My Neighbour Has Damaged My Fence and Wall? What Are My Options?

Have you discovered damage to your garden fence or wall? Can you prove it was your neighbour’s fault?

Damaged Fences and Walls - Example
Damaged Fences and Walls – Example

You must present evidence in the form of pictures and videos if you can 100% prove your neighbour is at fault then you can start court proceedings.

  • Take detailed pictures of the damage
  • Request a quote to repair the damage
  • Record and note any discussions

Approach Your Neighbour First

When you approach your neighbours about damage to your fence some will become aggressive, some will deny it outright, only a few will own-up and put their hand in their pocket and replace the broken fence or wall.

We receive emails asking for advice when a neighbour has damaged their fence! Neighbours can damage your fence in many different ways, but there is no excuse to damage your property.

  • Drilling, screwing or hammering
  • Leaning tools, lawnmowers and other heavy machinery
  • Leaning building materials against your wall/fence
  • Hanging baskets and lights
  • Dogs chewing and scratching
  • Damaged by teenagers kicking your fence
  • Building work and water damage

These are some of the more common ways a neighbour can damage your fence or wall. Taking pictures or recording will prove your case if it goes that far.

TOP TIP: Always build your fence inside the boundary line because you will have exclusive rights to that fence

Other Options

If you have approached your neighbour and they deny or refuse to pay for the damage then you have one option. Contact a solicitor and submit all evidence you have.

They will evaluate the evidence and send a letter to your neighbours and explain the law and where they stand.

If they do not take note of the solicitor’s letter then the next steps would be court proceedings.

If you were successful in a court case then your neighbour would need to cover the costs of repairing the fence and any legal fees you might have accumulated.

  1. Approach your neighbour
  2. Seek legal advice
  3. Contact your neighbours through a solicitor
  4. Take the matter to the courts


If someone has damaged your fence then you are well within your rights to seek repair or pay a professional to correct the damages.

If you have clear evidence of damage and your neighbour is the only one who could be responsible then you have a solid case.

No matter how small the damage is it’s your fence and your property.

GOOD luck 😉

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  1. I live in the very first 2 bedroom unit and my neighbor lives in the last unit which is the fourth and he always vomplains about the fence
    HE has started to pull the pales of
    I know its him because he always says the fence needs fixing
    I haven’t got a photo
    So what can I do


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