Should I Paint My House? Alternative Ways To Improve Your Bricks

Painting a brick house is a big decision because once it’s painted you are never going to get that paint off.

Painting a Brick House
Painting a Brick House

Once masonry paint has set on brickwork it is nearly impossible to remove without destroying the bricks below.

If you are thinking about painting your brick house then you must understand that any brick house is repairable, do not think because your bricks are looking old that you need to paint your house.

Acid Bath & Re-pointing

Are you contemplating painting your brick house because the bricks are looking old? A brickwork company will be able to restore your bricks to their former glory!

They will acid wash your bricks and repoint the cement, you will be amazed if done correctly.

  • Acid bath your brickwork
  • remove and re-point old cement

Alternatives To Painting A House

Rendering your house is another option apart from painting.

There are various versions of render such as:

  • Sand and cement
  • Polymer
  • Lime

Sand and cement would be the cheapest option, with Polymer and lime being the most expensive.

Rendering your house will make it warmer and protect the bricks against the elements, so they stop deteriorating!


If you are still adamant about painting your house then you will need a good masonry paint.

Your bricks will need sealing with a sealer and you can then start painting. Here is a guide on how to paint your house.

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