Osmo Top Oil For Kitchens & Worktops, Our First-Hand Review Reveals All!

Osomo Top Oil Review
Osmo Top Oil Review

The Osmo Worktop Oil is claimed to be the best for your kitchen worktops! From wooden block to solid oak, the Osomo oil is a durable oil that can also be used for general joinery projects around the house. Finding an oil that is waterproof, durable and long-lasting is hard to find because so many other brands have tried and failed!

This review of the Osmo Top Oil will reveal our professional thoughts, experiences and the test of time. When it comes to oils, they look great for the first few months after application only to find the colour has deteriorated!

Does the Osmo top oil stand the test of time? And should you invest in this hyped-up worktop oil?

The Osmo Top Oil

With many tints and shines, the user has many options. We like the matt/clear version because it brings out the natural grain, knots and rustic look to any hardwood tables and worktops. But, there are many to choose from depending on the type of wood you are going to oil.

But, so many people are using inferior oils and stains and ruining their block/hardwoods because these inferior products rub-off & eventually discolour!

What Makes Osmo So Special?

Made with natural ingredients the Osmo oil soaks deep making it an excellent option for both new and aged hardwoods. It was long-lasting and food safe after application/drying times.

With over ten years of good sales and excellent customer reviews, makes Osmo Top Oil one of the most sorts after oils in the trade. If you have not yet heard or even used this oil then we advise you to give it a go!

  • Food safe once the Osomo oil has air-dried
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Comes in many colours
  • Two or three coats required, especially on new woodblock
  • Use a cloth to apply “not” a paintbrush because it will leave streaks

Osmo Top Oil Breakdown

  • Price Range: £10 to 20
  • Review Rating: 75% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Get The Best Price: Official Outlet

Osmo Top Oil Reviews

You cannot fault the Osmo oil for worktops. It soaks deep and is perfect for solid wood oak tops. We had a new kitchen installed with aged oak worktops. After applying Osmo Top Oil we were pleasantly surprised that it complemented our kitchen worktops by enhancing both knots and the natural grain of the wood!

Its been six months now and we have not to need to add any more coats! Osmo Top Oil is a must, we use it daily because we run a kitchen fitting business. We have used many cheaper brands but they never cover the same. To get that wow factor and happy customers our first option is Osmo Top Oil! Kitchen specialists.

Osmo Top Oil Application!

Applying Osomo Top Oil
Applying Osmo Top Oil

Using the oil is super easy, but there are a few pointers before you start. If you are applying Osmo Top Oil on the new woodblock, then use a cloth and apply with the grain. It might require two or three coats because fresh woodblock will absorb the oil very quickly. Rub your block with 120-grade sandpaper to make it’s smooth and to be sure to remove any debris such as sawdust ETC.

For older hardwoods or green oak worktops, rub with 120-grade sandpaper and apply with a cloth “WITH” the grain because this will enhance the grain of your hardwood kitchen tops!

Our Final Conclusion

Here at Wezaggle, we love to use the Osmo Top Oil because it is such an easy application that looks amazing! If you are going to use the Osmo Top Oil on aged or green oak, we would advise you to use their clear oil; this is because you want to enhance your oak worktops.

Our review of Osmo Top Oil is positive because we have not found a better brand that covers and enhances the natural grain of hardwoods!

Osmo Top Oil 29.99
Osomo Top Oil Review

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