Shop Fox W1727 Review: Versatile & Portable Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1727 Review

Photo: Shop Fox

What We Like

  • Efficient aluminum-finned motor
  • Heavy-duty steel radial fin
  • Supports mobile or stationary usage
  • Reliable 2.5-micron filtration capacity
  • Easy to remove filter and collection bag
  • Handle and caster enhance portability
  • A standard 4-inch intake hole

What We Don’t Like

  • The 800 CFM airflow could be higher
  • Not the most powerful motor

Bottom Line

Superior operational versatility, high portability, and long-term reliability make this dust collector a great addition to the busy workshop with multiple machines.


If your workshop is a constant hive of activity characterized by many debris-producing power tools, you will find the enhanced portability of Shop Fox W1727 highly valuable.

You can operate the dust collector in either a central position or as a mobile unit. Under the hood is a decent 1 HP motor that will ensure the tool’s constancy in performance, and a heavy-duty impeller to boost durability.

Shop Fox W1727 Review

Shop Fox W1727

Photo: Shop Fox

Performance: Versatile for Multi-Machine Support

One of the reasons Shop Fox W1727 is a favorite for many workshop owners is its seamless compatibility with many common machines.

When you add the tool’s high mobility to its support of many machines, you get a very versatile dust collector that you can count on even when the workshop is operating at peak output.

Powering the W1727 is an efficient 1 HP motor, which has dual-voltage input support. Some shop owners will especially benefit from this feature if they have non-standard 220V-240V outlets. No power modifications are necessary for this tool.

When running on 115V, the motor draws a modest 9A of power, which makes it very efficient. Efficiency is also boosted by the motor’s totally-enclosed, fan-cooled motor, which runs smoothly and supports significant workloads.

Within the motor is a high-performance radial-fin impeller which is made of steel for strength, and is 9-inches in size for maximum energy transfer and efficient pressure balancing.  

The motor supports an air suction capacity of 800 CFM. While other tools of its class offer suction capacities, this one will support light-to-medium collections of wood dust. A standard 4-inch intake hole allows a hassle-free connection to most dust hoses.

Supporting wood dust collection is a dual-bag system that is designed to make the entire process very efficient. There’s an upper non-woven fabric bag designed to filter wood dust down to 2.5 microns from the collected air.

After successful filtration, the dust effortlessly falls to the lower plastic bag, which has a decent 2.1-cubic-foot capacity. You can empty the lower back very easily by unlatching its retaining band clamp.

Finally, when the tool is not in use, you can count on its reliable safety switch to prevent accidental triggers. The switch also has a removable key that helps prevent unauthorized use.

Design & Construction: Compact with Premium Components

At first glance, it is obvious that this system is compact. And that’s a good thing because if you have limited shop space, the entire unit fits without being invasive.

And even if space is not limited, no shop owner desires tools with a large signature, especially if they perform single tasks. Count on the W1727 to optimize the space you allocate it.

Its fine filter and collection bags are inflatable, which means that they are also flexible. When the tool is not in use, you can collapse these bags to save on storage space.

When it comes to construction, there’s no doubt in the quality and durability of the W1727 and its components. It may be built for mobility, but it does not compromise on the quality of its features.

Starting from the base, this component is made using steel sheet metal, to support the entire unit’s weight and withstand constant movement and a wide range of stresses. The entire frame is made of steel, and so is the impeller.

The motor housing is also made using steel to provide reliable protection to the delicate internal components for the tool’s entire lifetime. No contaminants can succeed in accessing the motor.

Even the plastic components, such as the caster wheels, are also strong and durable. Expect the entire collection system to perform consistently and retain its strength even after considerable use.

To ensure the dust collector maintains a premium look and identity, the unit is wrapped in high-quality powder-coated paint. Not only does this finish enhance tool appearance, but it also helps protect the metallic components from destructive elements such as rusting.

Portability: Optimized for Easy Mobility

Besides reliable performance and operating efficiency, the main appeal of this dust collector is its ability to be moved easily, across multiple machines.

It effectively eliminates the need to build a fixed dust collection system that will likely require multiple ducts to connect each machine it supports.

To support portability, the dust collector comes with a sturdy portable base measuring 39.75 by 15.75 inches in size. There is an element of compactness in this base and entire system size, which makes the unit ideal for limited-space shops.

The base has 4 caster wheels that allow easy movement of the entire unit. A bonus wheel has been included to serve as a cost-saving replacement when needed. Attached to the base is a vertical dual-column which holds the motor assembly and a large handle.

You can capitalize on the handle’s large surface area to grip the unit firmly, especially as you move it across the workshop.

Another significant but no so obvious portability booster is the system’s 55-pound weight, which is in the lower range. These systems tend to be very heavy, with some weighing several hundred pounds, effectively qualifying the W1727 as a low-weight unit.

Price: Worth every Cent

There’s a lot of value you get for the fair price you pay for your Shop Fox W1727. It is a dust collector built for superior mobility, and limited workshop spaces.

It is a unit that also features a premium construction that guarantees years of reliable and consistent performance. Also, you can count on its power-efficient motor to deliver on the collection demands of your workshop.

Another great dust collector by the same brand, which competes well with the W1727, is Shop Fox W1826. This one also features a 1HP dual-voltage motor to accommodate a wide range of users, without any inconveniences.

The W1826 comes in at 50.2 pounds in weight, making it slightly lighter than the W1727. Also, the latter is more compact and will not occupy a lot of storage space, because dust collection systems can get pretty big.

Even though the W18126 is a pocket-friendly dust collector, it is not very portable, given that it is designed to be a wall-mount unit. Also, it has a marginally smaller-capacity collection bag of 2 cubic feet.   

You’re still better off choosing the W1727 because of its superior portability, higher suction capacity, and efficient dual-bag collection system.


A highly-mobile dust collector built to offer operational versatility in limited-space and busy workshops with multiple machines.  

The combination of a compact build, a strong portable base, and reliable suction capacity makes Shop Fox W1727 a portable unit you can hook to different machines in your workshop to ensure a clean and dust-free working environment.


  • Product Name: Shop Fox W1727
  • Product Brand: Shop Fox
  • Product Dimensions: 54.5 x 39.75 x 15.75 inches
  • Motor Power: 1HP, 110V/220V (Single phase, prewired 110V)
  • Motor Amp Draw:  9A/4.5A
  • Air Suction Capacity: 800 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 5.67 inches
  • No. of 4-inch Intake Holes: 1
  • Impeller: 9 inches balanced steel, radial fin
  • Bag Capacity: 2.1 cubic feet
  • Bag Size: 14.75 inches (Diameter) x 24.38 inches (Depth)
  • Portable Base Size: 15.75 inches x 26 inches
  • Finish: Powder-coated
  • Height: 54-1/2 inches (With inflated bags)
  • Standard Bag Filtration: 2.5 micron
  • Product Weight: 55 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

Key Features

  • Power-efficient TEFC dual-voltage 1 HP motor offers reliable performance
  • The high-performance radial-fin steel impeller maximizes motor power
  • A portable base and strong caster wheels promote high system mobility
  • The compact and low-weight construction saves space and supports portability
  • A standard 4-inch intake hole supports connection to multiple machines
  • The reliable 2.5-micron filtration bag provide effective air cleaning 
  • A heavy-duty steel frame and motor housing guarantee tool durability
  • The safety switch with removable lock-out key enhance operation protection