Silky Hayauchi 179-39 Review: Professional Manual Pole Saw

Silky Hayauchi 179 Review

Photo: Silky

What We Like

  • Superior 21-foot vertical reach
  • 4-section 3-extension telescoping pole
  • Wide extension range of 7.4 feet – 21 feet
  • Heavy-duty 15-2/5-foot saw blade
  • A comfortable and firm rubber grip
  • Strong and durable aluminum pole
  • Optimal weight-to-performance ratio

What We Don’t Like

  • Price is unfavorable to budget buyers

Bottom Line

Superior vertical reach, a strong 3-section aluminum pole, and heavy-duty steel blade make equip this pole blade with professional-grade performance.


If you undertake professional pruning projects that require a strong pole saw and often involves reaching high branches, the Silky Hayauchi 179-39 is a wise choice.

It is a versatile low-maintenance pole saw that allows height adjustment across a wide range while enhancing operator comfort and tool control. Aluminum alloy poles boost the saw’s overall strength while lowering its weight to help deliver efficient cutting.

Silky Hayauchi 179 Review

Silky Hayauchi 179

Photo: Silky

Performance: Heavy-Duty Professional-Grade Cutting

Silky Hayauchi 179-39 was designed for professionals who regularly undertake tough and demanding pruning jobs, and for homeowners who value professional-grade yardwork.

All its features are premium and optimized for heavy-duty cutting, which is why this pole saw easily outshines most of the other rival models available today. This versatile saw is ideal for trimming, pruning, park maintenance, palms, fruit, and professional orchard maintenance.

At the top of the spec sheet is a superior 21-foot reach, which guarantees the saw can access and cut high branches that are beyond the reach of other saws.

You can easily cut or prune those notorious branches that invade the roofing area and persist in places they shouldn’t. Also, you can adjust the pole between 7.4 feet and 21 feet for trimming at different heights.

To ensure the saw remains strong and stable even at maximum extension, its telescoping pole has been divided into 4 sections (3 extensions), which can be adjusted independently, and then locked using spring-loaded positive locking to secure them firmly and prevent slippage.

Friction clamps serve as secondary locking mechanisms, which reinforces the sections’ firmness. Combined, these locking systems ensure that 100% of the handle effort is transferred to the blade for strong and efficient cutting.

Hayauchi 179-39’s pole is a heavy-duty multi-section component that is made using an aluminum alloy that guarantees strength while keeping the weight low. The pole has been designed with the professional user in mind.

The saw’s blade is the other heavy-duty component that complements the pole to execute tough and efficient pruning. The 15-2/5-inch curved blade is made using SK4 high carbon steel to strengthen it and extend its life.

It implements Silky’s 4-Restume technology, which places the saw’s teeth in a 4-row setup. This design maximizes the teeth’ contact with the wood being cut allowing it to excel even in tough pruning.

This blade is also adjustable to 2 different angles, which enable it to deliver both upper and lower cuts using sickles. The upper sickle is ideal for cutting vines while the lower excels at undercutting bark without damaging the tree.   

Finally, you can use the blade’s hook tip to pull suckers, keep the blade in the cut, through the full strokes, and also pull hangers that may occasionally get stuck in the tree.

Handling and Ease of Use: Easy Adjustments and Comfortable Control

You’d think that handling such a heavy-duty tool is a nightmare, but it’s quite the opposite. Bearing in mind the elaborate design of this saw, Silky optimized its design for easy handling and control.

Starting with the tool’s weight, it is in fact, impressively low given all the heavy-duty features, including a multi-section pole, and a long blade, which characterize the tool. At only 7.35 pounds, this weight is quite manageable relative to the tool’s performance.

At the end of the pole’s base is a reliable shock absorber, which prevents the tool from mechanical damage in case of any hard impacts.

As you proceed upwards, the shock absorber merges seamlessly with a comfortable rubberized overgrip, which covers the main handle. Not only does this component enhance operator comfort, but it also ensures a non-slip grasp and enhanced control over the entire tool.

Because of the pole’s 4-section design, you can adjust any of the sections either upwards or downward, to achieve the length that is most ideal for the task at hand. You can check out a reviewer’s video on YouTube to see how the tool handles at different heights.

Also, it’s worth noting that the extension poles are oval-shaped, which helps enhance operator control over the blade’s direction. This capability will prove especially useful when undertaking high cutting.

The oval shaped-design also helps prevent pole bending and flexing, especially when a lot of pressure is exerted on these sections.

Finally, when you want to do some regular maintenance on the tool, disassembling the saw-head is quite easy and doesn’t require any tools. You can have it out for sharpening, effortlessly.

There’s also a scabbard that has been included with the pole saw to protect the blade when not in use.

Price: Pricey, But Worth Every Cent

For a manual pole saw, the Silky Hayauchi 179-39 commands a premium price, which many will find far from pocket-friendly. But for all the heavy-duty features, it offers, this price is more than justifiable.

Even some cheaper electric-powered pole saws do not come close to offering the superior 21-foot reach of this saw. It’s this capability that makes it outperform even some of the most popular electric pole saws.

With a telescoping multi-section pole, you can adjust the saw’s pole to your desired length, thanks to a wide 7-foot to 21-foot extension capacity. This is another superior feature lacking in many pole saws.

Then there’s the heavy-duty 15-inch blade, which not only pushes vertical reach a bit further but has and advanced teeth arrangement to cut through some the toughest pruning tasks.

Another high-performance pole saw from Silky is the Hayauchi 178-39. It is also a heavy-duty saw designed to support professional and intensive pruning and trimming tasks. The saw also features the same blade type, length, and material as that of the Hayauchi 179-39.

While the Hayauchi 178-39 is slightly cheaper and lighter than the 179-39, the former has a shorter maximum reach of 16 feet, which is distributed across a 3-section telescoping pole. If maximum reach is a priority for you, go for the Hayauchi 179-39.


A professional-grade pole saw that offers unrivaled superior reach, a long and powerful blade, and enhanced tool control.

To support a vast range of cutting applications both at home and in other settings, the Silky Hayauchi 179-39 offers a superior 21-foot reach through strong 4-section telescoping pole, while ensuring comfortable handling and easy tool-free maintenance.


  • Product Name: Silky Hayauchi 179-39
  • Product Brand: Silky
  • Product Dimensions: 248.00 x 9.50 x 2.00 inches
  • Power Source: Manual (hand)
  • Blade Length: 15-2/5 inches
  • Blade Configuration: 5.5 teeth per inches
  • Blade Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Blade Material: SK4 high carbon steel
  • Extension Range: 8 feet – 21 feet
  • Maximum Reach: 21 feet
  • Pole Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Pole Type: Telescoping
  • Pole Sections: 4
  • Handle Grip: Rubber
  • Scabbard Included: Yes
  • Product Weight: 7.35 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime (limited)

Key Features

  • Superior 21-inch vertical height support versatile professional and home applications
  • A wide extension range of 7.4 feet to 21 feet offers operational flexibility
  • Oval-shaped aluminum alloy telescoping pole supports precision control
  • The 15-2/5-inch high carbon steel blade is strong, durable, and persistently sharp
  • Advanced 4-row teeth configuration helps navigate tough pruning tasks
  • Multi-angle adjustable blade allows for upper and lower cutting
  • A 4-section pole extension system enhances pole strength and reduces bending
  • Comfortable rubberized grip provides a firm hold and control over the tool
  • Low 7.35 weight relative to the saw’s advanced features and superior length