My Neighbour’s Tree Has Grown Too Tall, Dangerous And Leaning Towards My Garden!

Having a tree in your garden is a great feature, especially if it’s a fruit tree, oak or maple! Trees are good for the planet because they produce oxygen and makes your garden feel and look great.

Dangerous and leaning trees
Dangerous and leaning trees

But, trees grow quickly and each year they can grow a meter in height and width depending on the variety.

An overgrown or unsteady tree can cause a danger to you and your neighbours especially in windy weather.

A responsible tree owner will keep their tree in check by pruning and lopping branches when needed.

  • Prune branches
  • Lop your tree every two years
  • Check the roots have not become exposed
  • Check the trunk has not moved

If you are not capable or don’t know how to keep a tree in tip-top condition then you should hire a tree surgeon to take care of it once a year.

Has Your Neighbour’s Tree Has Become Unstable?

Its a common occurance in the UK a tree grows quick in the summer months especially if we have had a wet summer.

If your neighbour’s tree has become overgrown or unstable you are well within your rights to talk with your neighbour.

Maybe they are not in a position to take care of it or have just neglected their tree duties.

  • Approach your neighbour in a polite manner
  • Explain your position and concerns
  • Maybe offer to split the costs of a tree surgeon (if all else fails)
  • Contact the LPA for protected trees (PTO order)

Tree Has Become Too Tall & Dangerous!

If you believe your neighbour’s tree has become too tall and dangerous then we suggest you ring the county council ASAP.

Trees can be very dangerous around October/November time because of leaves still being on the trees.

Added with high winds and rain, a tree can easily become unstable.

How To Spot A Dangerous Tree?

Here are some aspects of a tree to know if it has become dangerous and needs to be removed before it falls over in the next storm:

  1. Dead or dying branches
  2. Thin or no leaves in the summer months
  3. Splits along the trunk or branches
  4. Bulging soil on one side of the tree base
  5. Visible roots and sawdust

My Neighbour Will Not Cut Their Tree Back

If your neighbour has resisted all attempts to cut their tree back then you can complain to the county council.

They will send an expert to the property to determine the safety and stability of the tree.

What Can The Council Do?

The council will advise the homeowner to rectify the situation before a certain date.

If they have not done the work then the council will send the tree surgeons and will bill the landowner.

LPA Protected Trees By A TPO Order

If the tree is protected by a TPO (tree protection order) then you can contact the LPA who are responsible for these protection orders.

TOP TIP: A TPO will generally only last 6 months from the date its issued unless otherwise stated.

The LPA is another part of the council and will visit the property and determine if it’s too tall or in a dangerous position. If they find it to be dangerously leaning or the branches too wide they will prune and lop the tree.

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