Best Low-Odour Gloss Paints With Less Smell And Quicker Drying Times!

In this article, we are going to share our selection of the best low-odour gloss paints that can be used in the home, dry in under an hour and will not leave you with a sore throat, trouble breathing or headaches.

Low-Odour and Quick Drying Gloss Paints
Low-Odour and Quick Drying Gloss Paints

Low-odour gloss is a must if you happen to suffer from breathing difficulties from the vapours caused by drying gloss.

Many people all over the UK have issues with paint vapours especially from oil-based paints such as gloss, eggshell and satinwood.

It varies from person to person, from breathing issues, sore throat, headaches to a dry nose. Although gloss paint has not been proven to cause any long term health issues the immediate effects can be unbearable.

Best Quick Drying, Low Odour Gloss Paints

Listed below are the best low-odour quick drying gloss paints that are designed to emit fewer vapours and dry at a quicker rate when compared to other brands.

I use these specific gloss paint brands for customers who are sensitive to the effects of vapours from drying gloss.

Dulux Quick Dry, Low-Odour Gloss Paint

Dulux Low-Odour Gloss Paint

The Dulux brand has created the perfect option for users who are sensitive to paint vapours.

Their formula is touch dry within an hour and low-odour drastically reducing the smell and drying times so you can enjoy brilliant white wooden accessories that will not yellow.

  • Brand: Dulux
  • Low odour
  • Quick-drying 1hour
  • Wood & metal
  • Coverage: 40m2
  • Colours: Cream and bright white
  • No of coats: x2

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Crown Low Odour & Quick Drying

Crown Quick Dry Gloss

Another great paint that provides low-odour and quick drying times is Crown. Their gloss paint produces a high sheen that lasts for many years without yellowing.

This brand receives many excellent reviews praising its low odour, coverage and drying times.

  • Brand: Crown
  • Low odour
  • Quick-drying 1/2hour
  • Wood & metal
  • Coverage: 40m2
  • Colours: White – Off White
  • No of coats: x2

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Quick Drying Gloss Paints FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about this topic:

Is Quick-drying Gloss Inferior To Normal Gloss?

No, it holds the same colour/sheen and the application is the same when compared to normal gloss paints.

Once this paint has dried it looks and lasts the same time, the only difference is the low-odour quicker drying gloss costs more than standard.

Should I Still Undercoat Quick Drying Gloss?

Yes, you will need to use an undercoat to get good coverage. Here are some low odour undercoats that dry quick and leaves fewer vapours when drying.

Although undercoat is not a finish coat it still emits vapours similar to gloss.

Does Satinwood Smell Better Than Gloss?

Yes, satinwood leaves a less vapour smell when compared to gloss.

If you are happy with a matt finish that will not last as long then satinwood is an option if you suffer from the smell of paint vapours.

What Is The Best Paintbrush For Gloss?

A good paintbrush for glossing must hold a lot of bristles and not be made of nylon because it leaves streaks.

Here are some pointers when picking the best paintbrush for glossing.

Conclusion – Less Smelling Gloss Paints

Gloss paint is a must in high traffic areas, there is no other paint type that can stand up to so much traffic around the home.

Yes, you could use satinwood but a matt finish is not as desirable when compared to a brilliant white high-sheen finish offered by gloss paint.

I have tried many paints that offer quick drying times and less smell. With the majority of them losing quality and coverage!

The paints listed in this post are well researched and used by myself when needed.

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