Best Ceiling Paints For Bright White Ceilings of 2021 Reviewed

Ceilings are one of the more difficult and tedious painting jobs around the home. So, you want to choose a ceiling paint that covers well and doesn’t need any more than two coats to cover.

The Best Bright White Ceiling Paints
The Best Bright White Ceiling Paints

Over the years we have used so many brands, some are superior to others, most bright white ceiling paints are useless and need about 6 coats to get that crisp white colour.

Ceiling Paints – Best Picks

So, in this section of Wezaggle, our experts are going to share the winners in the race to be the best ceiling paint in the UK.

For a good ceiling paint to be featured it needs to be:

  1. Brilliant white
  2. Covers in no more than 2 coats
  3. Crack-resistant and flexible
  4. Long-lasting results

1) Polycell – Anti Crack Matt Paint

Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings

Out of all the ceiling paints we have used over the years the Polycell anti-crack ceiling paint is by far the best!

It generally covers with the first coat and dries a bright brilliant white.

This brand is the ultimate in ceiling paints, it a matt paint that’s thick and not runny like so many budget/bulk paints.

If your ceiling is desperately in need of painting and is yellow or discoloured then this stuff will cover it no problem.

  • Coverage 12m2 per litre
  • Anti-crack paint for ceilings
  • Thick and flexible
  • Covers in one coat
  • Bries brilliant white
  • Matt finish


2) Johnstone’s Ceiling Paint – Matt

Johnstone's Ceiling Paint - White

For the second-best ceiling paint of all time is “Johnstone’s white Matt ceiling paint”. It offers good coverage and a bright white finish. If you need a backup brand then this is it.

Depending on the condition of your ceiling before painting you might need to apply two coats to get that bright white sheen!

Johnstones ceiling paint is water-based, good for hairline cracks but also prevent cracks from appearing after painting because it’s flexible.

  • Coverage 10m2 per litre
  • Anti-crack and flexible
  • Thick and bright
  • Covers in one or two coats
  • Bries brilliant white
  • Matt finish


3) Dulux Silk – Walls & Ceilings

Dulux Silk Ceiling Paint

The third position is Dulux because it’s the best silk ceiling paint available in the UK. The first two top brands were matt, so if your looking for silk ceiling paint this is it.

  • Coverage: 13m2 per litre
  • Anti-crack and flexible
  • Thick and bright
  • Covers in one or two coats
  • Bries brilliant white
  • Matt finish


How To Paint A Ceiling?

Ceilings are tedious, but the benefits from a brilliant white ceiling are obvious. Your room will look bigger, fresher but also make the colours of your walls stand out better.

Before you start painting your ceiling you have to prepare.

Preparation is key to a good paint job, if you do not fill and sand your ceiling then it might not turn out as expected.

Because your painting the ceiling a bright white, any scuffs or dents will stand out!

So be sure to use a good interior filler to get that flat/smooth ceiling look before you start applying paint.

  1. Remove ornaments and accessories from the room
  2. Cover the floor and furniture with dust sheets
  3. Sand and fill any noticeable marks and dents
  4. When dry sand any filler until its flush with the ceiling
  5. Use your fingers and make sure the interior filler is flush
  6. Grab a good paintbrush and paint the edges of the ceiling
  7. If you are painting the walls then be sure to bring the white paint down the wall by about an inch. This will need to be cut in with your wall colour when the ceiling paint is dry
  8. Grab your roller and pole and start running out the paint
  9. When you roller, be sure to do it in lanes. Using lanes will make sure you cover the ceiling without missing any spots
  10. Depending on the brand of ceiling paint 2 or 3 coats might be needed to cover correctly
  11. Stand back and enjoy your DIY painted ceiling

Share Your Ceiling Paint Reviews

Here at Wezaggle, we love to hear about your own experiences when using these ceiling paints. We will also help with any question or advice you might need before painting your ceiling. Share your reviews below in comment section!

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