Should I Use A Boundary Surveyor To Help With My Fence/Boundary Dispute?

A boundary surveyors job is to determine the boundary lines of your property, they do this by using the property deeds that are available from the land registry website.

Boundary Disputes and Surveyors Reports
Boundary Disputes and Surveyors Reports

If you’re having a boundary dispute with your neighbour about a relocated fence or a blatant land grab then you must use a boundary or property surveyor to get to the bottom of it.

The Surveyors Boundary Report

I have used many surveyors over the years when landscaping and they have all been very professional and knowledgable.

They will produce a report for you that determines which boundary is yours and which is your neighbours.

They will produce the evidence and provide a boundary surveyors report for a tribunal or court date.

Another option is a surveyors agreement that is independent and trustworthy.

This is when two neighbours who are having a boundary dispute sign an agreement based on what the boundary surveyor’s report finds.

Boundary Rules And Neighbour Disputes
Boundary Rules And Neighbour Disputes

Boundary Surveyor F.A.Q

Are Boundary Reports From A Surveyor Law?

No, unless you sign the surveyor’s agreement, but will also need to be signed by both parties.

If you use a surveyors report for a court date then that report will be favoured when the court comes to its conclusion.

If both parties hire a surveyor and they both come to a different conclusion then the court will appoint their property surveyor to determine boundary lines.

How Much Is A Boundary Surveyors Report?

A boundary surveyors report depends on the company and type of report. You can expect to pay around £400/500 for a basic surveyors report.

If you are looking to use this surveyors boundary report in a legal case then you can expect a much bigger price tag depending on the property being surveyed.

Basic surveyors report: £400/500
For a legal surveyor report: Depends on the property size

A basic boundary report will take no more than a day, but a more detailed legally binding report will take a lot longer because there is so much more needed in this boundary report.

What if My neighbour replaced his hedge with a fence and taken my land?

If you feel your neighbour has taken down a hedge and replaced it with a fence on your side of the boundary line and the neighbour has ignored your calls for concerns then it’s time to call in a boundary surveyor.

Remember to take pictures and get dig out any old picture from the original hedge.



Yes, you must use a boundary surveyor to gain legal traction on any boundary dispute with your neighbour. If your neighbour has:

  1. Claimed land not their own
  2. Moved fence posts and panels
  3. Not keep their wall/fence in repair
  4. Removed your wall or fence
  5. Built an outbuilding on your land

Using a surveyor will validate your claim and help with any court proceeding if it gets to that stage.

Boundary disputes are very common and there will be a specialist near you, so if your land has been grabbed, built on or encroached a boundary surveyor should be your first point of call.

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