Should I Plaster My Walls After Taking Wallpaper Off?

Depending on the type of wallpaper you have used will determine if the walls are going to be smooth enough to paint.

Plastering Walls After Removing Wallpaper
Plastering Walls After Removing Wallpaper

Lining paper and chip paper are all thick sheets designed to make a wall look smoother, these types of wallpapers are used for damaged walls.

If your walls are covered in thick wallpapers then the chances are the walls are going to need skimming.

Not every wall will need plastering, wallpaper is used for designs and not just for damaged walls.

How To Safely Remove Wallpaper?

When removing your wallpaper try not to scuff and damage the walls with your scraper. The easy way to remove wallpaper without scuffing the wall behind is to use a steamer or hot water solution.

Be sure to carefully score the wallpaper so moisture can soak behind the sheets making them come away easier.

  • Gently score your wallpaper with a knife
  • Soak with hot water or use a steamer
  • Do not scuff or dent the wall with your scraper
  • Apply your hot water and leave for 30minutes

Determine If Your Walls Need Skimming

Once you have removed your wallpaper you must determine if it’s smooth enough for paint. If you are going to apply wallpaper again then be sure to fill any scuffs or dent before adding more wallpaper.

If you are going to paint and your wall does not look very smooth, then there are a few options before you pay for a plasterer.

There are several skimming solutions for beginners to use that are very easy to apply.

Use A Skimming Solution

Polycell has the best option, you paint the fine plaster over the damaged parts of the wall and use a large smoothing tool to make your walls super flat.

You might need a few practise runs but this option is much cheaper and will give you some experience you can use on other walls around your home if needed.



When DIY decorating it can be disheartening if you spent the day removing wallpaper only to find out the walls underneath are not good enough to be painted.

There are many solutions available to DIY beginners to get a super-smooth wall, it will need hard work and dedication

Happy Painting 😉

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