Neighbour Keeps Parking Outside My House – Parking Harassment

Your lawn and driveway are considered part of your property so of course nobody is allowed to park there without your permission unless they don’t mind a fine and/or legal implications.

However, what about the neighbor who keeps parking outside your house? You might be wondering how legal this is and whether you can do anything about it.

Now the best way to keep a neighbor from parking in front of your property is to politely ask them not to mark there.

The area in front of your house is not considered part of your property, which means your neighbor might refuse to stop parking there and is within his rights to do so.

There are various reasons why you might not want your neighbor (or anyone else for that matter) parking right outside your house.

Maybe you want to park your own car there or you want a guest to be able to use the space. Maybe the vehicle occupying the space is unsightly or ruining your view.

6 Ways to Stop Your Neighbour Parking Outside Your House

This is how you can stop your neighbor parking there:

Get There First

If you park your own vehicle in the space outside your property, your neighbor will not be able to.

Keep parking there and your neighbor should get the message eventually and find a different space to park their car.

Ask Them Politely

Although it’s always best to solve these issues with common courtesy and manners, bear in mind your neighbor is legally permitted to park there.

However, it’s always worth starting off with a conversation.

It could be the case your neighbor doesn’t realize his parking there is a bother and is perfectly happy to park elsewhere.

Make a Bargain

Perhaps you only need the space in front of your house a few days a week. In this instance, you could ask your neighbor to park elsewhere on those days.

Another idea is to take the neighbor’s trash out in return for him parking somewhere else. This shows you are willing to offer something in return.

Write a Letter

If verbal communication makes you anxious or you don’t want to approach the neighbor face to face, why not write them a letter instead?

Tell Them Reason

Are you just annoyed your neighbor is parking there because you consider it ‘your’ property? Is his vehicle obstructing a view?

Do you have to park your own car far away because he is parked there? The clearer you are on your reason(s) the better you can target a good solution for both parties.

Enquire About Resident Restricted Parking Permits

Resident restricted parking permits are a good idea if whoever is parking outside your house is not a neighbor but a visitor or friend of one of the neighbors.

This might also work if you think your neighbors aren’t using their driveways or garages. This option might be good if none of the above steps has worked.

Legally, You Can’t Ban Them from Parking There

Although you want the space in front of your property to be yours, the reality is you can’t legally stop other people parking there.

Private property doesn’t extend to the road in front of your house.

It is public domain and you can’t say what happens on a public road unless there is a law being broken.

You aren’t allowed to put up a ‘No Parking’ sign either, even if it seems like a good idea. However, if someone is blocking access to your driveway or garage, you can.

Everyone has their own reasons for not wanting neighbors to park in front of their property. Some of these reasons are important while others are trivial. Perhaps you need the space to park your own vehicle.

Maybe your neighbor parking there is actually blocking access to your home (in which case he is legally in the wrong).

If your neighbor is parked illegally, such as without a permit in a permit holders only area, then this can result in a fine or your neighbor being towed.

Try to Avoid Conflict if Possible

It’s never fun to fall out with the neighbors so try to avoid conflict if at all possible. This can be dangerous as well as being unwise.

Your goal is to stop the neighbor from parking in front of your house, and if you legally can’t stop them, perhaps being friendly and polite will pay off.

Be genuine and friendly and you might find a polite request is all you need to reclaim ‘your’ parking space.

Ask your neighbor to park elsewhere in a nice way. If they’re blocking access to your garage or driveway you could put up cones.

Find out why the neighbor is parking there. Perhaps they have several cars and can’t fit them all on their driveway or it could be they don’t mind where they park and they had no idea they would be bothering you by parking there.

Another idea is to put up a camera. This might be enough to deter some people from parking, since a lot of people don’t like feeling ‘watched’.

If nothing else works, call the city or file a police or nuisance complaint. This should be a last resort, used only when the parking is illegal or blocking access to your own property.

You can also report the vehicle as ‘abandoned’ to the police, which is a valid complaint if it’s always there.

In Conclusion

It can be easy to stop a neighbor parking in front of your house or it can be a real hassle.

With some good manners and a friendly approach, you might solve this issue right away. On the other hand, if your neighbor is being unreasonable, there are steps you can take.

However, legally it isn’t ‘your’ property and unless there is something illegal about their parking there (no resident’s permit or blocking access to your premises) there isn’t a whole lot more that you can do.

But do begin by having a friendly word – hopefully that will solve the issue.

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