Omega NC900HDC Review: High-Nutrition Masticating Juicer

Omega NC900HDC Review

What We Like

  • High-torque 2HP motor for tough ingredients
  • Low-speed running reduces heat
  • Juices a wide variety of ingredients
  • 5 robust adjustable pressure settings
  • Ease to handle and clean
  • Runs impressively quite

What We Don’t Like

  • Feed chute could be wider
  • Heavy at 21 pounds

Bottom Line

A combination of low-speed and high-torque motor performance makes this juicer the best in extracting juicy nutrients from multiple ingredients.


When it comes to high-nutrition juice extraction from the widest variety of healthy food, no juicer comes close to performing like the masticating Omega NC900HDC.

And that’s why this juicer is a darling of many people committed to healthy living. Its low-RPM motor ensures that the appliance can efficiently juice wheatgrass, vegetables, nuts, pasta, citrus and other fruits, and even baby food.

Omega NC900HDC Review

Omega NC900HDC

Photo: Omega

Performance: A High-Torque and Slow-Speed Juice Extraction

To maximize the mastication capacity of a juicer, slow motor speeds play a huge role, and that’s where the NC900HDC excels. It has a low-speed 80-RPM motor.

With the motor spinning slowly, there’s a lot of time dedicated to the juice extraction process. The slow speed does not just ensure maximum juicing. It serves as a protective feature to safeguard the juicer from heat buildup, allowing you to operate the appliances longer.

Efficiency is further enhanced by gear reduction, which makes the motor power output equivalent to 2HP. A combination of the high torque, slow speed, and dual-stage mastication, the juicer’s efficiency is elevated significantly.

Also, the same speed has proven beneficial in minimizing oxidation of the juice produced, thus promoting healthy enzymes. The juicer is essentially and immunity booster and an overall health enhancer.

It is for this reason that this juicer is at the center of Omega’s Nutrition System, which supports the creation of a vast selection of nutritious foods including nut milks, baby food, pasta, minced herbs, nut butters, and many more.

Maximum juice extraction is a top priority for anyone looking to get a juicy, and in masticating models, especially, because you will be feeding them with many kinds of soft and hard ingredients. The NC900HDC maximizes this process using an adjustable end cap.

The end cap supports 5 robust pressure settings, which allows the juicer to handle multiple ingredients of varying texture, hardness, and softness. You can operate the unit continuously without worrying about blogging or clogging. And there is an automatic pulp ejection system to support continuous running too.

A generous 15-year warranty on parts and performance is offered by Omega for this juicer, ensuring you can operate it with the confidence and assurance of lifetime reliability.

Design: Compact and Stylish

This juicer has an eye-catching chrome finish, which validates the model’s existence in the premium and stylish identity.

The chrome finish is an excellent complement to the other kitchenware and appliances. The black plastic components are also heavy-duty and contrast well with the chrome finish.

Shifting to the actual design, the fully-assembled juicer is impressively sleek, with is narrow housing. You get to appreciate the sleekness when the juicer occupies very little space on the counter, and in storage.

The extraction section is well-built to support the slow and powerful process. So, execute the plastic components to withstand intensive operation just fine. Although you may find the feed chute a bit narrow, requiring you to slice some ingredients, before feeding them to the juicer.

Note, however, that the feed chute does extend upwards quite a bit, so ensure there is enough vertical clearance on the space you’re operating it from. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the entire unit is pretty weighty at 21 pounds, perhaps due to its heavy-duty build, so you may want to avoid shifting it around the kitchen, but there’s a built-in handle for that.

Loudness: Impressively Low-Noise Operation

Juicers can get pretty loud especially when the ingredients meet the blades/gears, but the NC900HDC does a neat job at keeping noise levels at the minimum.

The juicer’s fairly quiet operation is made possible by a combination of its low motor wattage and speed. Often with motor-driven units, the noise levels tend to increase with a rise in power draw and RPMs. This one is notably quieter than most of the models in its class.

But your juicer draws only 150 watts of power with a maximum speed of 80 RPM. Therefore, at any given time, the juicer’s noise level is limited in how high it can get, which is a win for people who desire low-noise, but powerful appliances, and that’s pretty much everyone.

Ease of Cleaning: Effortless and Fast

When it comes to cleaning the NC900HDC, its design is a major boost towards simplifying the process. The unit is easy to disassemble, which is a necessary step in ensuring a thorough cleaning.

It has automatic pulp ejection capability, which ensures that as the juice is being extracted, the remaining pulp is being pushed outwards automatically. Remember to slip the plastic pulp bowl provided, behind the unit to prevent spillage that could mess up your counter.

You can count on the included cleaning tool to help you speed up the process. It has a brush on one end and a spatula on the other end to help with dislodging pulp that may be stuck in the juicer.

Running the unit’s components under a spray of hot water in the sink cleans them and ensures all hidden food items are ejected. If you need a deeper cleaning of the plastic components, you can toss them into the dishwasher ion a weekly basis.

As always, cleaning your juicer after every use ensures it lasts longer, remains hygienic, and produces fresh juice every time you use it.

Price: A Worthy Value-Packed Purchase

Evidently, the juicer does not reside in the budget category, and that’s okay because there’s a lot of value it offers for less than $400. This is the kind of juicer you can count on for handling all kinds of soft and tough ingredients while optimizing the juicing process.

In the long-term, this juice saves you tons of money on grocery expenditures. Because of its low-speed and high-torque motor, all the ingredients you put in it, including the tough ones, are processed thoroughly and efficiently, hence no wastage.

Because of the efficient extraction process, you can use the resultant pulp for cooking instead of tossing them, as is the case with most of the other juicers.


A masticating juicer and full nutrition system that handles a wide variety of ingredients to support a robust healthy lifestyle.

Count on the NC900HDC’s low-speed and high-torque motor to maximize nutrients’ extraction from fruits, vegetables, and nuts for immunity-boosting enzymes and antioxidants, in a simple and efficient way.


  • Product Name: Omega NC900HDC
  • Product Brand: Omega
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Juicer Type: Low-Speed Horizontal
  • Power: 150 watts, 110-120 volts
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Speed: 80 RPM (low speed)
  • Material(s): Plastic, Metallic
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Juicer Weight: 21 pounds

Key Features

  • The 80-RPM motor speed minimizes oxidation and heat build-up
  • A high-performance 2HP motor with high torque for tough ingredients
  • 5 adjustable pressure settings for versatile juicing performance
  • An easy-to-clean unit with automatic pulp ejection
  • High yields on the juice to save on grocer costs
  • The notable quiet operation even during intensive juicing
  • A decent 15-year warranty for parts and performance