Ronseal Decking Oil In-Depth Review 2021 – Expert Opinions

Ronseal is a well-known brand here in the UK; they provide paints for all walls, floor, wood and ceiling. Their decking oil is a famous line that receives a good user rating.

The Ronseal Decking Oil
The Ronseal Decking Oil

But, what did your experts think of this premium decking oil?

This Ronseal decking oil review will be listing our thoughts and experience from application, colour, quality and the time test.

Like every decking oil sold on the web and in local stores, they all make out their products are the best until you come to oil your boards.

Then, you discover that the oil is thin and not thick enough to provide any form of protection to your hardwood and softwood decking boards.

Do not get us wrong a thin oil will work if the brand offers premium ingredients that seal and protects the boards from moisture and the elements we experience in the UK.

For a decking oil to do its job correctly, it must soak deep and form a waterproof barrier which is the trick to prolonging the life and quality of your decking project.

About Ronseal Decking Oil

We have reviewed many Ronseal brands, such as masonry paints and their famous Ronseal fence paint.

Although some product lines are not so great, the Ronseal Decking oil does produce some good results.

Ronseal user reviews across all the significant platforms rate it well with user feedback above average.

Because the Ronseal decking oil is solvent-based means, it will soak deep and easily applied to treated boards. Like many thin and weaker branded decking oils, when you come to refer to tanalised or pre-treated boards, the absorption rate is reduced.

Ronseal Decking Oil Details

You have four colours to choose from natural, pine, cedar and oak although the colour selection is restricted compared to other brands the primary colours will not fade once applied.

The Ronseal Decking Oil Basics
The Ronseal Decking Oil Basics

Ronseal offers a 2.5L & a 5L tub with a price range of 18 to 23£ available in all hardware shops and online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and others.

  1. Pine
  2. Cedar
  3. Oak
  4. Natural


  • Protects against UV damage
  • Keeps moisture out and insects away
  • Anti-slip even when wet
  • Easy to apply (brush)
  • Great for hardwood and softwood
  • Will prolong the life of your decking boards


  • Low colour selection
  • More than one coat needed

Ronseal Decking Oil Review

The Ronseal decking oil is a leading brand that has proven itself over and over again.

It works excellent on raw timber and soaks deep on treated and tanalised woods. I have been using this product on my decking for around six years now.

It has kept my decking boards, rails and spindles free of insects, frost damage and moisture absorption.

I would highly recommend this product because, after six years of applying on a six-monthly basis, the Ronseal oil has kept it as good as new.

Because it’s an oil you can apply as many times as you like, although we would suggest 6/12 months would suffice. Using this decking oil is simple you can brush or roller it on.

We always choose to brush because you might get pools of oil if you are going to roller this stuff on. On new raw timber, you should be applying around three coats, then oil accordingly.

Ronseal Decking Oil Tips

  1. Raw timber will have a different colour to treated timbers, so make sure if you get treated timber all your decking boards, rails and steps are treated the same because you will have a mismatch of colours
  2. Brush this oil on but do not let it pool in between the groves, this stuff will set hard and is a nightmare to remove
  3. Always oil your boards when the weather is dry, and your decking boards do not have any moisture. If you run a screwdriver across the back of the boards and you see moisture on your screwdriver then do not oil them but wait for them to dry out totally

Our Rating

  1. Test of time: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 4/5
  4. Application: 4/5
  5. Average £18 – £23

Ronseal Decking Oil Editor’s Review

We regard the Ronseal decking oil as one of the best brands available in the UK that offers a reasonable price range. It soaks deep and protects your timber, rails and decking boards very well. For contractors who use this oil, they can rely on the colour advertised because it stays the same even when dry.

We treat our boards on a six-monthly basis and cannot fault this product. We have been using it for over five years and extremely happy with the results and condition of our decking boards after this time.



If you have not already then, we suggest you use Ronseal decking oil on new and weathered decking boards.

Here at Wezaggle, we love to hear our customers reviews and feedback!

So, if you have been using the Ronseal decking oil, we want to know your thoughts and experiences.

You can submit your Ronseal Decking oil reviews into comment section – good or bad.

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