Ronseal Garden Paint Review + Application & Uses

When it comes to garden paints, you need to use a premium mixture that lasts the test of time! This Ronseal garden paint review will reveal if our experience of this paint is positive or negative.

Ronseal Garden Paint Review
Ronseal Garden Paint Review

Here at Wezaggle, our mission is to reveal the best paints for the right job!

With Ronseal being a famous brand, especially in the UK, does its garden paint live up to expectations? We reveal all in this in-depth review of Ronseal (garden paint)!

About Ronseal Brand

Ronseal is a well-known brand that enjoys excellent reviews with a massive variety of paints.

They provide interior, exterior wood, and metal paints, but their garden paint has many competitors that are also claiming to offer garden paint that lasts the test of time!

Ronseal Garden Paint Colours & Application Guide!
Ronseal Garden Paint Colours & Application Guide!

For example, Cuprinol Garden Shades paint is their number 1 rival that also claims to have created a long-lasting, deep colour paint for the DIY decorator!

With a tin of Ronseal garden paint costing around £15 for 2.5-litre tin, which is a competitive price compared to other leading brands of garden pints!

Another positive point to make is that their outside/garden paints offer a wide variety of colours!

Ronseal Garden Paint Review, Tips and Rating

Below you will find everything you need to know about Ronseal garden paint:


Ronseal garden paints are currently a leading provider of wood paints.

With many colours to choose from Ronseal claims to cover your sheds, fences, and benches in one application.

Although rarely experienced because of old paint or wood preservation oils!

We would advise you to expect to apply two coats for a better cover that will last longer!

Always make sure you remove any trace of old paint or varnish because your DIY project will have a better finish.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Always sand your timber even if it’s brand new because any splinter or rough surface will show through on the finished coat. Just use a sander or hand sand your timber with 120 grade. Using fine sandpaper will smooth out any abnormal knots and twists if your wood for any reason has a high number of knots then make sure you use a knot care treatment to stop them from showing through once painted.
  2. Spraying Ronseals garden paint can be a tricky job because it’s just so thick! Many reviews have complained about the thickness of this paint brand and deemed it not compatible with paint sprayers. So, using a brush is key to getting the job done and a better finish on your timber!

Ronseal Garden Paint Pros and Cons

The Ronseal Garden Paint is “ONLY” for timber/wood. Do not use this paint for masonry, brick or stone because it might flake away.

Another point to make is that this particular type of paint will dry shiny/slippery, so do not use on floors such as concrete or decking boards!

Because it can be very hazardous to guests and yourself, especially when wet!

  • Garden sheds
  • Dog kennels
  • Pergolas
  • Fences
  • Sheds
  • Timber raised beds
  • Timber structures


  1. Low odour
  2. Good shine
  3. Easily applied by brush
  4. Rainproof
  5. Great colour selection
  6. Low price @£16 2.5L


  • Not suitable for floors
  • Will clog up a paint sprayer
  • Two coats needed

Overall Experience

“Ronseal Garden Paint is suitable for both trades and DIY projects. It produces a great finish that enhances the grain of any type of timber except CLS. I use it every week because I know it stands the test of time while giving a job that wow factor for a customer!”

With so many options to choose from the Ronseal Garden Paint is a serious contender for the top spot although it does not offer bright/unique colours compared to Cuprinol Garden Shades.

Knowing this, we would still advise our readers to consider Ronseal because the price is excellent for the quality of paint on offer!

Our Rating

  1. Test of time: 4/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 4/5
  4. Application: 3/5
  5. Average £15 – £20 2.5L

Conclusion – Share Your Experience

Here at Wezaggle, we are always looking for fresh and experienced reviewers to submit their thought and experiences.

If you would like to share your Ronseal Garden Paint reviews, then feel free to send through our secure form.

Happy Painting 😉

5 thoughts on “Ronseal Garden Paint Review + Application & Uses”

  1. Please help
    I used ronseal decking stain last summer on my went on a lovely clean deck colour being charcoal, it had to good coats! By the end of the year most of it has vanished n left my decking looking awful! Wish id never used it. Please help

    • Hello MRS C.T.Rogers,

      This happens when you oil over old boards that were not sanded to help the oil soak in. Did you sand the decking boards before you applied the new oil? I would suggest you remove any old stain and re-apply.

      You can keep applying decking oils to help it soak deeper in your boards. You should apply 3/4 coats in the first month and keep feeding your boards every six months.

      This is the best decking oil for future references:

  2. I have a garden bench which has previously been painted white. I would like to repaint it with a colour – probably sage or another greenish shade. If I use this Ronseal paint do I have to remove ALL previous paint first, or just anything loose or flaky? If the latter, will the paint then cover (presumably with 2 coats) both the old paint and any bare patches?

    • Hey David,

      I would sand your bench, but you do not have to back to the wood. Just make sure you create a key for the new paint to dry too. If you just paint over paint then you will find it peels off. Just use a sandpaper block and rough up the bench and you will be good to go x2 coats will suffice.

      Hope this helps


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