The Best Garden Screening Ideas For Nosey Neighbours And Privacy!

If you are overlooked by nosey neighbours and cannot enjoy your garden the way you want to then we have some great garden screening ideas.

Various Garden Screening Ideas
Various Garden Screening Ideas

With many new housing developments building back to back and as close as possible, the need for decent garden screening is on the rise.

A garden screening does not have to be bamboo or a standard fence, there are many bushes that grow quickly and make your garden feel natural and easy on the eye.

Another benefit to using bushes, shrubs and trees is there’s is no limit to the size they can grow. With a standard bamboo screen or fence panel, you are restricted to 6.6 feet (2-metres) because of planning permission and UK boundary fence laws.

Garden Screening Ideas

Garden screening is a cheap project but the benefits are high especially if you are overlooked by various neighbours. There is nothing worse when your using the hot tub, having a drink or a BBQ and all the neighbours can see your every move.

Listed below are effective screening ideas that will not cause any issues with UK boundary laws and keep your garden secluded from prying eyes.

Bamboo Screens & Fence Panels

Wooden and Bamboo Screens
Wooden and Bamboo Screens

Bamboo screens and fence panels are the go-to ideas for the majority of homeowners in the UK. They are cheap easy to get hold of and easy to install.

These methods of screening are successful up to a point, but because they are restricted to 6.6 feet neighbours opposite you can still see over these screening methods.

We discovered that screening your garden halfway is much more effective than using the outside boundary lines. Designing your garden in sections is ideal for different areas of the garden you might want to feel more secluded.

  • The hot tub area
  • BBQ and cooking area
  • Relaxation areas
  • Dining and snack area
Bamboo Screens - Best Sellers
Bamboo Screens – Best Sellers

The list of areas above are the most private and enjoyable areas, so it makes sense to keep these secluded so you relax and not worry about neighbours watching or recording!

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Plants, Shrubs & Tree Screens

Bushes and Tree Garden Screens
Bushes and Tree Garden Screens

It takes time for plants, shrubs and trees to grow and make your garden area more private. You can uses shrubs, trees and plants as an internal screen.

If you position them or stagger them around the garden to make sections you will succeed quicker.

Another great benefit to using trees especially is they are not limited to any form or height restrictions.

The only issues are if they become dangerously high or unstable so keeping your boundary trees in good health and maintaining them once a year is a key to success when screening with trees.

You can purchase tall trees about 6/7 feet in height already, Many companies up and down the UK will plant high/fast-growing trees, so with a few years, these trees will be high, bushy and making your garden secure and private.

Fast Growing Garden Screens
Fast Growing Garden Screens

Fastest Growing Trees In The UK!

Her is a list of the fastest-growing trees that grow well in the UK. They can be found in most garden centres or can be ordered through many online garden centres.

  1. Silver birch
  2. Hornbeam
  3. Holm oak
  4. Willow
  5. Poplar
  6. Rowan
  7. Common beech
  8. Bamboo
  9. Leylandii
  10. Pine trees

Trellis For Climbing Plants

Adding trellis to a 2-metre fence is a no, but using it for climbing plants to grow works great because the climbing plant will grow much higher than the original fence. This method is a great hack for creating a secret garden.

Some climbers will explode when they are put into the ground and will triple in size every year. It’s also a cheaper method when compared to fancy screens, fences & trees.

Using Gazebos For Garden Screening

Mixture Of Gazebos For Garden Screening
Mixture Of Gazebos For Garden Screening

A gazebo is a perfect way to screen off sections of your garden. It can be used for dining, hot tubs and more! They are easy to set up and take down so if the weather turns they are an easily packed away.

  • Can cover a large dining area
  • Cover your hot tub in a gazebo for privacy
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Maximum privacy for you and the family
  • Tends to be a temporary solution
Easily To Assemble Instnt Screens
Easily To Assemble Instnt Screens

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Using The Perfect Mix Of Screens

If you are looking for the best garden screening ideas from the neighbours then you should plan your garden beforehand. Using a simple birds-eye view drawing will help you plan and maximise the success in your venture to maximum privacy.

We believe that a mixture of bamboo, wooden fence, plants and trees will make anyone’s garden more private if you have a plan.

Section off your garden by using the garden screening idea above and you will be able to enjoy your garden all year round in private from prying eyes.

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