What Are The Best DIY Books For Beginners?

Do it yourself books are a great way for beginners to learn, experiment and become more experienced.

Collection Of DIY Books - Example
Collection Of DIY Books – Example

The best DIY books will help you with home improvements, but more importantly, they will help you maintain your home and become a better all-round handyperson.

All featured DIY books are written by well-known tradespersons that have extensive knowledge of their trade.

This means you are absorbing important information and that will improve your DIY success rate.

  • House reairs & maintenance
  • Plumbing, damp and drainage
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Painting and decorating
  • Carpentry and woodworking
  • General maintenance & repairs
  • Landscaping and designing

Top Tip: A DIY book is a great gift idea for new homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

Why Use A DIY Book?

You could just browse videos and search for what you’re looking for, a book is more consistent and written by expert tradesperson/s.

If you’re going to be switching from video to video then everyone has a different opinion and their methods change drastically from person to person.

  • Consistent information
  • Easy to understand
  • DIY the correct way
  • Avoid short cuts and failures
  • Improve your DIY knowledge

The Best Informative DIY Books

Listed below are the DIY books I have selected based on consistency, knowledge and work method.

Also, remember here at Wezaggle we are always happy to answer your DIY questions through our online form.

  • Consistent and correct information
  • Written by “REAL” tradespersons
  • Improve your DIY knowledge
  • Handy information for general repairs
  • Become a home improvement expert
  • Cut costs and DIY

#1 Beginner’s Guide to DIY & Home Repair


This DIY book covers all and such as ceilings, walls, kitchens, bathrooms and everything in between.

If you are a beginner or even a new homeowner then this book will come in extremely helpful and save you money.

Out of all the DIY books currently on sale in the UK, this one should be on your bookshelf.

It gives you simple tips and tricks to getting that DIY job done one step at a time. They also explain alternative methods that will save money and time.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Creative Homeowner
  • No of pages: 160
  • Level of experience: novice/intermediate
  • Instructions: step-by-step
  • Content: Improvements & repairs
  • Pricing: £10-12

#2 New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

Readers Digest DIY & Home Repairs
Readers Digest DIY & Home Repairs

The complete Do-It-Yourself hardback book offers great home improvement ideas both inside and out.

They help with larger projects such as decking and patios, but also provide information on general house repairs.

This DIY book has been published for many years and improved upon back in 2005.

We have chosen this book because it’s packed with many DIY guides and unique tips. Their images are good and they give you a list of all tools needed to complete the task.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Reader Digest
  • No of pages: 528
  • Level of experience: novice/intermediate
  • Instructions: step-by-step – Images
  • Content: Improvements but fewer repairs
  • Pricing: £22-28

#3 Collins Complete DIY

Collins Complete DIY Manual
Collins Complete DIY Manual

The Collins Complete DIY hardback book provides over 500 pages of home improvements and basic repairs.

This book is packed with information that will help beginners and intermediate DIY enthusiasts. It covers basic repairs from leaking taps to laying artificial grass.

Te Collins series of books cover many topics, it has been republished many times before so you get the latest tips and guides.

They cover materials, tools and a great work method that is time-saving and efficient.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Collins
  • No of pages: 552
  • Level of experience: novice/intermediate
  • Instructions: step-by-step
  • Content: Improvements & repairs
  • Pricing: £18-20


A knowledgeable Do-it-yourself book is a great way to start being more practical around the home.

These books are targeted towards beginners but are written by tradespeople who have many years of experience in various trades.

They are great for new homeowners, DIY enthusiasts or people looking to improve their knowledge.

Happy Reading 😉

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