Pestbye Review Of The Advanced Sonic Cat Scarer!

The Pestbye cats scarer is a simple device that emits a high pitched noise claimed to be uncomfortable for cats. We have been using these devices as a secondary cat deterrent. For many years and will be revealing all in this Pestbye review!

Pestbye Cat Scarer Review
Pestbye Cat Scarer Review

With a mixture of smells and noises, you can keep cats, foxes, dogs squirrels, and other rodents from entering your garden if your looking for a deterrent or preventative measures here at Wezaggle our experience is extensive!

But, like all deterrents, they are never 100% foolproof! We live in a densely populated city, and there are cats everywhere.

On a good week, we might have one visitor, but on a bad week, we might have mess once/twice a day!

Positioning Your Pestbye Cat Scarers

With the Pestbye cat scarer, you put them around the garden and set them to go off when the sensor is triggered.

Put them in the corners, so it covers the whole area, which is vital for them tripping when a cat jumps into your garden.

If your garden is much bigger, then you might have to order more than one pack. Just make sure you have covered the entrance and fenced areas!

Pestbye Ultrasonic Cat Scarer Features

The Pestbye Cat Scarer
The Pestbye Cat Scarer

The Pestbye cat scarer is the cheapest on the market currently. Some more expensive models virtually do precisely the same thing.

They detect movement and sound their alarm for 3/4 minutes. With the Pestbye brand being the most popular on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay!

Pestbye offers many designs from the solar-powered batteries to water sprayers, they have built a great customer base in the UK and tend to receive OK reviews.

Although there are many negative reviews about the Pestbye cat scarer, considering thousands of users all over the UK, some customers will always find things to complain about!

Pestbye Review, Experience & Rating

Listed below are our ratings over the last few years of using the sonic cat scarer!


Pestbye is a leading maker of cat scarers & sprayers with various models and extras.

Its made out of plastic and easily damaged, especially if it has been in the garden for a few years.

It becomes brittle and will begin to leak, making the batteries rust and leak!

Our neighbour had a faulty set and never knew it was not working because anyone over 20-25 will not be able to hear the high pitch noise emitted, due to our eardrums change as we get older!

Another point to make is the @60-65kHz noise might affect the neighbour’s animals or children, especially if you live in a terraced house!

Also, be sure to check with them before you purchase these cat scarers!


  1. Be sure to check the batteries regularly because ours leaked within the first year due to the seals wasted away and let the rainwater in! Because the device is in the garden all year round we would advise you to fix the device to a wall or somewhere dry!
  2. Use premium batteries, Duracell is the best option because they hold the most power ETC. Even with the solar-powered battery model will lose charge in the winter months because there is less sunlight!
  3. Enquie with the neighbours before you activate your cat scarer because it can cause some children discomfort. If you have a dog, it will affect their attitude in the garden, and they might become distressed. Dogs will pick up the 60-65kHz sound just the same as cats do.


  • Easily installed by a spike or fix to a wall or fence
  • Emits a high 60-65kHz frequency
  • Deters cats, dogs, foxes, and other garden roamers


  • Made out of plastic
  • Becomes brittle after a few winters
  • Can affect your dog’s behaviour
  • Can cause distress in young adults

Customers Reviews

“After a few years of using the Pestbye cat scarer, we have discovered it will only deter around 10% of cats. We did not have much luck with Pestbye because it does not work!”

Mark, B.

“We have been using the Pestbye cat scarer for many years now. At first, we noticed cats just ignoring the sound doing their business and moving on! But, we discovered that using lion dung, water sprayer and the noise will deter most cats in the neighbourhood although there is always that cat that takes no notice of any forms of deterrents.”

David, O.

Our Rating

  1. Test of time: 4/5
  2. Price RANGE: 5/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 3/5
  4. Deterrent: 3/5
  5. Average £25 – £32 x2


Here at Wezaggle, we are always seeking new and updated Pestbye reviews. So, if you have any success or not, we want to hear from you.

Submit any feedback you would like to share with our readers and us through this secure form.

Happy Cat Scaring 😉

4 thoughts on “Pestbye Review Of The Advanced Sonic Cat Scarer!”

  1. We found the Pestbye cat alarm to be totally ineffective! The nouse is horrible and I sent it back! Terrible idea we could all hear it at night. The refund was simple to arange!

  2. I have lived where I am for almost 3 years. An obnoxious neighbour who recently moved in 2 doors away from me.. in a terrace of 6.. appears to be an all-round animal hater, except for another neighbour’s constantly yapping westie – say no more!

    This new neighbour has put 1 of your cat scarers outside his front door.. I have fed foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, birds etc since coming here. I’ve always enjoyed feeding animals. I also have 1 personal cat + various other cats that come to my house.

    There is a law – Freedom to Roam – which entitles cats to roam freely without fear of harm. Your contraption/s contravene this Act.

    The bloke responsible for this is impossible to reason with – he certainly did not discuss or even tell me before he installed your contraption.

    I know you have no control over the people who buy your device. I know only that it has brought down the quality of life of the animals I love & myself.

    • I loved animals,yet i kept them in my garden/house .My animals where well trained , well baths twice a month etc. Yet i do not agree with other pets who we do not know if they are healthy/vaccinated etc in our yards. I do not appreciate the urine smell of cats wee in my garden. Despite the law you refer to of freedom of roaming my home is MINE to enjoy and decide who comes in.and not to be used as a poop toilette.


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