Sandtex Masonry Paint Smooth & Textured Review

When it comes to masonry paint Sandtex by Crown is generally our first choice because it’s a thick water-based paint that covers with one coat.

Crown; Sandtex Review
Crown; Sandtex Review

But more importantly, their textured paint line is suitable for rough or uneven walls, especially if the render is old or the bricks have become eroded!

But, is this the right paint for your outside project? This Sandtex review will be looking at the texture, application and the test of time offered by the Sandtex brand.

Like all outside masonry paints, they look great for the first few weeks and then they either flake or lose their colour!

In the worst-case scenarios then lose their brightness and grow mould or mildew!

The Preparation

When it comes to painting masonry walls such as concrete, stone, brick or render, you must prepare the surface before applying any paint.

If you want your paint job to last the test of time, then preparation is key to success.

Scrap any loose render or old paint and repair any rising damp. Water is the biggest failure of any masonry paint.

If you have a damp surface, then your paint will not last the month.

  • Repair any rising damp
  • Scrap loose paint
  • Fill any holes with external filler!

Sandtex Reviews, Tips and Rating

Sandtex is a UK brand that covers both commercial trade and DIY/home improvements. It has a long history with good reviews.

Their textured paint is the best with their smooth range becoming more popular over the last few years.

Sandtex textured is a solid paint with sand added to give it a rough feel.

We use their textured range on render and brick because it will make the wall more presentable, especially if it has cracks and an uneven surface!

Sandtex Textured Review

We have been using Sandtex textured for over 20 years and cannot fault it when it comes to uneven walls and old render.

It covers good and will help make a wall look more presentable because it has sand added the paint.

Sandtex Smooth & Textured
Sandtex Smooth & Textured

Sandtex textured will not work for concrete, stone or brick floors.

It will look great at first, but once you start walking over it, you will realise notice flakes of the paint coming away.

If you are looking for a good concrete or garage floor paint, then Johnsons Floortred would be our No1 option for our readers!

  • Not suitable for floors
  • Will cover uneven masonry
  • Covers cracks and rough surfaces

Smooth Sandtex Review

With a wide variety to choose from, Sandtex smooth is a half-decent mix. It covers OK and will last the test of time.

If your wall has rising damp, then you should correct this before painting any wall because it will ruin your fresh paint.

Mould and mildew will grow after a few weeks, so it’s vital to ONLY paint on dry walls with a solid damp course!

  • Not suitable for floors
  • Only paint dry external walls
  • Repair and sand walls before use!
Sandtex range of colours!
Sandtex range of colours

Experience And Tips

  1. Do not use on floors “we have been there” the paint flakes away quickly.
  2. Prepare the wall before painting. Remove any loose paint or moss.
  3. Make sure the wall is not damp. Repair any damp course for a better long-lasting paint job!
  4. Both textured and smooth are suitable for both roller or paintbrush
  5. Do not use either type of masonry paint in a sprayer, it drips and clogs up the spray hose!


  • Thick paint that covers extremely well
  • Fills cracks and smooths rough walls
  • The price is good for the quality
  • Two hours of drying time
  • Only two coats needed for new render
  • 15 years guarantee!


  • Never use in a paint sprayer
  • Not suitable for floors such as garages
  • The paint lets off a strange odour for a few days!
  • Only dull colours to choose from!

Editors Experience

I depend on SANDTEX for all my commercial jobs. It’s an amazing paint range and will cover any walls with ease. We have been using Sandtex textured for many years and would never use another brand! It covers stone walls and fresh render extrememly well! Review by Dave in Chichester”

Our Rating

  1. Test of time: 4/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 5/5
  4. Application: 4/5
  5. Average £20 – £25

No other brand in the UK can offer a textured paint like SANDTEX. We love their textured range and advise any of our readers to use this on all external walls.

If you want a smooth finish, then our top pick is Ronseal Garden paint!

Conclusion – Share Your Experience

We love to hear our readers reviews and opinions; if you have used Sandtex smooth/textured, we want to read your Sandtex reviews.

Submit them through our secured form found here.

Happy Painting 😉

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  1. Sandtex is a great paint that w used on the front of our house. The plaster or cement was damaged with cracks etc. After a coat of Snadtex Textured, the results were so impressive. Great product thanks Sandtex for a great and easy to use paint!

  2. Sandtex is a great paint that w used on the front of our house. The plaster or cement was damaged with cracks etc. After a coat of Snadtex Textured, the results were so impressive. Great product thanks Sandtex for a great and easy to use paint!


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