Our Silent Roar Review Reveals Ratings and Top Tips!

Silent Roar is a unique idea that was recommended by us from a neighbour many years ago.

Silent Roar Lion DUNG
Silent Roar Lion DUNG

It consists of lion dung and has the potential to deter both foxes and cats from your garden.

In this Silent Roar Review, we will be revealing our findings and explaining if lion dung is a good cat deterrent!

It makes sense, you spread the lion dung around your garden, and the smell warns any potential cats or foxes that want to use your garden as a toilet.

So, when the cat gets a whiff of the sent, it will move on thinking there could be a lion or bigger feline patrolling the area.

Like all cat deterrents the results are not guaranteed, we have tried all sorts over the years from cat scarers to dog scarecrows!

We were at a loss because we lived in the city, and cats were abundant.

Do not get us wrong; we love cats and would never harm them, so using a safe but effective deterrent was our main priority!

Silent Roar Brand Features

Silent Roar Lion Dung Example
Silent Roar Lion Dung Example

The Silent Roar brand is unique because sourcing lion essence can be tricky.

Sourcing a supplier would be hard because there are not many lions in the UK except zoos!

They provide a box of pellets soaked in lion essence making them very potent to a cat’s nose.

They have been selling this brand for many years with a good rating on both Amazon & eBay market places.

  1. It safe for the environment and does not affect produce
  2. Silent Roar does not contain any human-made chemicals
  3. It slowly deteriorates over a few months
  4. It “CAN” last up to 3/4 months!

Silent Roar Breakdown

  • Environment-Friendly: Yes no human-made materials or chemicals
  • Review Rating: 78% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

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Our Cat Problem

We live in the city, one of the most populated in Europe, so we have many cats patrolling at night times.

We love our gardening and grow fruit and vegetables all year round depending on the season.

Over the years, we have had up to 25 different cats using our front and back garden as their toilet.

  • Place/tape the pellets on your boundary walls
  • Do not cover the lion dung pellets with soil
  • Replace every 1/2 months depending on the weather

They do their business and then cover it with soil, scrapping dirt everywhere and digging up our produce.

We have spent hundreds on different techniques to scare or deter the cat from using our property.

We’ve used dog crows, lights, water sprayers, silent scarers, and so on. We could not find something that would work consistently.

Best Techniques To Use Silent Roar

We found that the best way to make the most of your Silent Roar pellets is to place them at the border.

So, if you have walls or fences, we discovered that putting them on your walls or beside them is key to deterring cats “BEFORE” they enter your property.

Over the years depending on the weather we realized that in wet weather we had more cats than the hotter months.

Because the rain reduces your pellet’s aroma, so keeping them dry by placing or taping them to your boundary walls or fences will make them last longer!

Does Lion Dung Deter Cats?

Yes, lion dung does deter cats, the aroma from the lion poo sends signals to the cat’s brain through their nose.

The cat will then think there is a much bigger feline nearby and will leave the immediate area!

Silent Roar Customer Reviews

“I have been using Silent Roar for a couple of months now and have noticed a huge reduction in cat poo in my garden. Having a sandpit and every day finding cat poo is a right pain. But we have not had a single poo in the sandpit since! Great product and well deserved positive Silent Roar review!”

Amanda K.

“Amazing how cats can be scared of a smell, but we are not complaining as we love using Silent Roar because it works great. We have had a nightmare with cats, we own a dog, but she sleeps inside at night.

So we needed a deterrent at night because or dog is out in the day and no cats ever come in when she is around. Highly advised before you buy screechers and sprayers to deter cats, try Silent Roar, and you will be surprised!”

Eva S.

Silent Roar Official!


I was pleasantly surprised to find that Silent Roar did fair well with the cats in the neighbourhood. We experienced a considerable reduction in cat poo in our garden!

Yes, We are currently cat-free, although we do still wake up to find that a brave cat has ventured into our garden.

We have been using Silent Roar lion dung pellets for many years and would never use anything else.

It works excellent considering we live in a highly-populated city with hundreds of cats patrolling or neighbourhood!

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