Should I Paint Or Replace My Kitchen Cupboard Doors?

Kitchen cupboard doors take the most damage in any well-used kitchen. They are a high traffic area and will be opened and closed throughout the day.

Paint or Replace Kitchen Cupboard Doors
Paint or Replace Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Because of this constant use, kitchen cupboard doors will look shabby over the years and can become loose and start looking worse for wear.

Depending on your type of doors you have used on your kitchen carcases will determine if you can paint them.

Laminated doors are not suitable for painting because they are laminated over chipboard and might peel away when painted.

Painting Your Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint Examples
Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint Examples

So, before you start painting your cupboard doors double-check they are MDF or solid wood.

If they are solid with either MDF or timber then you have the option to sand and paint them.

Follow our guide to preparing and painting your kitchen cupboards – here.

  • Use sugar soap to remove grease
  • Lightly sand for a key so your paint will stick
  • Do not paint on paint because it will peel away
  • Use an undercoat and a gloss or satinwood finish

Replacing Your Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Replacing your cupboard doors in your kitchen will have a great effect on your overall design.

If you are painting the ceiling, walls and replacing cupboard doors then you will create a new space that looks great.

Cupboard doors are easy to remove and to reattach the new ones. Simply undo the fixings and your cupboard doors will come away.

Cupboard doors tend to be universal so keep the fixings for the new doors, or save some money and reuse the old ones if they are in good condition.

Ordering Your New Cupboard Doors

There are many kitchen cupboard door suppliers around the UK, you can use Wickes, B&Q or Ikea which has the best variety and lowest price currently in the UK.

Before you order your new doors make sure you have the correct measurements and the fixings are the same.

I would suggest you measure the size of each door that is being removed so you do not have to order more because they do not fit.


Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors will create the impression of a brand new kitchen, many homeowners use this method and have amazing results.

It can cost up to 10 times more expensive when replacing your kitchen cabinets/carcases because you have to pay for labour and a new kitchen.

I would recommend you to sand and paint your kitchen doors because it saves money.

Although, if you are pushed for time then replacing these kitchen doors will be a much quicker project.

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