Should I Use A Solicitor For My Boundary Dispute & Damage To My Fence Caused By My Neighbour?

If you have a boundary fence issue or a dispute with your neighbour over criminal damage caused to your fence or wall then a solicitor can help.

Solicitors and boundary disputes!
Solicitors and boundary disputes!

Although you should always try and reason with your neighbour so you do not have to go down the solicitor route because it can become expensive.

You should speak with your neighbour and see if you can both calmly come to a conclusion. Failing that you have the option of a small claims courts.

Although sometimes a headed letter from a solicitor stating laws will go along way.

“Only use a solicitor if your neighbour dispute is about a land boundary dispute. Never use a solicitor about neighbour’s hanging stuff on your fence! This is because the small claims court is easy to apply and present your case.”

The Wezaggle Team!

Minor Fence Issues

If your use for a solicitor is about someone hanging something on your fence then a solicitor would not be needed.

That is what the small claims court are for, you pay a small fee £100 or £400 depending on the case value.

Boundary Rules And Neighbour Disputes
Boundary Rules And Neighbour Disputes

You submit your evidence and your neighbour will have a say, the judge will then come to a conclusion and all compensation and fees are paid to the winner of the case.

  • Contact the small claims court
  • You can do this online here: Small Claims Court
  • A removal or repair order will be issued

Contact Your Neighbours Home Insurance Provider

Another way to claim for property damage is through the neighbours home insurance provider. You send them your hard evidence and they will conclude.

Cases can be hard to prove to insurance companies because they never want to payout

Boundary Fence Issues

If your use for a solicitor is about boundary issues then you will need a solicitor to get your case in order.

Especially if your case involves land because we all know that land costs a lot of money!

You must also hire a surveyor so you can present their evidence when the case goes in front of a judge.

Boundary disputes are common in the UK and can result in thousands of pounds for solicitor fees, court dates, surveys gaining deeds and title plans.

Once you have your evidence and images then your case will be ready for a court date, this can take up to a year so you will have to be patient.

When To Contact A Solicitor?

If you are certain about the boundary or fence dispute and your neighbour is still not agreeing with you then you should contact a solicitor.

This type of court case can take a few years to finalize because there are many people involved such as surveyors, solicitors and courts.

  1. If your dispute is complicated
  2. UK boundary disputes such as a moved fence or land grab
  3. Your neighbour is aggressive or not approachable

Mediation Service?

Having a dispute with your neighbour can be stressful and cost a fortune is solicitor fees, another last-ditch option before solicitors get involved is a mediation service.

Mediation services can be very successful, you can both be in the room or your mediation service can act as a third party.

This process removes any aggression, tempers and arguments from all parties.

Both sides are presented with facts and solutions are presented from an independent party.

If you think this service would suit you and your neighbour then here is their official website.


Boundary disputes, damage to the fences and hanging things on neighbours walls are the most common neighbour disputes in the UK.

In our experience, mediation is good for smaller disputes, but if your dispute involves land grabs then we would suggest taking pictures and gathering evidence.

Contact a solicitor straight away and they will start preparing your case for a future court date.

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