Osmo Decking Oil Review, Expert Ratings & Experiences!

The Osmo decking oils claimed to be one of the best non-slip decking oils currently on sale in the UK. Here at Wezaggle, we love to investigate these claims and reveal to our readers our thoughts and experiences.

The Osmo Decking Oil
The Osmo Decking Oil

But, like all decking oils sold in the UK, they are the best and will always claim the top spot when they market products.

It takes websites like us to bring potential customers an unbiased and revealing review that explains all.

Osmo decking oil is a premium mixture that soaks deep to protect the hard or softwood decking timbers while revealing the natural grain of the boards.

It’s a pricey product compared to the alternatives, but if you’re going to spend 2/3k on a decking project, you are going to want to protect it against the elements and prolong the life of your boards.

Plus, a good decking oil will make all the difference in terms of quality and lifespan.

Osmo Decking Oil Details

Osmo decking oil is a premium brand for a premium project, protecting against moisture, swelling and eventually splitting boards.

It’s designed for hardwoods but is just as capable at protecting pine or other softwood boards.

The product has been on the market for over ten years and has received many fantastic reviews and customer testimonials.

While protecting your boards from UV rays, the Osmo decking oil is non-slip and will not flake or peel when walked on.


  • Easy application
  • Lasts over ten years
  • Low odour
  • Easy to maintain and top up if needed
  • A wide range of natural hardwood colours


  • Costly (but well worth the price)
  • May need two coats
  • Not suitable for spraying


  • Oak
  • Bog Oak
  • Teak
  • Douglas fir
The Osmo Decking Oil Colour Selection
The Osmo Decking Oil Colour Selection

About Osmo Brand

Osmo is a top-rated contender for the decking oil top spot, with Ronseal and Cuprinol oils also claiming the crown.

Osmo not only provides premium decking oil but also markets many other timber paint lines.

Their worktop oil is a favourite of ours while soaking deep it also offers the user a better-looking grain when compared to the alternatives.

Osmo is a good brand overall, even though their prices are high, their products have proven time and time again to show consistency, with a full natural grain and a high absorption rate.

Osmo Decking Oil Review

Having used so many decking oils from many of the leading brands Osmo decking oil is the best!

It’s a quality product from the outset, it has many natural colours that customers love, and that colour stays the same even when dry.

We apply two coats to new boards and three layers when we restore a customers decking project.

Although you could get away with one coat applying the second coats makes all the difference to colour and absorption rate.

Experience And Tips

  1. Only ever apply when dry, not just the weather. Make sure your boards are dry top and bottom before oiling any boards.
  2. As a rule, we always apply two coats, but one coat would suffice
  3. The brush is key to a better grain and absorption rate, with a roller and spray you will accumulate oil in the groves, which will leave your decking boards different colours between the decking groves

Our Rating and Price

  1. Test of time: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 3/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 5/5
  4. Application: 5/5

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Osmo Decking Oil Editor’s Notes

“If you going to go to the effort of having a decking project installed no matter how small the project is, Osmo decking oil is the one that lasts.

We consistently use it on every decking project we install, unless there is no colour the customer fancies. We would then turn to Ronseal or Cuprinol because these are the only brands we tend to trust! Maxwell, UK.”

Preparing Your Decking For Oiling

Whether your oiling new or old decking boards, you must have a good work surface or when it comes to application, it will not be able to soak deep and protect your decking boards and accessories. Always sand/clean any dirt, splinter or sawdust before oiling.

Preparing Your Decking
Preparing Your Decking

We would advise you to use a brush for better consistency, you can spray decking oil but you might end up with a pool of oil between the groves. So, we always advise our readers and experts to brush not roller or spray.

  1. Clean any dirt from between the groves
  2. Sand any splinters or rough patches
  3. Only brush Osmo decking oils

Only ever oil on a dry day, if you oil your boards when wet, the oils will go to waste because it will not be able to soak deep into your decking boards.


Our final thought on Osmo decking oil is exceptionally positive; there is no other product that can match their quality, application and overall finish.

This oil offers many natural hardwood colours and some not so commonly found in other decking oil brands.

For your decking boards, timber structures, rails and steps our recommendation is clear Osmo decking oil is the best.


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  1. Osmo decking oil comes bottom of my list. Of all the treatments I applied it was by far the most expensive, had a coverage well below Osmo’s description and ended up going black and unsightly. Shame, as most Osmo products are pretty good.

  2. Osmo decking oil comes bottom of my list. Of all the treatments I applied it was by far the most expensive, had a coverage well below Osmo’s description and ended up going black and unsightly. Shame, as most Osmo products are pretty good.


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