12 Must Have Grill & Smoker Accessories in 2021

Smoker Accessories
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A smoker comes with a few accessories that are good to get started. But you won’t be able to make the best of the smoker if you don’t have all the essential ones at your disposal.

People mostly spend time nailing down the best smoker but what they literally forget is that smoker accessories are just as important. If you have the right accessories handy, you will be able to do a lot better at smoking a variety of meats.

Here is a complete list of smoker accessories that a good chef will always have.

1. Grill Tools

Grill Tools
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One should always have a standard set of grilling tools that are used to do basic grilling. The kit can have from 10 – 18 tools in it. The common set of tools are spatulas, tongs, corn holders, skewers, grill brush, etc. All these tools come in a storage case so that you can keep them at one place when not in use.

The Cuisinart CGS-W13 grill tool set is the best product that you can buy as an entire set. It will include all the important tools with wooden handles to help you hold them efficiently and safely.

2. Thermometer

Photo: ThermoPro

When you have to check the internal temperature of meat to ensure if it is cooked from inside or not, a thermometer comes as a handy device.

You can simply plunge it inside the meat and check the temperature. You get the wired as well as best wireless thermometers on the market.

One of the best products in thermometers are ThermoPro TP20. It comes with a large screen display to tell the temperature.

Plus, there is dual probe monitor that helps you keep check on the temperature from 300-feet away. Plus, you get 3-year warranty with this product.

3. Grilling Gloves

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Certainly, you wouldn’t want to burn yourself while cooking in a smoker. Grilling gloves that are specially made to be used with a smoker are quilted and made of food grade material. Also, they have high temperature-resistance.

Also, since there is a lot of hand activity in grilling and smoking, these gloves make sure not to restrict the hand movement at all.

The best purchase you can make in gloves for smoking is Geekhom Grilling Gloves that are made with 100% food-grade silicone material, have long length, slip-proof texture, and waterproof exterior. You will find the gloves extremely comfortable.

4. Tongs

Photo: Weber

How do you plan to turn the food on the smoker when it is in cooking process? Well, this is accomplished through tongs that help in taking the cooked food off the grill and turning it when required.

These are usually long enough to make sure that your hand is not too close to the burning smoker.

The Weber 6610 is the best option available online. It is made of stainless-steel material to last for the longest time.

Also, there is a unique front-end design to offer secure grip on a variety of food items. The hand is also very comfortable and made of slip-proof material.

5. Basting Brush

Basting Brush
Photo: Norpro

Some meat recipes require basting or oiling the meat before cooking. A basting brush is used to rub liquids on the meat so that all of its sides have received sufficient coating.

Basting brushes are very essential with a smoker because mostly before grilling or smoking the meat, you will need them to marinate.

The best model in a basting brush is the Norpro 2018C. It has got silicone flat head with high heat resistance of up to 400-degrees F. The brush is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Also, it is FDA-approved for safe usage and durability.

6. Grill Basket

Grill Basket
Photo: Grillaholics

A grill basket is used to cook the small and difficult to handle veggies and small chunk of meat. These baskets have tighter mesh construction so that they can accommodate little food, without spilling. These are usually made of steel material to withstand the high-heat in the griller.

The Grillaholics Grill Basket has got stainless-steel construction and smaller holes throughout the basket so that you can easily accommodate the food, without having to worry about losing it in the griller.

It is an extremely promising product and comes with lifetime money-back guarantee. You can check out different varieties in grill baskets and selection criteria here.

7. Grill Light

Grill Light
Photo: LED Concepts

Whether you have to enjoy barbecuing in late evening time or the setting or your griller is in a relatively darker setting, grill light is very helpful in spreading some light so that you can clearly see the sight.

A grill light can have a couple of leds, weather-resistant so that the performance is not impacted because of freezing or extremely hot weather.

The best option to purchase is the LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light. It comes with a magnetic base and has a 360-degrees flexible gooseneck.

The aluminum construction is completely durable and weather-resistant.

8. Grill Brush

Grill Brush
Photo: Weber

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the grill to ensure its hygiene and of the food you cook in it.

It is really difficult to clean a grill. There is marinate leftover or drippings on the grill surface that become more stubborn with time. That is why, you need a grill brush to scrub hard to clear the surface.

The Weber 6494 is the best grill brush, wide enough to clean the surface effectively. The thick stainless-steel bristles resist water and efficiently clean the surface.

Also, the ergonomic handle provides the best control.

9. Charcoal Chimney Starter

Charcoal Chimney Starter
Photo: Weber

A charcoal chimney starter is a device used to ignite charcoal briquettes. It is a steel cylinder with multiple holes that flows up and down throughout the cylinder so that all the charcoal can ignite immediately.

The Weber 7429 is the best charcoal chimney starter to buy. It has a specialized cone-shaped grate for more efficient performance.

The durable construction is for longevity. Plus, the ergonomic handle is for comfortable holding.

10. Rib Rack

Rib Rack
Photo: Weber

Ribs need special arrangement for grilling. It is not possible to cook it evenly from all sides. That is why, you need a rib rack that can solve the motive effectively.

You should choose a rib rack if you frequently smoke ribs at home. The best model in which you can invest is Weber 6605.

It can fit 200/2000 series grill and holds 5 racks. Plus, the rack is dishwasher safe, so you will not have to worry about washing it with hands.

11. Meat Claws

Meat Claws
Photo: Bear Paw Products

When you have to sherd the meat, a knife is not an absolute solution. What you really need is the meat claws that can be used to sherd meat into pieces.

These have the ultimate strength so that you can tear apart the meat without applying too much force. The Bear Paw Products 11001 is a perfect product that you can buy.

It is made of BPA-free nylon material with ultra-sharp claws. The product is FDA-approved and heat-resistant to up to 475-degrees F.

The handles are also comfortable enough to not have to apply immense strength.

12. Grill Cover

Photo: VicTsing

The grill when not is used should be kept covered for maintenance. Since these covers are available in different sizes, you need to make sure to pick the right one.

You need a cover to protect the dirt and other substances from getting inside the grill. Also, if it is installed in some outdoor settings, a cover will be able to protect it from water as well.

The VicTsing Grill Cover is one of the best products that you can buy. It is a 600D heavy-duty grill cover with exceptional weather-resistance and protection tendencies. Plus, it is available in multiple sizes, so you can select according to your need.

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There are plenty of smoker accessories that will prove themselves to be extremely helpful for most resourceful usage of the machine.

All the accessories that are mentioned above are most of the ones that you will need for smoking the meat. We hope you find our recommendations useful.