The Best Oil For Prolonging The Life And Appearance Of Outdoor Wooden Furniture?

Read about the different types of wood oils for outdoor furniture and how they could be the best choice for your project.

Garden Furniture Care & Maintenance
Garden Furniture Care & Maintenance

Garden furniture is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. It enhances the overall aesthetic, providing something fascinating to look at, and breaking the garden into different areas.

It also allows us to spend time in the garden enjoying nature, enjoying the views and hopefully the people with us too.

As with many accessories that are outside, there’s every chance that your garden furniture could start to look shabby. Wooden furniture, in particular, is prone to all kinds of problems if it doesn’t get the right care and attention.

In this guide, we’re going to help you with the ins and outs of caring for wooden garden furniture. And of course, we are going to help you with finding out the best oil to prolong the life and appearance of your pieces.

Here’s everything you need to know about caring for outdoor wooden furniture:

Is Your Garden Furniture Salvageable?

Is Your Garden Furniture Beyond Repair?
Is Your Garden Furniture Beyond Repair?

The first thing to do when you look at your outdoor furniture and consider a treatment plan is, to be honest about whether or not your items are salvageable.

If they didn’t cost much and they seem to be rotten or unsafe, it might be time to let them go.

Give them a thorough examination, and if the wood is mushy or very soft in large patches, or supporting sections like the legs, they might be beyond repair.

If they are salvageable, that is excellent news; there are lots to be done.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture Before Oiling!

If your furniture is still strong enough to salvage, then it is time to get it clean. Cleaning your furniture before treating it is essential regardless of whether it looks clean because debris and dust can hide in porous materials like wood.

Prepairing Your Garden Furniture Before Oiling!
Preparing Your Garden Furniture Before Oiling!

To clean your furniture, you should use a clean, soft cloth with warm water. You may want to add some washing up liquid to the water, but don’t add much because it may leave a residue.

You can then gently clean the furniture in the same direction of the wood grain which should cleanse it of any dirt. If you have a stain or a bit of really awkward dirt, then you could try sandpaper 120 grade to smoothen out the issue.

  1. Clean any loose debris
  2. Wash with a de-greaser
  3. Sandpaper to finish smoothing

The Best Option For Outside Wooden Furniture

Roxil Wood Protection

For both hardwood and softwood garden furniture then Roxil wood protection is the best all-round waterproof seal. It provides a waterproof stain that will enhance the natural grain while protecting it against the elements!

  • Protects and enhances the natural grain
  • Protects for winter and UV light
  • Best value for money

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Which Oil To Use On Wooden Furniture?

Oil, Varnish Or Wax?
Oil, Varnish Or Wax?

Now your furniture is clean you can add a treatment to it.

The subject of wood oils is quite a complex one, so we are going to try and cut through the complexity and give you most frequently requested information to help you make the best decision for your furniture:

What Is Wood Oil?

Wood oil is made to both decorate and protect your wooden furniture, and you can paint it directly onto wood, or even over the wood stain.

In most cases, oil is not as protective as something like varnish, but on balance, are thought to enhance the natural aesthetic of the wood.

You usually cannot cover over wood oil with varnish or paint so, the decision to use oil is often a long-term decision in terms of wood maintenance.

How Wood Oil Works

Wood oil goes into the wood and rejuvenates the natural oils within the material.

Not only does the oil rejuvenate the oils in your timber, but it brings the look of the wood back to beautiful.

Wood Oil VS Varnish

The reason that wood oils favoured over varnish is that it’s usually more natural and less chemical-heavy.

Which generally means they are easy to apply, and they also tend to be the most eco-friendly option.

Oil For Decking

Decking oil helps to stop the edge of decking cracking and splitting, while also helping to protect the wood against footfall.

Decking oil can also help to waterproof the wood and to protect the planks or tiles against UV damage.

But, can also be used for any timber such as garden sheds, dog kennels, playhouses, chairs and garden tables.

Furniture Oil

There is a wide variety of furniture oils available including teak oils, mineral oils, mousses, hardwood garden furniture oil, high-performance furniture oil, Tung oils, danish oils and solvent-based oils.

Every product has its benefits, and we have some handy reviews of leading products on our Wezaggle blog.

Sometimes you have to use a restorer first to help reverse the chemical processes that may have occurred within the wood, to make the furniture suitable for the oil you choose to use.

So, Which Oil To Use On Garden Furniture?

What Are Your Options?
What Are Your Options?

If you do not have a product in mind, then here are some extra tips to help you decide which oil is best for your garden furniture:

Danish & Teak Oil

Danish and teak oils tend to dry quickly, and they provide a highly protective layer for your wood.

You usually shouldn’t choose to use danish and teak oil on top of wood treated with linseed oil. However, if your wood is brand new, then danish and teak oil tends to be a better choice overall.

You’ll get a subtle sheen, but a rich enhancement of the natural wood grain, which looks fantastic.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil tends to take longer to dry than danish and teak oil and tends to require more coats too.

In many cases, it is not well suited to outdoor furniture.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is generally not well suited to outdoor furniture because it is expensive and used on indoor wooden items that require no toxins at all, such as wood chopping boards.

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Tung Oil

Tung oil can be more costly than other wood oils, but it can provide an exceptional finish. It provides a waterproof finish and tends to be mould-resistant too, which is excellent for outdoor furniture.

Hopefully, our guide has provided you with plenty of useful information to help you choose the best oil for your wooden furniture.

If in doubt, ask at the hardware store, check reviews or utilise our Wezaggle blog for regularly updated tips and guides.

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