Ronseal Fence Paint Review, Does It Stand The Test Of Time?

Ronseal fence paints are in stores up and down the UK. But, does this shed paint do the job like other leading brands?

The Ronseal Fence Paint!
The Ronseal Fence Paint!

In this review, we will be looking into the consistency and application of this fence paint and revealing if it stands the test of time?

About Ronseal One Coat (Fence)

Ronseal one coat is a well-known brand that produces many other types of paint; they are held in high regard because some of their internal & external paint lines are excellent.

They may not be the best out of all the leading brands, but they are reasonably priced and tend to do the job as advertised.

So, it’s near spring and everyone will be rushing out to paint the fence; they tend to buy the cheapest and slap it on until next year.

But what are the quality rating and user experiences?

Would a more premium paint line last longer and need ONLY one coat? Keep reading for the answers to these popular questions regarding the Ronseal one coat fence paint.

Ronseal Fence Paint Review

The Ronseal Fence Paint is of low quality, runny and needs 2/3 coats for it to look passable.

We were very disappointed with the application, and the fence panel was patchy within six months.

Although the product is super cheap, the time and energy we put into painting 12 panels were disappointing.

After 4 coats & Six Month
After 4 coats & Six Month

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Ronseal fence paint is available all over the UK, its sold in Asda, B&Q, Tesco, Poundland and many other retailers up and down the high street.

Depending on the time of year you can pick up a few pots for £5.

In the spring/summer months the product tends to go to around 6/7/8£ depending on the store you purchase it!

In the winter months, shops tend to give it away @2 for £5; I suppose you could not give this stuff away.


  • Cheap
  • Widely available


  • Low quality
  • Two or three coats needed
  • Smells terrible
  • Consistency type: water

Ronseal Fence Paint Editors Review

I would never use this fence paint again! We have many new panels to be treated and purchased four tubs from our local pound shop as they had an offer going!

We started straight away and soon realised the job was going to be much more hassle than we first thought.

When you paint it on the timber sucks the stain in, but the paint is not thick enough, it resembled the consistency of water.

We did not know how long the product lasted because we took it back to the shop and got a full refund.

We then went and purchased Cuprinol Garden Shades and used this product because we know it works!

Stevie P, UK Birmingham

If you want to use a product that covers and lasts the test fo time, then we would advise our readers to avoid this cheap NON-premium fence paint due to the bad reviews and our negatives feeling to this brand of fence paints.

Ronseal is a good brand, but they seem to have mass-produced this product, sold it cheap with low-quality ingredients.

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Ronseal Fence Paint Rating

  1. Test of time: 1/5
  2. Price RANGE: 5/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 2/5
  4. Application: 2/5
  5. Average £8-10

Ronseal Fence Paint F.A.Q

Here are some frequently asked questions about Ronseal fence paint:

How Many Coats Do I Need to Apply?

Unless your using tar to coat your fence, you WILL always need to apply two coats because one will never be enough.

If your fence is new and has never had a treatment, then you might need 2 or 3 layers. If your fence panels have been static for a few years and started to show bare patches, then it’s ready for treating.

Treating your fence panels and posts will stop it rotting and protect from the elements here in the UK. Fence panels will last many years if cared for and treated/stained at least once a year.

Depending on the position of your fence panels will determine if they will wear quickly or are they in a shaded spot slightly protected against the elements.

Spraying, Rolling or Brushing?

You should never use a roller when painting a fence! It will be messy, and you will make more mess when compared to spraying or brushing.

If you happen to have used a sprayer before you will know that it can be tricky depending on the consistency of the paint is applied you get runs and drips from the hose nozzle after a few fence panels.

We always use a broad, soft brush it applies much better, and you get between the panels much easier without any drips or runs.


Although our thoughts on the Ronseal fence paint is shockingly bad, we would still like to hear your reviews and personal experiences.

Maybe at some time they will change their formula and use actual premium ingredients.

Happy Painting 😉

5 thoughts on “Ronseal Fence Paint Review, Does It Stand The Test Of Time?”

  1. Although just painted a new shed, the one coat is nonsence, how do they get away with this, had to paint three times, still not perfect, looks as if I will have to get the brush out again shortly, my advice, keep well away from this product

  2. Yes we made the mistake of buying this and after 3 coats on our outside decking it looks totally useless. Cuprinol is a far better option for a few quid more. This Ronseal product definitely does NOT do what it (quite clearly) states on the tin
    Rick Appleyard


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