The Best Moss Killers For A Greener & Healthier Grass Lawn!

A majority of grass lawns have issues with moss! Once this happens, it spreads at a high rate! If you are looking for a solution to stop it from killing your grass, then we have the best picks to help kill off moss and stop it from returning. This article will explain how moss can be reduced and eradicated once and for all!

The Best Moss Killers For A Healthier Lawn
The Best Moss Killers For A Healthier Lawn

There is nothing worse than caring for your grass, feeding it and watering daily only to discover that there are patches of moss appearing between the blades of grass!

Unlike fake grass, a natural lawn takes a lot of work, but as you continue to feed and water your garden, you are creating the right environment for moss to thrive!

Why Is Moss Growing On My Grass?

Treating your lawn with the best moss killer is only the first part of any moss treatment. When you discover that you have patches of moss, then you need to sort the route of the problem!

Here are a few examples of the perfect moss growing environment:

  1. No drainage: means your soil is always damp/wet
  2. Overwatering: water new turfs or seeds daily
  3. No sunlight: shaded areas will cause moss to grow
  4. Winter months: because the sun does not rise above fences or trees
  5. Compacted soil: You will need to aerate your soil
  6. Low PH level: your soil needs lime

All the points above are simple to rectify. We would suggest you first get your soil PH tested and start from there!

For a more immediate solution, we have listed the best moss killers we have been using for customers who require severe moss removal from their grass lawns!

The Best Moss Killers For Grass Lawns!

The main ingredient of killing moss is iron sulphate; all the professional gardeners and greenkeepers use this form of sulphate. All the best moss killers also use iron sulphate.

But, if you do not want to use chemicals such as iron sulphate, then there are a few options listed further down this article for you to implement! So, without further ado here are the best moss killer brands which work every time recommended by our experts!

Pro Kleen Iron Sulphate – Best Option!

Pro Kleen Iron Sulphate
Pro Kleen Iron Sulphate

For a 2.5kg tub of Pro Kleen Iron Sulphate, you pay around £13 which treats 2500m2 area. We have used the Pro Kleen brand since 2006 and have always had great results.

It is the market leader because it contains a fine powdered which should be dusted over the lawn and not diluted. If you dilute this stuff, it will soak through to the roots of the grass and dissipate!

When you sprinkle the powder, leave it for a day and then water your lawn. By this time the powdered iron sulphate would have been absorbed into the topsoil. After a few days of use, you will notice the moss going brown and dying off. After a week, check PH levels and air your soil if possible!

  • Effectiveness 5/5
  • Value For Money: 5/5
  • Premium powder: 5/5

Maxicrop Moss Killer

Maxicrop Moss Killer
Maxicrop Moss Killer

Another option is to use Maxicrop Moss Killer; we generally use this product after we have treated with Pro Kleen. It rejuvenates your grass while still spoiling the mossie sections of the lawn. Continue sprinkling this solution for a few months after you have treated with Pro Kleen.

Maxicrop Moss Killer is perfect for better grass growth and provides such a noticeable improvement after a few weeks of consistent use!

With a seaweed base, your grass will be lush and green in no time because seaweeds proved to be one of the best feeders for an unhealthy lawn!

  • Effectiveness 5/5
  • Value For Money: 5/5
  • Premium powder: 5/5


Guard-En-Force Moss Killer
Guard-En-Force Moss Killer

For an all-in-one moss killer and grass feeder Guard-En-Force have done an excellent job in creating this product. Its reasonably priced @7.50 for 1kg, which is well enough for 800-900 m2 of a lawn.

We advise you you NOT to dilute and sprinkle well especially the section of moss. You can continue to use this moss killer and grass feeder for a few months, and you should see vast improvements!

  • Effectiveness 4/5
  • Value For Money: 4/5
  • Premium powder: 4/5

Best Option for Managing And Killing Moss

From experimenting over the years, we can safely say that use both Pro Kleen Iron Sulphate & Maxicrop Moss Killer alternatively will remove any moss plus rejuvenate your lawn.

But, you have to get to the root of the moss issue. If you are struggling to keep on top of the moss, then we would advise you to seek some professional help with the soil.

Here are a few videos to help you diagnose and remove any moss:

Moss Control Conclusion

If you have a serious issue with moss killing your grass then the options above will work to expectations. Catching the moss growth early will likely increase your chances of your grass recovering without any grass seeds being sown.

Remember that moss will kill grass off by strangling their roots and depriving it of nutrients and water. If you have any questions or new techniques then please share with our readers in the comment section below!

Happy De-Mossing 😉

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