-material welder.

Also, the addition of robust, high-quality accessories means that you won’t be incurring extra costs or even undertaking any expensive maintenance of the welder for a long time after purchasing it.

A worth rival to this welder is the Electric Square K2535-2. It is a powerful welder that also offers AC/DC output for aluminum welding. It features the coveted TIG pulse that minimizes material distortion from excess heat, plus a wide 5-230A amperage.

However, the welder has its drawbacks, including the fact that its price exceeds the thousand-dollar mark, making it significantly pricier than the TIG200ACDC. Also, the K2535-2 has a lower duty cycle and is very heavy at 261 pounds in weight.

Overall, the value you get from the TIG200ACDC makes the price you pay for it a huge bargain, and getting the welder should be a no-brainer.


Top-of-the-range performance supported by AC/DC output, high 200A amperage, and dual-voltage input for enthusiast and professional welding.

The Lotos TIG200ACDC has proven reliable in executing tough welding tasks the way a professional TIG/Stick welder should, all at an affordable price that makes the tool a great deal for enthusiasts, DIYers, and even expert welders.


  • Product Name: Lotus TIG200ACDC
  • Product Brand: Lotus
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 17 x 13 inches
  • Welding Process: TIG, Stick
  • Input Voltage: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Input Current: 15A @110V, 30A @220V
  • Output Current (TIG): 10-200A AC/DC
  • Output Current (Stick):  30-200A AC/DC
  • Duty Cycle (110V): 60% @150A, 100% @110A
  • Duty Cycle (220V): 60% @190A, 100% @150A
  • Gas Supply: Clean, dry, oil-free argon
  • Weldable Materials: Mild steel, Stainless steel, Other metals 
  • Welding Capacity: Up to 1/4 inch
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Weight: 58 pounds (26.3 kg)

Key Features

  • A 200A AC/DC square-wave inverter to support TIG/Stick Welding
  • Automatic dual 120V and 220V and dual-frequency input capability
  • High Frequency starts enhance precision through fast ignition at all frequencies
  • A 100% duty cycle potential for low-amperage tasks reduces time wastage
  • Elaborate but simplified controls for ease of operation
  • Welds strong metals including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Robust accessories included for the enhancement of welding productivity