Best Expandable Garden Hoses For General Use Around The Home And Garden

A garden hose is an important part of any serious gardeners arsenal because water is key to growth. They are also easily transported and unravel up to 4x the original length.

Quality Extendable Hoses
Quality Extendable Hoses

Perfect for car washing, cleaning and watering plants. So, in this article, we are going to reveal our thoughts on the best expandable hoses.

A good expandable hose must recoil back to its original compacted length and be made to last.

We will not be including cheap plastic imitations that last a year and start to split because the elements have taken hold.

Quality connectors, rubber and insulation is a must because you don’t want any splits or leaks later on. A good garden hose should last 10-15 years easily.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Buying a quality hose will keep inferior plastic adaptors and hoses out of landfill sites because they last 10x longer.

Metal fittings, rubber and latex are also an important part when you buy an expandable garden hose.

Avoid those pound shop fittings and plastic hoses because they never last the test of time.

1) Flexi 50ft Expandable Hose

The Flexi hose is a great piece of kit! It’s a 50ft expandable hose with brass fittings to keep it working all year round.

Flexi Hose Expandable 50ft
Flexi Hose Expandable 50ft

Our Flexi hose is about 4 years old now and shows no signs of splitting or leaking.

This is the best expandable hose we have ever used, it’s lightweight easy to move when extended and connects well to the outside tap with no leaks.

We have left it in the garden all year round so we know it’s a keeper.

Flexi Hose Details

  • Materials: Rubber, Latex and brass fittings
  • Lightweight and extends to 50ft
  • Will hold 12 bars of pressure (Average UK water pressure is 0.5 bar)
  • On and off brass valve 3/4 inches (UK standard)
  • Rubber seals and outer
  • 8 nozzle settings for a wide variety of uses

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2) Gospire 50ft Expandable Hose

Gospire Hose Expandable 50ft
Gospire Hose Expandable 50ft

Another great alternative to Flexi Hose is the Gospire expandable 50ft hose. It is another well-made product that is built to last.

They offer a 2-year warranty if something does happen over this time.

It’s a cheaper model and the reason it’s in second place is because of the hose being less sturdy when compared to the Flexi hose.

Gospire Hose Details

  • Materials: Metal fittings, polyester and rubber
  • Alloy punch (connector) so no rust inside fittings
  • Lightweight and extendable to 50ft 17 when relaxed
  • Will hold 3-12 bars of pressure
  • On and off brass valve 3/4 inches (UK standard)
  • Rubber seals where needed
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 8 spray settings

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3) HmiL-U Garden Hose 150ft Expandable

HmiL-U Hose Expandable 150ft
HmiL-U Hose Expandable 150ft

If you are looking for a longer hose then the HmiL-U expandable 150ft garden hose is a quality piece of kit.

It can be used for a wide variety of uses such as cleaning cars, patios, general gardening and more.

The price is good also because you’re gaining another 100ft of hose for only a smaller price increase.

With latex piping and brass fittings, you can be reassured of no leaks or splits after a few years.

HmiL-U Garden Hose Details

  • Materials: Brass fittings, latex and rubber
  • Lightweight and extendable up to 150ft
  • Will hold 3-12 bars of pressure
  • On and off brass valve 3/4 inches (UK standard)
  • Rubber seals where needed
  • 9 spray settings
  • waterproof storage bag
  • 2-year guarantee

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What Are The Benefits Of Extendable Hoses?

There are many benefits to purchasing a quality extendable garden hose! They are compact, easy to store and will last the test of time.

Coiled hoses are OK but they take up space and tend to split over time.

  • Easy to store, unravel & transport
  • latex and rubber materials
  • Upto 4x original length
  • No more tangles or twists


Do you have a recommendation in mind? Have you used an extendable hose not featured in this list?

Share your recommendations and we will investigate and list the product if it meets our standards.

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