What Are The Best Plants To Keep Cats Out Of My Garden?

Keeping cats out of your garden is a continuous process, primarily if you reside in a city. In this article, we will be listing the best plants to keep cats out of your garden.

Plants To Deter Cats
Plants To Deter Cats

Cats hate certain smells and can smell one hundred times more than us humans. So it makes sense to use a strong-smelling plant that cats find unpleasant.

The List Of Plants Cats Hate

Apart from using cat deterrents and fence spikes, plants are the next best thing to keep cats out of your garden while keeping your garden safe from scent marking.

All plants are available in your local B&Q, Wickes and other garden centres around the UK.

You can order these plants from the internet and have them shipped to you if you prefer.

1) Scaredy Cat Plant

As the name suggests, The Scaredy cat plant is our number one top pick for cat plant deterrents. It releases a similar smell to urine which cats hate.

The Scaredy Cat Plant!
The Scaredy Cat Plant!

If you are happy to put up with the scent and have this plant in your garden, then you will deter cats from pooing in your backyard.

This type of plant is also very hardy, easy to grow and does not need lots of water to flourish.

Using the Scaredy Cat Plant can have its downside because of the particular odour released from the plant.

  • Well-known to deter cats
  • Foul-smelling “urine sent.”
  • Easy to grow
  • Low maintenance

2) Mint Plant

Once your mint plant has established well, it will release a strong mint/spearmint smell. Cats hate mint because it is such a strange smell to them!

The Mint Plant!
The Mint Plant!

We have mint growing all over our garden at specific points, and the cats stay well clear because of its strong smell.

  • Strong mint smell
  • Easy to manage
  • Keep potted due to self-seeding

3) Lavander Plant

Lavender is a great smelling plant that is known to deter cats from entering your garden. But, it’s only potent when in flower which is early and late summer.

The Lavander Plant!
The Lavander Plant!

Because of this, the lavender plant is not our first choice because the winter months will see the lavender plant die off while getting ready for spring/summer.

  • Strong perfume smell
  • Easy to manage
  • Low maintenance

4) Curry Plant

The curry plant is another hardier shrub that emits a curry sent; NOT used for curry powder or any cooking recipe. But, it’s a great choice especially if you like curries.

The Curry Plant!
The Curry Plant!

We all know cats hate the smell of curry and will avoid this plant because of its sent. I have a few curry plants mixed in with my vegetable patch.

Keep on top of this shrub because it spreads fast and before you know it, you have curry plants sprouting up between patios and self-seeding elsewhere.

  • Curry sent
  • Self-seeding
  • Easy to care for

Planting Tips

When planting these plants, make sure you place them around the border of your garden.

If you want to protect and deter cats from pooing in your flower beds or vegetable patches, place these plants in pots and move accordingly.

Using plants is a minor approach to keeping cats out of your garden, with many other ways to deter cats from entering your yard.


Here at Wezaggle, we are always seeking new ideas and advice for your readers.

If you have a particular plant idea to keep cats away, then feel free to share these ideas here.

If it’s winter and the plants you have been using are dying off then we reveal other successful ways to keep cats out of your garden.

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