MSpa Alpine Review; The Square Compact Hot Tub Company!

Not all hot tubs are made by Bestway, with many other brands producing their versions of the inflatable hot tub.

The MSpa Alpine D-AL04 Potable Spa!
The MSpa Alpine D-AL04 Potable Spa!

Some are not worth a mention but we have currently been using an MSpa Alpine Square hot tub for the last six months!

This MSpa review will reveal my thoughts and experiences surrounding this new compact spa.

TOP TIP: We can safely say it does compare well against the well-known Lay-Z-Spa brand; Bestway

About MSpa Alpine Square Hot Tub

This 2019 model of the MSpa Alpine square hot tub is great for corners and looks great in any garden. This is because it can fit nice and snug on your decking or patio.

The MSpa Alpine is a 4 Person Spa, but you can fit four persons in this model, they do not over exaggerate on space like so many other hot tub brands are guilty of.

Made from reinforced PVC Material, this brand of hot tubs has gone the extra mile for both safety and quality.

With a high overall temp of 42c which is very warm especially in the summer heat.

In the winter months, this temp will be a welcome burst of heat and comfort!

With an amazing 108 air jets to heighten your overall spa experience once the bubbles have been switched on.

MSpa Alpine Hot Tub Review, Tips & Rating

Below you can check detailed review & our rating about MSpa Alpine Hot Tub:

MSpa Alpine Review

This corner hot tub offers user quality and safety with a more powerful spa experience when compared to other leading brands!

The MSpa Alpine has been available since 2019, with many sales and excellent reviews on quality, pricing and experience.

User Reviews

We had a circular hot tub before with an external heating and filtering system that was bulky and took up a lot of room. We have a square garden and wanted a hot tub that fitted into a corner so when it was not in use it could be easily avoided and looked much better. The MSpa Alpine heats hot and the bubble experience is second to none, with many smaller bubbles compared to our old model. Easy to set up and fill just place it down the right way up and push the green button!

Carol, The UK

The MSpa Alpine was our third hot tub in about 3 years, with the last two breaking and becoming unusable due to splits etc. The MSpa Alpine model was cheaper and performed much better than any previous hot tubs we have owned. It’s tidy and no outer housing, everything is compact and operated by remote control.

Beth S, Coventry!

Everything Is Compact & Remote Controlled!
Everything Is Compact & Remote Controlled!

Experience and Tips

  • We love the MSpa Alpine square hot tub because its square for a start, but everything is compact. You do not have an external electrical/pump and heater taking up room
  • From cold fill, this model takes about 14/15 hours to reach its maximum temperature of 42c
  • Costing about £14/15 to initially heat and then £5/6 a week to keep it at this temp and pump the water
  • Everything is so compact and operated by a waterproof remote control

Our Rating

  1. Initial Setup & Installation: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 4/5
  4. Airjet Power 4/5

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The MSpa Alpine Technical Details

With around 650 litres once filled which is average for a hot tub, but because it’s square it can fit 4 persons with legroom.

The dimensions for the MSpa Alpine model is 1.58m x 1.58m outside measurements.

So will fit comfortably on your decking or patio, because it’s square it can be pushed into the corner and another bonus with this hot tub model is that there is no external heating and filter housing.

The MSpa Alpine Safety Straps and Clips!
The MSpa Alpine Safety Straps and Clips!
  • Boasting a 1500w heater that heats up to 42c
  • 650l water capacity takes around 3/4 hours to cold fill
  • Turns the bubble on and off with a waterproof controller
  • 108 individual air jets for that perfect spa experience
  • Another great benefit of owning the MSpa Alpine is the built-in timer
  • Super easy setup, just attach to power, stand back and done! 15 minutes max


  • Easy setup and fill system
  • Square for better positioning
  • No external heater
  • Remote controlled
  • High back
  • Can fit 4 persons with leg room!
  • Strong PVC material
  • Safety straps that connect underneath
  • 3 pin release clips for safety


  • Takes sometime over 10 hours to reach full heat
  • Costs are around £15 for initial heating
  • Then £6 a week thereafter

The warranty on the MSpa Alpine D-AL04 is as follows;

  1. 6 months warranty for the hot tub
  2. 12-month warranty for the electrical components

Setting up the MSpa Alpine

For setup instructions see below for the official video tutorial. All you need to set up this hot tub is an electricity and water supply.

You simply unbox lay on a flat SOLID surface and push the green button.

Its that simple! All housing is internal and you do not need to connect any pipes except when filling with water.

MSpa Alpine D-AL04 official
MSpa Alpine D-AL04 official


Out thoughts on MSpa Alpine is very positive which is reflected in user reviews and feedback.

It’s compact, strong and heats just as good as other leading brands with extra air jets.

If you’re looking for a square compact hot tub without pipes and external housing at around half the price when compared to others, then you cannot go wrong with the MSpa Alpine D-AL04 spa.

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