My Neighbours Shed Is Over-Hanging My Fence: What Can I Do?

Has your neighbour recently had a shed installed in their garden and the roof is hanging over your fence?

Over Hanging Shed Roofs - Example
Over Hanging Shed Roofs – Example

This is a very common occurrence because people want the maximum space in their gardens, but they never think about the roof overhang.

If this has happened to you then you need to carefully approach your neighbour.

TOP TIP: You cannot cut their roof and throw it back like a bush. This will make you liable for any damages to your neighbours shed roof.

Approaching Your Neighbour

The key when approaching your neighbour is not to be aggressive and explain the situation. Maybe start with “the workers have not positioned your shed incorrectly”.

Then explain it will cause water to spill into your garden and on your fence. Which is “NOT” acceptable because they are encroaching your boundary line.

Other Options

If you have approached your neighbour about them encroaching onto your boundary line and they are not interested or do not care, then the next option would be a solicitor.

  1. Note dates, discussions and contact with the neighbour
  2. Take pictures of the overhanging roof
  3. Also, find pictures before the shed was erected

Start Court Proceedings

Take any pictures that show the encroachment and reveal these to your solicitor. They have extensive knowledge of court cases and can give you the likely outcome.

If it’s a blatant encroachment then your solicitor will reveal the law to your neighbour in a headed letter.

They will also ask them to remove the overhanging shed roof or court proceedings will begin.

If they do not take the roof down and it does go to court then your neighbours will likely be left with a heavy sum.

This is because they will need to pay any court costs you might incur by taking them to court over the fence encroachment.


Hopefully by the time your solicitor start court proceedings your neighbours have corrected their shed roof.

But, if they do not for some crazy reason your court case will most likely come out in your favour.

Your neighbours will be issued with a 30-day removal order and any costs you have accumulated.

Good Luck 😉

2 thoughts on “My Neighbours Shed Is Over-Hanging My Fence: What Can I Do?”

  1. My neigbour wants to build a shed using the side of consevatory as one of the walls ? His he allowed to do that as it will block the light to my consevatory plus it could cause damp as there will not be any air flow

  2. I’ve replaced my decorative fence with an even better one. My neighbour doesn’t like it and has erected another one two feet higher almost touching mine therefore I cannot do maintainance to my fence


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