Best Garden Storage Boxes For Space Saving and Year-Round Protection

Garden storage boxes are a great way to secure your garden tools and other accessories. They save space and protect your gardening tools and accessories from the elements.

Garden Storage Box - Examples
Garden Storage Box – Examples

Having a light, well-built but secure garden storage box will help you organise your garden for the better.

These boxes are made from hardened recycled plastics and resins so you do not need to worry about metal and wooden parts becoming rusted or rotten.

These garden boxes need no upkeep all they need is a wipe down from time to time to keep them looking clean and tidy.

Best Garden Storage Boxes

There are various types of storage boxes for the garden, some use thinner plastics that can become brittle and shatter when exposed to the elements.

For storage boxes to last the test of time they must use thick hardened resin.

Resin boxes do not become brittle unlike their cheaper plastic alternatives because the resin is not affected by changes in temperature throughout the year.

#1 Keter Marvel – Garden Storage Box

The Keter Storage Box
The Keter Storage Box

The Keter Marvel storage box comes flat packed but very simple to assemble due to the quick-click assembly system.

When compared against other leading brands we chose this storage box because its made with weather-resistant resins for all year round protection.

Keter Storage Box extras
Keter Storage Box extras

This means it can be left in the garden for many years without degrading.

Another great feature about this storage box is it can easily be moved because it has small wheels and handles for when you want to rearrange or move the box to another position in the garden.

Keter Marvel Storage Box Details

  • Brand: Keter
  • Type: Garden storage box
  • Colours: Grey and brown
  • Finish: Wood panel effect
  • Volume: 270 litres
  • Sizing: 114.7cm x 44.7cm x 57cm
  • Material: Resins

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#2 Keter Outdoor Storage Box Bench

The Keter Storage Bench
The Keter Storage Bench

Another top seller from Keter is their bench storage box, which is a simple but very effective design. You have a great looking bench but also a storage box.

These models are becoming very popular due to their effectiveness and practicability.

The Keter model offers a simple click and connect system that takes no time to set up.

The material is weather-resistant, so it will not crack or split after a winter sitting in the garden.

Out of all the bench storage boxes we have used and inspected, the Keter model is solid and not flimsy like so many other brands sold in the UK.

Keter Outdoor Storage Box Bench Details

  • Brand: Keter
  • Type: Garden storage box & bench
  • Colours: Grey, brown, graphite and beige
  • Finish: Wood panel effect
  • Volume: 132 litres
  • Sizing: 84cm H, 140CM W, 60CM D
  • Material: Resins and hardened plastics

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#3 Lifetime Heavy-Duty Outdoor Deck Box

The Lifetime Storage Box
The Lifetime Storage Box

This deck storage box by Lifetime is a heavy-duty box that can be used as a bench.

It comes flat-packed and needs no tools to assemble due to their click and connect system. With a flat bottom, you can have this storage box on decking, patio or grass.

We have chosen this brand because of the price, easy assemble and strength.

With metal hinges, you get a better opening system that will not slam shut and strength to make the box last longer.

This storage box brand also comes with easy-carry handles and a lockable lid to keep your garden accessories secure all year round.

Lifetime Storage Box Details

  • Brand: Lifetime
  • Type: Garden storage deck box
  • Colours: sand, grey and brown
  • Finish: Wood panel effect
  • Volume: 440 litres
  • Sizing: 127.9mm, 64CM W, 67CM D
  • Material: Resins and hardened plastics

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Can I Stack These Storage Boxes?

No, because they might become unstable and could fall over. This would be an accident waiting to happen.

Maybe you should buy a bigger storage box to fit all your garden accessories in one container.

Are These Boxes Airtight?

These storage boxes are vented so the contents do not sweat and collect moisture.

They will have small vented holes for air circulation which prevents moisture, algae and mould growth.

Why Not Just Use A Metal Storage Box?

The main reason for this is rust, if you leave a metal box in the garden throughout the year then it will start to rust.

Once the metal rusts you need to treat the metal to stop rust. With these resin boxes, you do not need to worry about the rust because they are designed to be weathered all year-round.

Another benefit is the lightweight resins can be wheeled or easily lifted around the garden.


Whichever storage box design you choose to use in your garden, they will all provide extra security and a place to keep your accessories safe all-year-round!

When it comes to quality, you will find that some storage boxes are very thin/flimsy and can crack or shatter if you sit or knock them.

If you are using your storage for security then we would suggest you get a padlock for extra protection.

All-in-all a garden storage box is a great way to create extra space in your garden area.

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