Moen vs. Delta – What’s the Difference?

Moen vs. Delta

As you shop for a new kitchen faucet, the topic on which brand is the best between Moen and Delta will arise at some point given that the two are the industry leaders in this sector.

Both have a wide variety of kitchen faucet models available in different sizes, styles, finishes and price ranges, and so you can be sure that they have something for everyone.

But what makes it hard for many people to choose between them is the fact that both make some fantastic quality faucets, and many people also do not know what sets them apart.

Here we provide more information on what each of these kitchen faucet brands has to offer and also point out some of their key differences to help you decide which one to buy.

Moen Overview


Photo: Moen

Moen has been in business for over 8 decades which means they have had more than enough time to make adjustments and improve their products. And it is because of this vast experience in the manufacture of kitchen faucets that they are not one of the industry leaders.

The company gets its name from its founder Al Moen. To keep up with the vision of its founder, Moen has been expanding its line of kitchen faucets over the years as they try to cater to all kinds of consumers and now have more models options than most of their competitors.

Their feature-rich kitchen faucets make use of several innovative technologies to enhance user experiences, and they are some of the easiest to use out there. Also, most of these faucets are nowadays made to offer complete touchless performance, unlike other brands whose products still require some touch.

Typical Moen kitchen faucets will also use relatively less water when compared to Delta, and like any other top brand, the company provides a limited lifetime warranty to give customers confidence that the faucets are built to last.

But quality always comes at a price because Moen kitchen faucets are some of the most expensive in the market.

Recommended Product: Moen 7594ESRS


  • Provides more models options
  • Completely touchless
  • Uses less water
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Often more expensive

Delta Overview


Photo: Delta

Delta is another top kitchen faucet brand that has been in business for a long time. It started its operation in 1954, and it initially focused on making single-handled faucets before venturing out into other types.

While Moen seems to be widely popular in certain countries like the USA, Delta has a more global presence as you can find their products in almost any country.

When compared to other top brands like Moen, Delta products tend to be more affordable which should explain their global popularity. But when it comes to the models, they still fall behind Moen a little despite also having dozens of models on the market.

This brand is known for making more user and environment-friendly kitchen faucets which almost anyone can use comfortably. And better yet, their products will also come in a wider variety of finish options.

Technology is also at the heart of most of their products as they will include several advanced features and technologies on their products like SpotShield to try to keep up with the changing times. And to show confidence in the quality of their faucets, they also provide a lifetime warranty.

When it comes to the drawbacks, some users might not like the fact that most Delta faucet still requires some minor touching or that they seem to use a little more water.

Recommended Product: Delta 9113-AR-DST


  • Overall more affordable products
  • User and environment-friendly faucets
  • Wider variety of finish color options
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Minor touching still required for most of their faucets
  • Uses relatively more water

Comparison Chart

DesignHighly attractive and easy to use designMore user and environment-friendly designs
Special Features and TechnologiesSpot Resistance technology and MotionSense technologySpotShield technology, Touch2o technology, and Brilliance finishes
Cleansing SpraysPower CleanShieldSpray
Model OptionsOver 173Around 106
Finishes 4 standard finishes4 standard finishes plus 10 shade alterations
Warranty Limited lifetime and 5-year warrantiesLimited lifetime and 5-year warranties
Average Kitchen Faucet Prices$80 to $1,000$50 to $600

Moen vs. Delta

A kitchen faucet is one of those fixtures that you will not want to change now and then, and so you have to get things right from the onset. And while you will still be okay regardless of which brand you choose between Moen and Delta, keeping the points below in mind will ensure you make a more informed choice and pick something that suits your particular needs.

1. Design

The faucet design is one of the first elements that you will notice when looking at it for the first time. Hence, when choosing between the Moen and Delta kitchen faucets, it is good to know what to expect.


Moen kitchen faucets are famous for their highly attractive design. They are the kinds that will allow you to give your kitchen a stunning look without having to go for the more expensive high-end kitchen faucets.

And to make things even better, the Moen faucets will come in an easy-to-use design that will give users an easier time.


While Delta kitchen faucets will not be as stunning as what you get from Moen, they still look good enough, and they are designed in a way that will add value to your kitchen.

Delta faucets will often come in more user and environment-friendly designs which means like Moen they will also give users an easy time.

2. Special Features and Technologies

As technologies change, kitchen faucets are becoming smarter, and it should be obvious that top brands like Moen and Delta will embrace a wide variety of technologies and features to enhance the overall performance of their products.

While the actual features you get with either brand will mostly depend on the specific model you choose, each of these brands still has some key technologies that set it apart from the other.


When it comes to the features, Moen seems to have an edge over Delta in everything from the number of handles to the holes and spouts that you get on their faucets.

And when it comes to the technologies, Moen also takes things a notch higher than their faucets will include MotionSense technology that makes their operation completely touchless.

Also, with these faucets, you will get Spot Resistances technology which is designed to eliminate water spot and fingerprint appearance.


Delta kitchen faucets will come with most of the features that you get on the Moen faucets, but unlike the latter which has low and high arc faucets, their models will come in high and standard spouts.

As for the technologies, Delta will also offer a water spot and fingerprint resisting technology, the SpotShield technology. Also, their faucets will include Brilliance Finishes which are meant to prevent the tarnishing and discoloration of faucets over time.

There is also the Touch2o technology on most Delta kitchen faucet which is meant to give users the freedom to dispense water by touching anywhere on the faucet’s body.

3. Cleansing Sprays

There are always some troublesome foods to deal with when it comes to washing dishes as they will require extra scrubbing and soaking. However, with a kitchen faucet that delivers a nice cleansing spray, things should be easier.

Luckily both Moen and Delta make their faucets with more effective cleansing sprays to ensure dishwashing is an effortless task.

Moen makes use of their Power Clean that will allow you to power off the food particles. Instead of a water shield, this feature makes use of less water to spray some highly concentrated streams which result in minimal splashing but higher force. This feature will provide up to 50% more spray power when compared to models without it.

Delta kitchen faucet will use ShieldSpray to get rid of the problematic food particles. This sprays will allow users to shoot off any food sticking on the dishes with a jet-like stream of water.

4. Model Options

Everybody loves variety, with more variety, you can find something that suits your individual needs. But, the good news is that both Moen and Delta will offer a wide variety of kitchen faucet models.

Given that Moen has been making these faucets much longer, it should not come as a surprise that they have more models in the market. The company offers more than 173 models of kitchen faucets in different categories which include basic, traditional transitional and the modern types.

Delta also has enough options on the market as they currently stock about 106 models of kitchen faucets that are available in different styles and finishes.

5. Finishes

Looks matter a lot when it comes to kitchen faucets. Besides being functional, what you chose should also complement your sink and the rest of the kitchen.

Both brands will offer a wide variety of finishes to cater to different kinds of users. Both their products are available in the four standard finish options which are chrome, bronze, matte black and stainless steel.

However, when it comes to the finish, Delta comes out on top. Besides the 4 standard finish options, the company also provides 10 color shade alterations to ensure potential buyers have even more options.

6. Warranty

Because you do not want to have to buy a new kitchen faucet every few months given the hassle that comes with this from shopping around to tedious installation, you need to have an assurance that what you buy will last.

Moen and Delta are two of the leading brands in this sector, and this fact alone should be enough to convince you that their products are built to last. However, they both take things a notch higher by providing a lifetime warranty for their kitchen faucets.

However, it is important to know that the lifetime warranty typically covers the faucet for domestic use only. Any commercial use of the kitchen faucets will see the warranty reduce to 5 years.

Also, for both faucet brands, you will get a 5-year warranty for the electronic faucets whether they use touch or touchless technology. Hence, when it comes to warranty, there is no winner here

7. Average Faucet Prices

If you are like most people, the chances are that you will be shopping for your faucet on a specific budget. The good news is that Moen and Delta have a wide variety of products in different price ranges which is meant to ensure they cater to all kinds of users.

Prices for both brands will mostly depend on the style and size of the kitchen faucet and other things like the finish, elegance and special features as the more of these that the faucet offers the more it will cost.

Overall Moen kitchen faucets tend to be more expensive and their prices range from around $80 for their budget models all the way to upwards of $1,000 for the high-end and more elegant models.

With Delta kitchen faucets, you can expect to spend around $50 or slightly less for their budget models while their high-end faucets will cost around $600 or a little more.


Sticking with top brands like Moen and Delta when it comes to kitchen faucets almost guarantees that you will end up with the finest quality product or at least something that will suit your situation perfectly.

While the choice between these two brands often boils down to a user’s specific preferences, keeping the differences highlighted in this guide in mind as you shop will help you match a brand with your specific requirements.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a kitchen faucet that comes in a stunning look and will not mind spending some extra cash, go for Moen. But, if you are shopping on a budget or prefer a brand that offers more finish options, Delta will work for you.